Trendy Halloween Decorations for 2012

by |August 29, 2012
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Fall is always the best time of the year. The leaves begin to turn beautiful colors, crisp fall breezes make hoodies the perfect fashion statement, and an undeniable excitement for all things creepy and crawly quickly grows as Halloween approaches. If you are planning on throwing a killer Halloween party, or are just looking to spice up your place for Halloween, this how to guide is a quick and simple way to make your place perfectly spooky.


Black is the new black

Black, and lots of it, is a no fail solution for any Halloween decorator, so try on this theme for a classic party this year. Go for gauzy table coverings, like this super spooky black tablecloth, and opt for witchy accessories that are sure to wow your guests. Line your sidewalk with hay bails, black cats, or spooky pumpkins to add to the exterior of your house. For the ultimate experience add a life sized witch to your patio or deck. These basic black party accessories are also a great place to start if you aren’t quite sure what direction you want your party to take!   



Kid Friendly

If you are looking to throw a kid friendly Halloween party, think less spook and more cute. Well kids are just as excited about Halloween as many adults, many of the decorations on the market are meant for an older crowd. Go for cute pumpkins in various shapes and sizes and friendly ghosts like this floating one. Plus, the pumpkins you buy can make a great carving or painting project for the kids during the party! Even your food can reflect your kid friendly theme. Use gummy worms, red food coloring, and other creepy crawly treats to bring your party to the next level. Another fun addition to any Halloween get together, especially if you are handing out candy, is a fun bowl with an animated monster hand. Kids are sure to get a kick out this while trick or treating.




Keep your Halloween party super trendy this year and go straight to zombie land. These brain eater’s have blown up in recent years and are guaranteed to make your house the creepiest on the block. Zombies are simple. They love brains...and other body parts, so decorate with those. Try these lifelike intestines or random body parts. If you are planning on going all out, pick up a few of these groundbreaking zombies. Place these groundbreakers strategically to assure a maximum scare for your guests!



Don’t Fear The Reaper

The Grim Reaper is one of the most recognizable figures of all time, especially around Halloween. Create a super eery party by utilizing the Reaper and his favorite things. Opt for this Reaper Set that is sure to frighten your guests. Pump up your theme by setting up your very own cemetery using this cemetery gateway and tombstones. If you happen to have a fog machine lying around, make sure to fire it up to ensure an extra creepy cemetery.



Haute Halloween

Some of use may be looking for less obvious decorations for your upcoming Halloween party, so this theme will be an easy way to create a glamorous Halloween get together. The one word to remember when putting this party together is: glitter. This is the perfect opportunity to use your old decorations and a little glue. Gather all your old skulls, pumpkins, and ghosts and get to glittering. You will have some awesome decorations that look like new. If you aren’t the crafty type, try some of these pre-made glam decorations like a classy candelabra or hanging lanterns.



Now that you are armed with some quick tips and tricks, go forth and be spooky. Here’s hoping you have the creepiest house on the block!


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