Scary Halloween Decorations That'll Spook Your Neighbors [Decor Guide]

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Scary Halloween Decorations That'll Spook Your Neighbors

It's time to get spooky with some Halloween décor! You've got your favorite witch hat on, the candy bowl looks dangerously sweet, and the trick-or-treaters are knocking. But have you put out the spooky candy bowls and skull wreaths? Or set up the animatronic monsters on the front lawn? Because the season isn't complete without some scary Halloween decorations around the home. No matter your Halloween aesthetic, we've got the Halloween animatronics, inflatables, and décor for you! NEW and Exclusively Made By Us Decor just launched for the 2023 Halloween season! 👻🎃✨ #HalloweenDecor #halloweendecorations #halloweenanimatronics #animatronic #CapCut ♬ Originalton - Glubbs


New Halloween Decor for 2023

2023 Halloween Decorations

Hanging Witch on BroomCornpeel PumpkinSkull Welcome WreathAnimated Ventriloquist Dummy
Animated Enchanted BroomBlack Owl PropMummy Window ClingLight-Up Spider Cocoon Skull

Our new Halloween decorations for 2023 include plenty of chic décor and some seriously scary props. The "Welcome" skull wreath and cocoon skulls are a few of our faves! But you can accentuate them with skull lanterns, skull torches, and poseable skeletons...which have skulls, by the way. We're talking large numbers of skulls here. On the outside of your home, you can add even more of them, from skull path lights to skull archways for your door. We hope your door is skull-shaped, by the way, because that would really tie the room together.


2023 Halloween Inflatables

2023 Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Inflatable Kaleidoscope Projection SpiderNightmare Before Christmas ArchwayVenus Flytrap PumpkinCute Skeleton Dragon
Pumpkin and Mummy Cat12ft Skeleton InflatablePumpkin InflatablesInflatable Ghost

If you prefer your decorations to be blow-up-able, then we have the perfect thing for you: Halloween inflatables! There are blow-up skulls, of course, but we're going to look at some cuter designs. We've got inflatable witches and ghosts and cats and pumpkins—and even cats inside pumpkins! And you don't have to take a gamble on licensed blow-up decorations, because they'll add a fun touch to any yard display. Inflatable arches are also the perfect way to guide trick-or-treaters to your door or candy grab-bag table.


2023 Halloween Animatronics

New Halloween Animatronics

7ft Funzo the ClownBrimstone DragonSoothsayer WitchCauldron Creeper
Wailing BansheeGhostly TricycleAnimatronic WerewolfScary Twins

Now let's look at some really "moving" props, the Halloween animatronics! We've sold motorized, light-up, and "talking" decorations for years, but we're proud to feature our own exclusive Halloween animatronics! We've got our own witches and ghosts and werewolves—oh my!—and more Grim Reapers than you can swing a scythe at. We're already having nightmares from this unsettling pair of twins, and Funzo the Clown has made us jump once or twice. Seriously, we'd appreciate it if you bought some of these animatronics because they're really freaking us out!


Outdoor Halloween Decorations


Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights

Paper Mache Cat-O-LanternLED Ceramic PumpkinLight-Up Skull Torch4pc Skull Pathway Lights
Jack-O-Lantern Light GarlandLight Up LanternIntense BlacklightPumpkin Porch Light Cover

When you're setting up your outdoor Halloween decorations, making sure that people can see them after dark is essential! There are quite a few options for Halloween lights to add some mood lighting to your home, from spooky string lights to lanterns and light projectors. A few of these lights may need to stay on the porch so they're out of the elements, but you want your house to have those spooky vibes all the way from the sidewalk to your front door.


Halloween Animatronics

Outdoor Halloween Animatronics

Reaper's Ride Moving Prop8ft Pumpkin ManHanging ScarecrowCrawling Zombie
10ft Clown ArchwayMummy GroundbreakerLooming PhantomHanging Mummy

If you're hoping to have the scariest yard in town, these Halloween animatronic props are for you! Creepy mummies, scary clowns, and even full-sized skeletons—what's not to love? These are all great Halloween decoration ideas for the yard. If you have a big enough porch, you can even put motion-activated animatronics on the path your trick-or-treaters take to get their candy prize at your door. It's Halloween, after all, so it's meant to be a little scary!


Halloween Door Decorations

Outdoor Halloween Door Decorations

Bloody Mess Door CoverFlower and Skull Halloween WreathZombie Hand Door Knob CoverSkull Door Knocker
Chop Shop Hanging SignZombie Door Cover20" Wreath with SkullsSkull Archway

Your door is the last piece of Halloween décor your trick-or-treaters will meet before asking for candy, so you'll want to make a good impression! We have door covers to make your entire entryway spooky, or less scary Halloween wreaths. Other props for your portal include creepy doorknob covers, hanging signs, and even a skull door knocker. Even if you're not taking in trick-or-treaters because you're holding a Halloween party instead, making an eerie entryway is the cherry on top of your Halloween décor cake.


Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Outdoor Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Evil Clown ArchwayInflatable EyeballsInflatable Graveyard Set12' Halloween Carriage Decoration
Inflatable Pennywise Decoration5' Skeleton Unicorn Decoration96" Inflatable ScarecrowPumpkin Photo Booth

If you're the "go big or go home" type regarding Halloween lawn decorations, you'll love these large inflatable decorations for your yard! Ranging from scary to almost cute, you can fill your lawn with blow-up clowns, scarecrows, ghosts, and more. Many of these inflatable decorations for Halloween also have lights inside so they're still visible at night, but it never hurts to have a spotlight to brighten up your spooky yard décor.


Pumpkin Decorations

Outdoor Pumpkin Decorations

20" Light-Up Pumpkin StackTeal Light-Up PumpkinLight-Up Pumpkin Fence10pc Pumpkin Carving Kit
Jack Skellington Light-Up Pumpkin3-Pack Pumpkin Lawn BagsBlack Ceramic Stone-Look PumpkinCement & Gold Pumpkin

Is it even Halloween if you don't have a few pumpkins outside? Whether you prefer to carve your own jack-o-lantern or find a cute pumpkin decoration to buy, we have plenty of pumpkins from which to choose! Whether they're resin, ceramic, or plastic, these pumpkins do great as outdoor decorations. (Keep in mind that foam pumpkins and glitter pumpkins may be better as indoor Halloween decorations.) Also, if you're interested in keeping Halloween treats accessible for everyone, you may want to add a teal pumpkin to your outdoor décor. This allows families who have children with food allergies know that you have non-food treats available for trick-or-treaters!


Halloween Skeleton Decorations and Skulls

Outdoor Skeleton Decorations

Lifesize Poseable SkeletonSilver Skull FenceSkull in Hand Yard StakeZombie Flamingo
Animated Dragon SkeletonSkull Porch Light Cover8' Animatronic SkeletonRealistic Skull Prop

Do you have skeletons in your closet? Well, show 'em off this season! If you're allergic to pets, adopt a skeleton cat or a skeleton dog! They're the perfect addition to your family and won't destroy your nose. Plus, you can keep them outside for a month! (Or more if your decorations stay up longer than normal. We're not about to rain on your Halloween aesthetic.) If you struggle to pick a good skeleton decoration, you can never go wrong with a life-size posable skeleton or a skull prop to spook every trick or treater at your door! All of these animatronics (and more!) are available to order online at!


Halloween Spider Decorations

Outdoor Spider Decorations

Red Light-Up Spider60g Green Glow SpiderwebGiant Brown SpiderHanging Spider Cocoon
Giant Spiderweb DecorationOil Slick Spider SkeletonMega Spider Web3-Pack Spiders

It doesn't have to be Halloween for this creature to give you goosebumps and inspire blood-curdling screams with each encounter! But hey, the best way to get over your fears is to embrace them, right? Be a spider-loving, web-spinning fanatic with our variety of spider decorations! If you want a spider that's larger than life (and maybe even your dog), buy a huge spider that you can pose outside. You can display it or hang it whichever way you please, as it'll guarantee to terrify anyone trespassing. Make it crawl and linger in every raised nook in your home! What are spiders for, anyway? However, you can't have spiders without a few webs! Get some giant spider webs to decorate your home and porch, and there are even some webs that glow in the dark or under black light. Neighborhood kids will look forward to coming to your house to trick-or-treat!


Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Outdoor Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Purple Animated BroomVampire Mickey MouseBat Door Window PanelWitch's Cauldron Candy Bowl
The Mandalorian Candy BowlSpooky ClothInflatable Character PumpkinLED Green String Lights

Sometimes if you have small children or live in a neighborhood with little kids, you might need to tone down the scariness of Halloween and just keep it spooky. And that's okay! Find cute Halloween decorations that are also kid-friendly such as children's character holiday decor or cute bats and ghosts. Fog machines can also be fun without being too scary. We're sure you can find plenty of kid-friendly Halloween décor while still keeping up the Halloween spirit.


Trunk-or-Treat Decorations

Trunk-or-Treat Halloween Decorations

Venom Car KitCat Car ClingScarecrow Candy BowlTrolls Trunk Kit
Minecraft Trunk KitJack-o-Lantern Candy BowlsGrim Reaper Car ClingThe Mandalorian Car Kit

With increased interest in Trunk-or-Treat events, naturally, you may be looking for Trunk-or-Treat ideas for your vehicle. You can find quite a few trunk-or-treat kits, but you're more than welcome to buy your own car window clings and other Halloween decorations to create a theme. Don't forget to bring along a Halloween candy bowl for your self-serve candy station!


Indoor Halloween Decorations


Indoor Halloween Lights

Indoor Light-Up Halloween Decorations

Black Cat Tea Light HolderSilver Spiderweb Candelabra10-Pack Tea LightsLED Spider Web Globes
Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington CandleBlack and White Filigree Pumpkin8" LED Skulls With CrowsHanging Skull Lights with Remote

Sometimes you just don't have the energy to decorate outside, and that's okay too! Maybe you live in an apartment and don't have a yard of your own. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of spooky Halloween decorations for indoors. These indoor Halloween lights are great if you're dimming the lights for an adult Halloween party, or even if you're showing your spooky spirit from your window.


Halloween Dark Academia Room Décor

Dark Academia Room Décor

8" Poe's Raven SkullGold Stem Green Velvet PumpkinHappy Haunting Raven PillowAnimated Haunted Books
Nosferatu Photo FrameGold Pedestal Skull with Raven3-Piece 9" Book BoxesRaven Candlestick

Have you ever wanted to decorate your home to make it look like the residence of Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelley, or Bram Stoker? Do you enjoy rich, dark color palettes with reds, purples, and greens? Give your home the haunting feel of a gothic literature master with tasteful touches of the macabre. Books and candles are a must, and don't forget haunting pillows and photo frames. Play with a mixture of matte and velvet textures for a touch of high class, and include some thrifted goodies like old clocks and globes or maps. You might find that you like the dark academia aesthetic enough to continue the theme all year long, or as part of a Halfway to Halloween event!


Indoor Halloween Animatronics

Indoor Halloween Animatronics

Misting Crystal BallPop-Up GhostCrawling Monster HandAnimated Haystack Rat
Animatronic Moving BooksSquawking CrowAnimated Scary BoardAnimated Black Cat Decoration

When people think of Halloween animatronics, they typically think of large moving characters often featured on lawns and porches. However, there are small-scale animatronics for inside decorating too! Placed on bookshelves, coffee tables, and other furniture, these moving décor items really bring your Halloween party to life! Make your home feel like a haunted house, or perhaps stick with a theme such as a witch's hut or a cemetery. You'll want to hang onto these affordable animatronic decorations to use every Halloween!


Halloween Ornaments and Indoor Door Covers

Halloween Ornaments and Indoor Door Decorations

Michael Myers Bust OrnamentMummy Bathroom Door CoverCaptain Spaulding OrnamentStay Out Sign
Horror Bathroom Door CoverChucky Bust OrnamentGrim Reaper Restroom Door CoverUniversal Frankenstein's Monster Ornament

If you're looking for some indoor hanging Halloween decorations, you might consider some Halloween ornaments! Sure, you might typically think that ornaments are meant for Christmas trees, but these horror movie ornaments would do well in a Halloween setting, too! We also have silly door covers meant to have inside your house for guests navigating a Halloween party. Spooky bathroom door covers will keep your guests from opening every door in your hallway, while a handy "keep out" sign will tell party guests which rooms are off-limits.


Indoor Pumpkin Decorations

Indoor Pumpkin Decor

4.5" Stuffed Pumpkin3 Mint Speckle Pumpkins6" Black and Gold Pumpkins12 Mini Velvet Pumpkins
3 White and Gold Glass Pumpkins4" Orange Glitter Pumpkin3 White Jack-o-Lanterns4" Glitter Mercury Glass Pumpkin

Pumpkin decorations always look great outside for Halloween, but it never hurts to have some more inside your home! Glass, glitter, and velvet-textured pumpkins tend to be better for indoor Halloween decorating, and don't forget the minis! Miniature pumpkins are great for table decorations, whether you're filling a cute bowl on the coffee table or perhaps as a dining room centerpiece. Glass pumpkins are also very cute Halloween decorations, but it's best to keep them out of the way of rowdy trick-or-treaters. Other textured pumpkins, like glitter and velvet pumpkins, work best when kept out of the elements—but you may be able to display them on a covered porch too. Add accents such as fall leaves and spider-web doilies, and you'll have a spooky-cute house in no time!


Halloween Wall Decorations

Halloween Wall Decor

Trapped Spirits Wall Decoration18" Spooky Owl PropDracula's Pub SignBloody Wall Backdrop
Catacombs Wall BackdropWooden Pumpkin Home SignDripping Blood Border RollStone Wall Backdrop

Really help to set the mood in your home with these Halloween wall decorations. Hang up famous horror movie signs, scary wall backdrops, and whatever else suits your space. You can even make it look like blood is seeping through the wall with a creepy, dripping blood border. How do you decide what to add with so many cool Halloween decorations? It's best to pick a theme and stick with it, such as a haunted house or perhaps a creepy catacomb. Maybe you just want to use all the vintage-look Halloween decor! These Halloween wall decorations may be just what you need to pull the room together.


Halloween Table Decorations

Halloween Table Decorations

Halloween 3 Plate Set10" Skeleton Holding a Glass PlateVintage Black Cat TableclothSet of Skeleton Figurines
Lighted Haunted House DecorationLace Haunted House TableclothMummy and Franky Snack Dish SetJack-O-Lantern Salt and Pepper Shakers

When you're trying to put together a Halloween table setting, you will want a variety of Halloween décor items. Use a spooky tablecloth underneath, and have a few eye-catching pieces. Use small additions such as fall leaves or mini spiders scattered around larger items. Also, it's always great to have a cute candy bowl! Whether you're doing a table theme with creepy dolls or scary skeletons, it's good to have enough points of interest on your Halloween table.


Halloween Bathroom Decorations

Bathroom Decorations for Halloween

Bloody Handprint Mirror and Window ClingsSkeleton Duck DecorationMachete Killer Shower Curtain8" Black Cat Hand Mirror
Scary Clown Under the Toilet Lid CoverHelp Me Shower CurtainZombie Hand Toilet TopperBloody Shower Curtain

Now, we already mentioned some bathroom door covers, but that doesn't mean you have to stop decorating on the outside of your bathroom! Why not bring some holiday décor in there as well for a full Halloween home experience? Add scary shower curtains that are bound to startle Halloween party guests, and there are even some toilet and mirror decorations to add. Place a skeleton ducky or some creepy tealights on the sink counter, and don't forget a bathroom cat. (If you have a cat, you know why!)


Cute Halloween Decorations

Cute Halloween Decorations

Silver and Gold Owls19" Embroidered PillowJim Shore Pirate Stitch6" Unicorn Decoration
Set of 3 Halloween TreesBlack Cat on Pumpkin3.5" White Velvet PumpkinSpider Halloween Pillow

We know that people love scary Halloween decorations a lot, but there are tons of other options if that's not your thing! You might love the look of vintage Halloween decorations, or perhaps something even cuter. (Maybe even pastel Halloween decorations!) Several of these cute Halloween decorations could be used year-round, like the owls and unicorn, or they could hang out through Thanksgiving. We also love Jim Shore's line of cute Disney decorations for all seasons, which are great pieces for collectors.


Other Indoor Halloween Decorations

Unique Halloween Decorations

Eyeball Popcorn PropSet of Mummy Yoga FiguresJack-o-Lantern Inflatable CoolerCreepy Black Fabric
Bloody FootprintsHalloween Strode Realty SignPeek-a-Boo BearZombie Microwave Cover

There are so many wild and wacky Halloween decorations that it's hard to mention them all! (Seriously, go check out all of the Halloween decorations. There's a lot!) You can find decorations for your living room, fireplace mantle, and even the microwave. Some of these weird decorations have multiple uses, and we'd love to hear about how you intend to decorate with them!


Are you ready to try your hand at this spooktastic décor? Do you have any suggestions for Halloween decorations we should make? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to tell us if you're decorating with the family this year or plotting the best way to scare them!

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