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Tiger Trainer Costumes

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Ready to enter the crazy and dramatic world of tiger trainers? Well then, you're going to need an extremely fabulous outfit if you want to keep up with the competition! Our tiger trainer costumes include plenty of wild and vibrant styles that will help you stand out in the crowd. It also includes some of our best tiger costumes, so you'll be ready to make your big cat debut.
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Tiger King Party In The Back Hat
Sale - 33%
Plus Size Tiger Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Realistic Tiger Child's Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Fierce Lion Costume Women's
Made By Us Exclusive
Mens Shattered Glass Disco Shirt-update
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Safari Explorer Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Tiger Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Girls Tigress Onesie Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Bold Tiger Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Tiger King Joe Exotic Hat
Sale - 20%
Tiger Costume for Kids 1
Made By Us Exclusive
Infant Tiger Costume
Women's Flower Child Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Toddler's Realistic Tiger Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Sexy Wild Tiger Costume
Lion Pet Costume
Toddler Tiger Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Child Hippie Poncho
Toddler Cuddly Tiger Costume
Tiger Ears & Tail Set2
Made By Us
Toy AK-47 Machine Gun-update2
Black Cowboy Hat
Tooth Wax
Child Black Gloves
Made By Us Exclusive
Maverick Gun Holster Set
Tiger Trainer Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Jungle Tiger Nose
Western Sheriff Gun Holster
Non Piercing Body Jewelry
Tiger Stripes Face Mask
Sale - 70%
Tiger Face Tattoo
Coming Soon

The sub-culture that revolves around tiger reserves and big cat zoos... is strange, to say the least. It's rife with odd characters, heated attitudes, deadly rumors, the blazing bouts of drama, and, of course, some really bizarre wardrobe choices. It's not really like anything we've ever seen (and we've seen a ton of crazy stuff in our lifetime).

Lately, we've been getting interested in that sub-culture. Perhaps, a little TOO interested... we've been deep diving on the subject and we totally understand the love of tigers. It's hard NOT to love tigers. After all, they're fluffy majestic creatures, and they're basically just big, stripey versions of house cats, which have been the internet's darling ever since the advent of the Keyboard Cat! Hmm... (note to self: find a way to remake keyboard cat with a tiger). But if we're being honest, the thing we're most interested in is the bizarre outfits that all of the characters wear. So, as is our way, we gathered up a collection of tiger trainer costumes to capture the unique roster of characters who live that kind of lifestyle.

Our tiger trainer costumes are inspired by the weird world of big cats. It starts with various outfits that would be befitting of a true tiger king! That means plenty of bright colors, shimmering satin shirts, and mullets. Plenty of mullets. We carry all of the shirts, wigs, and accessories you need to perfect your own tiger king costume, so just mix and match our best pieces. We also have some hippie-style costumes and tiger-print outfits if you want to dress up like Carole Baskin! We also have some toy guns, just in case you want to take the look to the next level! Whichever strange character you love, you'll find the costume pieces and accessories to help you make your own outfit.

And then, there are the tigers. We can't really talk about tiger trainer costumes without mentioning the big cats themselves. We have a wide selection of tiger costumes for you to cosplay as one of the cats. From sexy styles to unisex costumes, we carry a little something for everyone. We also have tiger accessories, like tiger masks, striped tails, and full tiger costume kits, so you can achieve an authentic look. You can even get the kids in on the fun by dressing them up as one of their favorite animals!

If you're just as obsessed with the tiger culture as we are, then our tiger trainer costumes are going to be a perfect fit for you. Whether you're dressing up as a tiger-loving human, or just a straight tiger, you'll be able to find everything you need right here.