Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween

By: FUN Monster

With the start of fall comes cooler weather, changing leaves, warmer clothes, and fun holidays such as Halloween. Children and adults alike enjoy dressing up in costumes, attending parties, and going trick or treating. While Halloween is a fun holiday for the whole family, it is important to keep safety in mind when enjoying the festivities. Continue reading and watch Blippi's special message for some Halloween safety tips for the whole family

Trick or Treat Safety

Trick or treating is one of the best parts of Halloween and kids often look forward to dressing up and going out to collect yummy treats. To stay safe while trick or treating, kids should never be allowed to go alone, and should instead stay with groups that include adults. Anyone operating a vehicle should pay extra attention on Halloween as more kids than normal will be out walking around. Parents may want to consider adding some reflective tape to trick or treat bags or costumes, or having kids carry a flashlight so they can be easily seen. Whenever possible, stay on sidewalks when out trick or treating. Never enter anyone's home when trick or treating unless with a trusted adult.

Candy Safety

After trick or treating, kids usually want to check out all the candy they got, and start to enjoy it. Parents should check all treats to ensure that packaged is intact. Homemade treats should only be consumed if they are made by trusted acquaintances. Treats should also be examined for possible choking hazards. To keep kids from getting sick, try to limit their candy intake.

Halloween Costume Safety

Many people put a lot of thought and time into creating the perfect Halloween costume, but safety is not always taken into account. Costume safety is important, especially for kids. Try to avoid hard knives, swords, or other accessories that could pose a risk of injury. Costumes should also fit properly to avoid to risk of trips and falls. If using makeup as part of your costume, always test a small area of skin first. Also be sure to remove any makeup before bed to prevent skin or eye irritation.

Halloween Party Safety

If you are throwing a Halloween party or are expecting lots of trick or treaters, keep the following safety tips in mind. Make sure that all stairs and walking areas are free of obstacles and are well lit to avoid injury. Keep carved pumpkins that are lit with candles out of the reach of small children and pets. An even better idea is to use flameless candles to light jack o' lanterns and reduce the risk of fire. Consider providing healthier snack options for trick or treaters and party guests.

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

In addition to keeping kids safe on Halloween, keeping pets safe is also important. Make sure that candy for trick or treaters is kept out of the reach of pets, who can become seriously ill from ingesting foods such as chocolate. If you plan on putting a costume on your pet, consider how it will affect them. Pet owners should ensure that costumes do not limit movement, ability to breathe, or sight. Make sure that all pets have tags with contact information in the case that they escape.

Halloween is a fun holiday and one that many people look forward to. As long as some simple safety tips are followed, people will be able to enjoy all holiday festivities. For more Halloween safety information, visit the following pages. Monster