Inflatable T-Rex Costume Ideas for Halloween (And Every Day)

by |October 18, 2016
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Inflatable Trex Costume

We've all seen it. The amazing, unforgettable online videos shared on Facebooks and nightly news segments alike: a person (maybe?) in a giant inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex costume, cavorting and jumping around town, seemingly unaware of any onlookers around them. This trend is an awesome one, and one we're kind of bummed to admit that we didn't come up with on our own. T-rexes are long extinct, so who's to say that the dinosaurs didn't enjoy playing soccer or going bowling on the weekends? (Scientists? Paleontologists?! Ross Gellar?! Pssh. Prove it.) If you're like us and LOVE these viral videos of inflatable T-rexes going about their business amidst unsuspecting humans, this blog post is for you. Here are favorite instances of T-Rexes in the mainstream- pop culture moments of inflatable, unadulterated bliss.

1. T-Rex Playing Basketball

T-Rex Gif

For years, the mascot of the NBA's Toronto Raptors has cracked up the internet with this one perfect gif.

2. T-Rex on a Bouncy Castle

T-rex Fun

Last year, a T-Rex costume became available to the masses. All hell broke loose online as T-Rexes started playing in bouncy castles.

3. T-Rex on a Horse

Inflatable T-rex Suit

T-Rexes rode horseback... WHILST PLAYING SOCCER!

4. T-Rex Going Bowling

T-Rex bowlingThere were even funny pictures of a T-Rex strike. (Get it?)

5. T-Rexes at a Baseball Game

T Rex In Baseball GameThe MLB got a surprise when they saw this set of dinos in the crowd.

6. T-Rex at the Gym

T-Rex at the gymWhen your workout gets the best of you.....

7. T-Rex Homecoming Queen

Gym T rex

That's a T-rex costume video of the Homecoming Queen of a Colorado high school being announced. Later that evening, the candidate went on to win the crown (in her dino-costume).

T-Rex Homecoming Queen[Source]

Inflatable T-Rex Halloween Costumes

T-rex Costume for Adults

Inflatable T-Rex Costume

The Homecoming T-Rex Queen's yellow tutu and red sash got us thinking. Now that the funny T-Rex costume is everywhere, what other accouterment can you add to the prehistoric look? First: You need the T-rex Halloween costume. (Heck yes, we stock it. See above.) Next: ACCESSORIZE! May we humbly suggest drawing inspiration from this redditor:

Unique T Rex

Tiara    Hula Skirt     Star Wand     Wings

There's an ocean of opportunity to dress up like a T-rex dressed up like something else! A T-rex cowboy. A T-rex astronaut. Go licensed and see if you can concoct a Darth Rex or maybe a time-traveling time lord Dino named Doctor Rex. You could go back to the actual TIME of dinosaurs and really freak them out. Send us your best photos and we'll make sure to feature you on our blog or Facebook page! Not a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex fan? We have more dinosaur costumes for everyone!

Maybe one day, should you be so lucky, you may even achieve T-Rex nirvana...

Inflatable T-rex Picture

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