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Aleksandra is’s brand manager and senior Mario consultant. She believes that her stature, hair, passion for pink, and reverence of cake, make her the ideal candidate to play Princess Peach on Broadway. Some additional interests include crafting, wine, correcting people’s grammar, obsessing over Jurassic Park (remember, women inherit the earth!), and brainstorming ways to make sexy costume representations of typically un-sexy pop culture characters. Donkey Kong was a breeze but Jabba the Hutt is proving formidable. Holiday Gift Guide 2015

by |December 15, 2015
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We understand how difficult it can be shopping for your loved ones during the Holiday season. When you care SO much, you want to make sure to have a gift that's just right. If you've narrowed down your list of naughty and nice, and you're ready to pick out something special for the good boys and girls, then we're ready to help! Here are some of our coolest, trendiest, winningest gift items for the 2015 holiday season. We've put together top choices for him, her, kids, and even a few stocking stuffers...which may or may not actually fit into conventional stockings......

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DIY Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry Costume

by |October 31, 2015
Categories: Costume TutorialsDIY

Dennis Nedry Header.jpg


The film Jurassic World was kind of a big deal this year, since, you know, it set the all-time record for highest box office sales worldwide and all. BUT. Let's be honest: the best parts of Jurassic World were any nostalgic throwbacks and references to the film that started it all...Jurassic Park! JW is shiny and new, but every character, scene, and line of JP is, and forever will be, classic. If you want to be trendy, go ahead and dress as Owen Grady this year. But if you seek to be hailed a "Halloween hero" by fellow late 80s/early 90s babies this Halloween weekend, go with a classic character from Jurassic Park.

Since we at love a challenge, we didn't opt for the black leather clad Dr. Malcolm, the jeans and khaki sporting Dr. Grant, or even the white-suited straw-hatted John Hammond. The Jurassic Park costume that we chose to recreate were two costumes worn by the Barbasol blundering, vending machine...

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Creepy Calculations: 2015 Halloween Statistics [Infographic]

by |October 26, 2015
Categories: Infographics



The batty ballots have been tallied. The spooky stats have been gathered. The demon data has been mined. The Frankenstinian facts have been foraged. The Nosferatu numbers have been get the idea. We present to you, the 2015 edition of our Halloween facts and stats infographic, Creepy Calculations! Are you one of the 50% of American households that will run out of trick-or-treat candy this year? Are you part of the quarter of all Americans that waits until the last two weeks of October to shop for your Halloween costume? Is your pet's costume one of the five trendiest of Halloween 2015? See how you measure up by cheking out our chilling visual guide below!



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On the Campaign Trail: DIY Political Costume Ideas for 2015

by |October 24, 2015
Categories: Costume TutorialsDIY

2015 political costume ideas


The next presidential election is still over a year way, but with all of the pop culture coverage the candidates are receiving, doesn't it feel like you'll be casting your ballot tomorrow? Perhaps the added attention is due to the fact that this is a particularly colorful group of candidates. Among the contendors, we have: take-no-nonsense Hillary Clinton, campaigning to become the first Mrs. President, a multi-billionaire whose comb over is arguably as famous as his "it's gonna be huge" catchphrase, the longest serving independent in US history, a mysterious figure gaining steam in Iowa known as "Deez Nuts," and even award winning recording artist, producer, fashion designer, and speech-interupter Kanye West. (He has thrown his hat in the ring for 2020...)

With all of this white house hubbub, you can bet 2015 will be a very popular year for political costumes. Since we are always campaigning for you to be the best dressed costume party attendee, here are five helpful political candidate DIY costume tutorials to get you started. Four more beers! Four more...

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Celebrate Back to the Future Day With

by |October 21, 2015

Back to the future day


It's the year we've been waiting for since 1985, and a day we've been waiting for all year! (Does that make sense?) It's BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY, the exact calendar date and year that Doc and Marty traveled back...err, in Back to the Future Part II. We know that you BTTF fanboys and fangirls don't ever need a reason to celebrate this famous film trilogy, but we're just sayin', if you've got a self-drying coat or a Hoverboard lying around, today is THE day to bust them out. If wearing Back to the Future clothing isn't quite enough for you today, we've compiled some other resources for you, from themed crafts to DeLorean infographics, to collectible figurines. So come on! Celebrate Back to the Future Day with!



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DIY Jurassic World Costumes: Clare Dearing and Owen Grady Raptor Training

by |October 17, 2015
Categories: Costume TutorialsDIYHumor

DIY Chris Pratt Pratting Costume


There were LOTS of memorable moments in Jurassic World. There was a lady that got eaten by a dinosaur that got eaten by a dinosaur (kind of like a human tur-duck-en), there was the guy who made sure to grab both of his margaritas in the midst of a Pteranodon attack, there was that strange cameo by Jimmy Fallon, and, of course, the scene that stole the show: raptor training with Owen Grady. When Chris Pratt's character stared into the eyes of three vicious Velociraptors, "BLUE, STAND DOWN," audiences were entranced. The raptor paddock scene was so memorable, "DELTA, I SEE YOU, BACK UP," that it even spawned a Meme now known as "Pratt-ing" or "Prattkeeping."

Jurassic World costumes are going to be some of the most popular choices for Halloween 2015, so if you really want to stand out from the [raptor] pack, give our Pratt-ing costume tutorial a try. "BLUE, WHAT DID I JUST SAY?" We've also included a simple tutorial on how to make this a couples idea, with a DIY Clare Dearing costume. Just remember, don't turn your back on the cage, and if something chases you, RUN!



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