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When there's something strange, sometimes there's nobody to call but yourself! Of course, with these Ghostbusters Halloween Decorations, you'll be ready for anything. Equip your den with all the Ghostbusters Halloween decor you need so that if any spirits come wandering by, you'll have ready access to everything from PKE Meters and Ghost Traps to your favorite ghostly guy, Slimer. We assume he'll help scare up some fun!
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When there's nothing strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Well, you're already in the right place! If you're looking around and there's just too little going on, you can bring some haunted comedy to your yard with our collection of Ghostbusters Halloween Decorations! Whether it is coming close to Halloween or you just need some collectible art to display your love for amazing 80s movies, you can't go wrong with a goofy ghost, some quantum tech, or an amazing marshmallow man! Just scroll through to find some great ideas to ensure your home—heck, the whole neighborhood—remains in high spirits.

Perhaps it would help to remind yourself where the Ghostbuster goods started. Obviously, you've got the 1984 supernatural comedy that started it all. Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Rick Moranis, and Sigourney Weaver make sure that you've got laughs and chills alongside a cast of stellar spirits, too. A sequel, cartoon series, and even an Afterlife in 2021 proves that we can never get enough of a few mysteries that can be solved with action-packed fun... and laserbeam ghost traps!

While we might not have the quantum mechanics figured out... or an actual rift into the plane of the dead, we can still provide you with Inflatable Ghostbusters decorations and Ghostbusters home decor that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

(Super) naturally, we have to start with Slimer. He's an iconic ghost pal that has had several sightings throughout the franchise. Whether you love the green goober or find him gross and ghastly, he's a perfect inclusion to your ghostly decor! You can find outdoor Slimer decorations for your yard, hanging Slimer lights, and even handy Slimer accessories for around the house. (We promise, he won't be sliming all over your snacks when he offers up the goodies to your guests.)

The next most famous spirit has to be the Destroyer, itself, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! From adorable plushies to Inflatable Marshmallow Man decorations, you'll never be without the sweet guy! Just be careful what you wish for. This adorable antagonist is pretty mild when he's miniature. But, when you start looking at a 25' Marshmallow mammoth, you might need a few reminders that it is only filled with air!

That's when you'll be glad that you filled your home with Halloween decorations Ghostbusters are sure to need. Those PKE Meters will light up to let you know when supernatural activity is around and a few ghost traps and collectible Neutrona Wands will give any spirit second thoughts before they start mucking up your stuff!

Rediscover and share your Ghostbusters love with this wild variety of collectible Ghostbusters home decorations today!