Get Your Spook on with these Halloween Animatronics

by |September 4, 2018
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Halloween Animatronics

Are you ready to make your place the house to visit this Halloween? Everyone knows that house: it has the best decorations, gets the most scares, and knows how to have fun with Halloween. Animatronic Halloween props are a great way to achieve that spooky look. Some are subtle while others are down right scary! Pair them with other Halloween decorations to really make your house scary. Want to make it even scarier? Add a fog machine, which really helps to enhance the experience. Then sit back and listen to your trick-or-treaters scream!

Animated Insane Asylum Decoration

Insane Asylum Decoration

Forget about creating a haunted house this year - create a haunted insane asylum instead! This animated asylum decorations will inspire a whole new outdoor decor scene that will make you stand out among the rest. With yellow teeth and eyes he won't even need to come to life to scare your trick-or-treaters. But that's no fun, so he will! He'll shaky and make creepy sounds when activated by a switch or by sound and motion. He'll have your guests shaking in their boots!

Winged Reaper

Winged Reaper Decoration

Need something to tower over your trick-or-treaters? Look no further than this Winged Reaper. Standing at 6 feet tall, it's sure to make a lasting impression on all those innocent souls searching for free candy. They better beware though, with motion and sound activation this Reaper is ready to haunt anyone that dares enter your porch. No one will say that you went halfway with your Halloween decorations!

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights Freddy Decoration

Freak out your friends with this 3 foot tall Freddy Fazbear figure from Five Nights at Freddy's! He looks sweet, debonair and full of murder. What could be scarier than an animatronic decoration that could become mobile and homicadal after-hours. Make him seem playful with a bubble fog machine, they'll never see it coming!

Dunce Clown

Animated Dunce Cown

Chances are you know someone who doesn't like clowns. Creepy, talking, light up clown for Halloween decoration win coming up! Just knowing how many people don't like clowns makes this animated dunce clown the ultimate scare factor. Place it in a hidden location and add some fog to make it even scarier. It has sound activated motion in its head and arms.

Spooky Spellbook

Animated Spellbook

This animatronic spellbook is sure to add some shrieking detail to your Halloween decor this season. With its light-up feature it will make a dark corner a spooky soiree, enchanting the kids and delighting the adults. Add some candles and a skull for the ultimate enchanting Halloween scene. The feather pen moves around the book on a circular track, making it look like it's compelled by magic. When you want to add a little more spirit to the scene, turn it on for some screams, creaking, and other haunted sounds.

Are you ready to take your Halloween party to the next level with this Halloween animatronic? We hope you enjoyed our video and got some inspiration. Check out all our animatronic decorations to find the perfect one to spruce up your house to make sure it's the spookiest house on the block.

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