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Halloween Bird Decorations

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These aren't grandma's flamingo decorations. These are Halloween bird decorations! Shop eerie owl décor or crow décor for a Poe-inspired living room makeover. Get the lawn looking like a Hitchcock film with enough outdoor bird decorations to rival an aviary. Or switch out the happy pink birds retirement communities love with decorative flamingos of the skeletal variety. In our bird décor selection, the sky's the limit!
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1 - 42 of 42
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Crow Stickers - 12pcs
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Squawking Standing Black Crow Prop UPD
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Standing Black Crow Prop
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12 Crow Sticker 12 Piece Set
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6 Inch Corvus Alchemia Skull
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8" Poe's Raven Skull Decoration
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Raven Tea Light Holder
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16 Inch Black Velvet Skull with Roses
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18 Large Light Up Owl Prop
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34.25" Flamingo Skeleton
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26 Inch Skeleton Flamingo Decoration
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15" Duck Skeleton
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12.5" Perched Parrot
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5 inch Black Crow11
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A person's opinion of birds is usually pretty cut and dry. It's awe, fear, or indifference. And believe it or not, whichever way you feel about birds, this is the right place to shop for unique bird decorations!

In awe of birds? Show just how highly you revere them with crow Halloween décor that literally puts your feathery friends on pedestals! Or crown a crow or two and prop their glistening form on bookshelves, mantels, and wherever you see fit! Halloween selection or not, we don't stop at crow home décor though! Owl home décor waits, staring with their bright eyes, to help your library, sitting room, or bedroom stylings take flight!

Maybe you're more fearful of these micro-dinosaur descendants, though. First, let us say, congratulations! You're facing your fear being here! Next, let us prove how this spooky selection is perfect for you!

If you firmly believe Halloween is for frights, not just sweet delights, adding characters you dislike to your décor is the right move! It's no fun if your scary Halloween décor only startles the neighbors. To really embrace the creepy chills of the season, you'll want to experience a couple of startles yourself.

Consider hanging a changed raven skeleton prop in your living room or add motion-activated black crow décor to your festive pumpkin-covered porch. Or confront the spooky fiends without completely abandoning comfort when you choose a bird-themed candle holder that at least casts shadows out!

Neither terrified nor intrigued by birds? They still deserve a place in your Halloween scene!

Scare passersby when you fill the trees with watching crow decorations. Turn your temporary cemetery into a half-hilarious situation with flamingo skeleton decorations or a skeletal parrot that'd look great on top of Black Beard's foam tombstone! Or get guests and visitors oohing and awing when they knock on your front door decorated with an exclusive crow wreath!

Love something spooky chic? So do we! Try velveteen crow decorations that even bird haters might like. Or try Halloween owl decorations that you'll feel great leaving up all year!

But if you prefer something silly scary, give our skeleton bird decorations another look! Or perhaps a set of crow stickers will tickle the funny bone better. We've got a few to choose from, and their silliness increases with your imagination and placement!

Not finding the right feathered figure for your nest? Visit us again to see what's hatched! We're continually looking to expand our selections, so we're sure if it hasn't landed yet, a new birdy is sure to fly in for you soon, and we can't wait to send them your way! Monster