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Double Ninja Swords

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Double Ninja Swords
Double Ninja Swords
Product Information

Items Included
  • Two 24'' Swords w/Sheath and Backstraps
  • Made of plastic
  • Swords are 24'' long
  • Black (not silver as pictured) w/ molded handles
  • Sheath w/ adjustable shoulder and waist straps

Ninjas don't actually need a weapon to assassinate their enemies. The ninja himself is a perfect lethal weapon, able to neutralize any threat in an instant. Buuuut... Sometimes it's nice to have weapons when you want to relax and not completely blow a non-ninja's mind at how easily you destroy them. Most of these weapons, only a ninja is skilled enough to use them. There's a reason ninja stars are called ninja stars (they're used by ninjas. That's the reason).

So you, Mr. Ninja, might not think you need these ninja swords. Double ninja swords. You're right. You don't. You could take out anyone with barely a whisper, because that's what ninjas do. But you should still have these swords on you, because if you ever need them, they'll be ready, as swift and deadly as you are. Besides, you never know when you might be up against another ninja! You'll want every advantage possible.

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Five Stars
      By Current Customer / March 14, 2019
Costume high quality and beautiful
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      By Justme / November 18, 2018
Purchased for my teenager to wear with his ninja costume, which was also purchased on this site.

The plastic prong that holds the strap on one side broke before he even got to wear it. I would have returned it if I had kept the packaging. Waste of money! There was no way I could fix it so we threw it away.
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      By Cindy / November 8, 2018
Great size and I loved how it came with the holder
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Not like picture
      By AshleyinJax / October 11, 2016
I'm disappointed because it has blue on the handles and the picture doesn't show that. I got this to go with the ghost ninja costume but now it doesn't match.
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Three Stars
      By Scott French / May 28, 2015
liked toy like...........................................
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