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Halloween Animal Decorations

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We're not kitten you! We have some of the best Howloween animal decorations around! Whether you're setting up a spooky boneyard on your lawn or transforming the living room into something haunted, we've got the animal figurines, prop skeletons, and animated creatures to help! Shop everything from inflatable cats to animal signs to pawfect your Halloween display today!
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1 - 60 of 225
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Feral Werewolf Animated Decoration-0
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Animated Brimstone Dragon Decoration-0
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Striking Snake
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39'' Cobra Skeleton Update 1
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12 pc Roaches Set
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Majestic Dragon Skeleton
Bunny Bonez Skeleton Décor
12 Crow Sticker 12 Piece Set
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7" Gold Skeleton Dragon main
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22" Medium Black Bat Skeleton main
Black Cat Figurines
Brown Bat (MC0091)1
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Brown Bat 3 Pack1-2
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Black Bat-1
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Black Bat 3 pack-0
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From creepy critters to cute kitties curled around smiling jack-o-lanterns, animal decorations are a Halloween must-have! Luckily, our curated selection of Halloween décor offers a wide variety of animal ornaments, and we're here to tell you all about them!

Transform the front lawn into a pet cemetery filled with animal skull decorations and skeleton cats, dogs, birds, and even scorpions! Mounted on foam tombstones, a skeleton frog is sure to unnerve even the bravest trick-or-treaters. But if that doesn't do the trick, try skeletal bats hung from the bare branches of bushes and trees. Or give the boneyard a silly spin with oddities like mini dragons, dinos, and fish!

Give your home a classic look for the spooky season with vintage Halloween cat decorations or hanging bat decorations as far as the eye can see! Pair the iconic duo with static or animatronic crows that'll put you in the mind of classic horror from the get-go. Offering black cat garlands, window cling bats, and crows in every shape imaginable, there's a familiar Halloween critter in our selection for every display!

Looking for something passersby can't miss? Catch their attention with a variety of animal-themed inflatables! Black cats in jack-o-lanterns, fire-breathing dragons, and inflatable skeleton unicorns live in our selection! You'll even find Easter, Christmas, and Valentine's inflatables to really stir up the look of your Halloween yard décor!

But maybe you're thinking subtlety is your Halloween brand. Try animal signs to hang above the door. The simple and stylish addition looks great with versatile fall and Halloween decorations set on porches. Just imagine haybales stacked with pumpkins and a witch-hat-wearing puppy swinging above the lot! It's a pretty picture no matter how you compose it. And the quick addition of cotton spider webs and plastic Halloween bug decorations ensures the sweet treat can be spooky in time for trick-or-treaters!

Want to bring the Halloween spirits indoors as well? Try animal figurines for every nook and cranny! From Halloween kitchen décor to little statues for office, mantel, or nursery, our selection has the piece you need! Try owl décor for bookshelves. Their bright eyes staring out from the stacks bring a spooky vibe to the intellectual display. Meanwhile, a set of witchy cat shakers, mugs, or plates ensure any spooky season visitors are in for a treat!

Whatever animal spirit your Halloween display calls for, we can help! Shop werewolf decorations that'll raise the hair on any head when the feral beast moves to greet unsuspecting guests. Or keep things kid-friendly with colorful inflatables that promise to delight more than sugar-seeking children. From spooky cute to truly terrifying, we have a pawfect Howloween critter for you! Monster