High Low Hemline Costume Ideas

High Low costume ideas

It's high low maniaaaaaa this year! Skirts and dresses with this distinct hemline are everywhere! And why shouldn't they be? They're sexy in the front and modest in the back, so you can show off your legs without the worry of over-exposing your tooshie. We've seen this trend show up in sundresses, evening dresses, and even wedding dresses, but did you know we have loads of COSTUMES with high low hemlines?? Squeeee! Now you can keep rocking this trendy and flattering silhouette through Halloween! Here are some of our favorite ideas for you and your group of fashionista friends.


High Low Classics

These are some traditional Halloween costume favorites with a fashion-forward twist. You know why that clown is giggling? Because she she found a clever way to stay warmer than all her friends on a cool Halloween night!

Classic High Low Skirt Costumes

          Tux and Tails Bunny - Shop            Native Beauty - Shop          Tutu Lulu the Clown - Shop


High Low Goddesses

They're Greek. They're chic. They're anytying but meek. The gods will smile upon you if you choose either of these three beautiful and billowy styles!

Goddess Costumes with High Low Hems

Sexy Goddess Hermes - Shop           Purple Roman Goddess - Shop           Coral Goddess - Shop


High Low Burlesque

You can can can...rock the seeason's most exciting hemline with any of our burlesque or can can dancer costumes. With the addition of plenty of ruffles, these silhouettes become even MORE flirtatious!

Can Can Style High Low Hems

       Parisian Showgirl - Shop            Burlesque Beauty - Shop          Burlesque Dancer - Shop


High Low Royalty

Whether you're the Queen of Hearts, the queen of The Renaissance Faire, the queen of the masquerade ball, or just the queen of Halloween, you can rule your kingdom in high style! Well, you know, high low style.

Velvet High Low Dresses

Sexy Victorian Masquerade - Shop          Deluxe Queen of Hearts - Shop          Queen of Thrones - Shop


High Low Disney

You can live fashionably ever after in any one of these elegent Disney ensembles. Even Maleficent looks magnificent!

High Low Hem Disney Costumes

                        Maleficent - Shop                 Passionate Princess - Shop                Enchanting Belle - Shop


High Low At Sea

You can bet these seductive pirates "treasure" their fashionable skirt shilouettes. They're popular in the ocean too - just ask this enchanting mermaid!

Sea Themed High Low Hems

              Swashbuckler Captain - Shop            Pirate Lady Dress - Shop            Sequins Mermaid - Shop


High Low Flappers

These roaring twenties dresses may have a vintage flare, but their hemlines are anything but dated! Charlston the night away in these fashionable flapper get-ups.

High Low Hem Flapper Dresses

Puttin On The Ritz Flapper - Shop        Roaring 20s Flapper - Shop


High Low International

High low skirts are popular from the East to the West and everywhere in between: they've gone global! Show off your love of differnet cultures AND your fashion prowess with any of these bright, bold options.

International Costumes with High Low Hems

Bollywood Dancer - Shop                 Cantina Gal - Shop                       Dragon Geisha - Shop


High Low Ladies of the Night

Double, double toil and trouble, choose these costumes on the double! You'll definitely leave your fellow Halloween party-goers spellbound in any of these sexy, mischevious high low options.

Scary and Sexy Costumes with High Low Hems

Sorceress - Shop                          Vampire Mistress - Shop                Broomstick Babe - Shop

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