Bigfoot: Fact and Fiction

By: FUN Monster

Bigfoot, sometimes referred to as Sasquatch, is a mythological creature said to roam wooded areas, particularly the forests of the Pacific Northwest. This creature is described as a large, hairy, ape-like being that is much larger than a human, and though many have claimed that they have seen this creature, scientists say that the lack of evidence makes Bigfoot a combination of folklore, a misidentified creature, and a hoax. Most of the time, when people think they see Bigfoot roaming the woods, any evidence they recover shows that it was an identified animal, like a black bear or brown bear. Unfortunately, video footage taken by witnesses is never all that clear, leaving people to speculate and carry on the legend of Bigfoot.

Though this beast's origins come from North American folklore, there are said to have been Bigfoot sightings all over the world. Robert Pyle, an ecologist who wrote a book on the subject, says that human beings have a need for and fascination with a "larger-than-life creature." In a number of different cultures, a Bigfoot-like creature is said to have been spotted. In some places, the creature is said to be benign, but in others, it is believed to be nefarious. For instance, some Native Americans believe in a giant creature said to steal valuable food from nearby villages. Further still, Canadian residents have said to have seen Sasquatch roaming the wooded regions of Canada.

Believers in Bigfoot as well as non-believers can agree that most Bigfoot sightings are hoaxes. Photographic evidence and footprints have been discovered, shared, and studied, but a number of scientists have proved them to be insufficient evidence that such a creature actually exists. For instance, Tom Biscardi, a Bigfoot enthusiast and the CEO of a company called Searching for Bigfoot Inc., claimed to have captured solid evidence of Bigfoot in California. After tracking the creature for a time, Biscardi claimed to have taken Sasquatch into captivity and said he would allow people to see the creature for a fee. Days later, Biscardi admitted that he had not actually captured Bigfoot but was coerced into convincing people that he had.

Yet another famous Bigfoot hoax was concocted by Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton, who posted a video online claiming that they had Bigfoot's remains in their possession. The body was said to have been discovered in Georgia, where they were hunting for the creature on behalf of Searching for Bigfoot Inc. News outlets in the area covered the story and created a lot of local hype, but when it came time for science to intervene, it was discovered that the body was fake.

As much as many people want to believe that this creature is real, science and a number of other sources have always proven, at least so far, that Bigfoot is a myth. Whether you believe in Bigfoot wholeheartedly or think its likeness is more of an idea for future Halloween costumes, you cannot help but question its existence, if only for a moment. But the quest continues for any solid evidence to prove what some people tenaciously believe.

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