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Go get 'em, tiger! Hey, we mean that quite literally! With our awesome selection of tiger costumes, you can finally live out your dream of looking like a ferocious jungle cat. Or even find a cute tiger outfit for your night out. Whether you're looking for a cute kids' tiger costume to dress up your little one or you need a fierce adult tiger costume to wear to your next costume party, we have you covered.
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Realistic Tiger Child's Costume
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Kid's Snazzy Tiger Costume
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Kids Tiger Jawesome Costume
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Kid's Terrific Tiger Costume
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Toddler's Realistic Tiger Costume
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Toddler Deluxe Tigger Costume
Tiger Costume for Kids 1
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Kids Premium Tiger Costume
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Infant Tiger Costume
Infant Striped Tiger Costume
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Kids Tiger Onesie Costume
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Girls Tigress Costume
Infants Cozy Tiger Costume update main
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Girls Tigress Onesie Costume
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Toddler Tiger Costume
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Daniel Tiger Deluxe Toddler
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Diego the Sabertooth Tiger Costume for Boys
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Tween Tigress Costume
Girls Tigerrr Cotume
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Toddler Cuddly Tiger Costume
Circus Cage Wagon Cover
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Premium Tiger Child Costume
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Some like to claim that the lion is the king of the jungle, but we all know that's not exactly true! After all, lions typically live in the savannas of Africa and not in the jungle. If there's any big cat that's the king of the jungle, it has to be the mighty tiger! Yes, those big ol' kitty cats are the largest cat in the world and they roam the jungles of Eastern Asia, so we think that those striped cats should be called the king of the jungle. It's also why we took the utmost reverence when curating our selection of tiger costumes! We took our passion for costumes and focused it on finding the coolest tiger costumes around.

We wanted to put together the best collection of tiger costumes on the internet! Why? Well, we think that those big kitty cats deserve to be treated like the kings they are and we went all out! We started with some of the cutest kids' tiger costumes around. You can find a full selection of outfits in styles for both boys and girls, so if you have a little one who's obsessed with tigers right now, then you've come to the right place. We also have infant tiger costumes, just in case you're welcoming a brand new cub into the world!

That brings us to adult costumes! We have an awesome selection of adult tiger costumes, which start with some simple mascot-style suits. We also carry comfy tiger pajama costumes and unisex jumpsuits that fit a variety of body types. And if you're looking for something a little spicier than the average outfit, we have plenty of sexy tiger costumes to choose from in our selection. Finally, we also have plus size tiger costumes to make sure that tiger fans of all shapes and sizes can get a look that they will feel confident wearing to their next costume party. We even carry a great array of tiger ears and tails to help you craft your own tiger outfit if you want to get creative with it!

We'd also like to point out our exclusive, Made by Us tiger costumes. We take great care in crafting high-quality Halloween costumes that are a step above the rest in the costume industry. Our tiger costumes are no exception! Be sure to keep an eye out for the "Made by Us" stamp on all of our exclusive designs. If you're looking for an affordable tiger costume that's far better than the rest, you'll want to wear one of those! 

Whether you're trying to indulge in your inner wildcat or you want a reason to change your stripes, we have plenty of great tiger costume options for everyone! How To

Tiger Costume Ideas

Tiger Costume Ideas

There seem to be three main Halloween styles. Fierce, cute, or scary. And then there are Halloween costumes that manage to bridge the gap between all three. Like tiger costumes! Fluffy striped onesies are beyond adorable for baby’s first Halloween. A curve-hugging catsuit is sure to make the wearer feel like strutting in their stripes. And a good roar, maybe a touch of fake blood, and well, you’ve got a fearsome tiger on the loose. Simply put, no matter the style you’re looking to achieve, you can’t go wrong with a tiger halloween costume. Continue reading to hear a few more wild tiger costume ideas.

Tiger Halloween Costumes

Tiger Halloween Costumes

As previously mentioned, tiger costumes are some of the most versatile. And with that strong Halloween color-palette going on, you don’t have to worry much about fitting the spooky season theme. But if you’re finding it hard to decide between sassy, sexy, or sweet we might just have the solution! When in doubt, try a tiger costume that’s specific to a character or event. From pet costumes to mascots, we’ve listed a few of our favorites below. Read on to see if an iconic personality, niche tiger breed, or size-restrictive style is the perfect piece to finish your tiger costume puzzle!

Dog Tiger Costumes

Tiger Dog Costume

Let’s face it, there’s at least a tiny part of you that thinks it would be super cool to have a pet tiger cub. First, no. There are lots of reasons to shelve that dream, starting with legality. Instead, stick to costumes! With pet costumes from our selection your fur baby can be any exotic pet, and no one needs to worry about extreme dangers. Plus, with this Tigger costume your pup isn’t just a cute tiger but a famous one that would put the perfect amount of bouncy-flouncy fun in your family Winnie the Pooh costume!

Tony the Tiger Costumes

Tony the Tiger Costume

Would a different high-energy tiger suit your Halloween plans better? Try a Tony the Tiger costume! You’d have a soundbite to unleash whenever you walk into a party and a healthy snack alternative to offer trick-or-treaters without seeming obtuse. Plus, this licensed costume carries enough star power to fit any style you have in mind! After all, cozy might as well be cute and celebrity, sexy! Just don’t forget to work on a raspy bark of a voice and feel free to use all this Tony the Tiger talk to inspire more tiger outfits. We’re sure they’ll be grrreat!

Tiger Mascot Costumes

Tiger Mascot Costume

Did you think we couldn’t raise the energy any higher than Tony the Tiger? Come on now! We’re ready to throw on our cheer uniform and wave some pom-poms for this next tiger costume idea—mascots thrive at a pep rally, after all! So, get wild and bring some hyperactivity to your Halloween celebrating! With its classically oversized head and full-coverage suit, this wildcat (and all our mascot costumes) is sure to bring the heat to any costumed event. Just don’t forget to invite the cheer squad or football team so you’re not only cheering on the punch bowl.

Saber Tooth Tiger Costumes

Saber Tooth Tiger Costume

Look, we get it. Saber tooth tigers don’t have stripes. But they are tigers and if you’re looking for a wildcat costume that stands out from the rest, sabers are sure to do the trick! And don’t worry about your massive fangs being misinterpreted. What are you supposed to be? is easily stopped by pairing your saber tooth costume with other prehistoric creatures. Utilize our Diego jumper for an Ice Age group costume. Or send the classic couple’s tiger and zookeeper look back a few centuries with a saber tooth DIY and Neanderthal costume!

Adult Tiger Costumes

Adult Tiger Costumes

When it comes to witty and wild costumes, adults have the higher ground. From pop culture moments to clever jokes, there’s less chance of the costume going unrecognized by your peers. After all, even if you missed Tiger King, you’ve heard enough people rehashing the show to understand why flashy tiger trainers and hippie costumes have a place on Halloween. But there’s another advantage to embracing your animal side: freedom! No one is telling a tiger to reign it in, so have fun! Go full face makeup. Swing your tail. Wear a flower crown and be Carol Baskins’ tiger. All you need is the perfect set of stripes!

Womens Tiger Costumes

Womens Tiger Costume

The tendency for women to get a bit thoughtful with their costume choice is high. Even if they look effortlessly composed, chances are dressing as tiger wasn’t the only idea. It was just the winning one! So, if you’re searching our women’s collection for the right tiger costume, you’ll find we have a few styles to choose from. Choose tiger because it’s your spirit animal? Embrace the traits that make ‘em fit! Whether that’s with a bold tiger look to put your confidence on display or a cuddly onesie for a look that purrs instead of roars, you’re sure to leave your mark!

Mens Tiger Costumes

Mens Tiger Costume

Thoughtful costumes are still a thing when men are dressing for Halloween. But it’s not always the main idea. Humor, matching their partner, and keeping it simple tend to lead the costume hunt. Luckily, tiger costumes do it all! Our exclusive Tigger costume, for example, is easy-to-wear, sure to work for a group or couple’s costume, and it hits the silliness note. You’re not allowed to wear this without bouncing and spelling Tigger T-I-double guh-ER at least once. Plus, its unisex, so anyone can get in on the fun, which is (we heard) what Tiggers love best!

Sexy Tiger Costumes

Sexy Tiger Costume

We’ve mentioned sexy costumes. We have categories devoted to the style. But we’d be entirely thoughtless if we didn’t break down the classic sexy tiger costume and offer a few ideas on how to make it entirely your own! You can stick to a ready-to-wear option like this fabulous women’s option. But even it only scratches the surface of possibilities! A skin-tight set of tiger stripes flaunt your feline curves. Paired with a tutu there’s some flirt to flaunt. But a snazzy suit or teeny-tiny shorts matched with costume ears and tails let a tiger king strut their stuff too!

Plus Size Tiger Costumes

Plus Size Tiger Costume

Purrfect styling comes down to how you feel in the look you’ve put together. If you’re most comfortable flaunting your curves, a jumpsuit that wears like a second skin is sure to please! Feel more confident in a snuggly Kigurumi? We’ve got plenty of adult onesies to choose from! And in our plus size costume selection, you’ll discover every style from skin-tight to cuddly! So, show your stripes, starting with this Made By Us tiger costume! Available in sizes 2X to 5X, there’s a fierce fit for everyone to roam the jungle this Halloween!

Baby Tiger Costumes

Baby Tiger Costumes

There’s no way around it, babies in tiger costumes are cute! Plain and simple! And there’s little other reason to dress your little one as a tiger than because it will look down-right sweet. Except perhaps, playtime, group costumes, and fierce first birthday parties and photoshoots. Luckily, whether you’re going for a too cute trick-or-treat costume or you’re in need of a tiger cub to complement your circus ensemble, we’ve got you covered. So, keep exploring with us! We’ll sort through our jungle of kid’s animal costumes to help you find the tiger costume for your wild child!

Toddler Tiger Costumes

Toddler Tiger Costume

You’ve probably seen videos of tiger cubs getting rambunctious. Climbing their parents, nibbling their fleecy ears, and chasing their siblings’ tails is adorable! And highly reminiscent of your high-energy toddler. Playtime always involves a chaos-driven game of their own invention, sibling rough housing, or almost literally climbing the wall. So, when Halloween rolls around, channel their playful nature with tiger costumes like this rather realistic option! With any of our toddler costumes, this imaginative look is sure to help your little one harness their wild side!

Daniel Tiger Costumes

Daniel Tiger Costume

If you’re still not in control of your kiddo’s costume wardrobe, chances are they’re demanding a very specific character to skip around the neighborhood as. Luckily, if you’re aching for at least one more year of adorable animal costumes, Daniel Tiger has your back! Inspired by the PBS Kids’ character, this sweet and stripey costume lets your little one become their favorite tiger and introduces a clever duo’s costume for you! Pair Daniel with a Mister Rogers ensemble or create a DIY Daniel Striped Tiger costume for even more wholesome family fun!

White Tiger Costumes

White Tiger Costume

Want an adorable tiger costume that’s just a bit more unique? Help your little one and the entire coordinated family costume stand out with this white tiger toddler costume! While all our kid’s tiger costumes are sure to work for your zoo of trick-or-treaters, this snowy suit offers even more possibility. Your flashy Siegfried and Roy costume wouldn’t be a complete success without a show-stealing white tiger, for example. And that circus act of kid clowns and trick-performing pets is guaranteed to stun even if the white tiger cub toddles out of center ring!

Newborn Tiger Costumes

Newborn Tiger Costume

There are plenty of things to be excited about when you welcome your newborn home. But if they’re still teeny-tiny, squishy-squashy, and incapable of giving feedback about their clothing when Halloween comes around there’s even more to love! Now’s your chance to dress that powder-smelling sweetheart however you please. If that’s as a baby Rajah to your Jasmine or fierce Shere Khan to your Mowgli, this plush tiger costume is sure to help you make it happen. From buntings to carrier costumes, there’s a precious look in our selection for babies!

Girls Tiger Costumes

Girls Tiger Costumes

There’s a certain amount of sass that just naturally exists inside any little girl that wants to dress like a tiger. Whether they unleash their fiercer side with a snap of their fingers and pop of their hip or have the darndest things to say in response to everything, you know exactly the sass we’re talking about. Of course, there’s also the gal that simply loves tigers and wants to wear the kitty ears and cat face makeup with their Halloween costume. Either way, our kids tiger costumes have those sweet and sassy children covered! Discover a bit more about which style could be right for your kiddo below!

Tiger Outfits

Our playful tiger ensembles exude personality. Their flouncy skirts and faux fur trim convey a certain sense of confidence and style seen particularly strong in children. But a tiger onesie with soft-clawed paws and a swishy tail could do the trick just as well. Or, with an accessory kit, your kiddo can create their very own unique tiger outfit! Whether they pair the plush ears with a wig or their own locks and attach the tail to pants, skirt, or dress, any kid can turn simple into fierce, cute, or fabulous! Monster