Props on Your Props: A Guide to Animatronic Halloween Props

Props on Your Props: A Guide to Animatronic Halloween Props

We tend to focus on Halloween costumes here at, for obvious reasons. They're what most people think about when Halloween comes around. Well, that and classic horror movies! But scary Halloween decorations are an important part of the holiday, both to trick those trick-or-treaters and to set the mood for the season. It's just not Halloween without them! In that spirit, let’s look at some of the best animatronic Halloween props that you can set up in and around your home for a real moving experience. We’ll look at indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations plus some you put on tabletops and floors, all so you can get props on your props!

Standing Animatronic Halloween Figures

Animatronic Halloween Figures

Lifesize PennywiseCreepy MannequinGhostly Gentleman
Freddy FazbearHeadless HorsemanRegan

Let's start with the true terrors, the figures guaranteed to make anyone jump. We're talking about standing Halloween animatronics, of course. These figures are great because nobody really knows if there's someone inside waiting to prank you! For maximum scare factor, place these figures near doors and hallways where someone will encounter them suddenly. The standing props include horror movie favorites like Regan from The Exorcist and Pennywise from It, and video-game frighteners like the pint-sized Five Nights at Freddy's Freddy Fazbear. (He's small but powerful!) Then there's the Headless Horseman, a ghostly skeletal gentleman (gentleskeleton?), and a truly terrifying mannequin. (Trust us, we've got a room full of these things and absolutely nobody goes in there.) When it comes to Halloween house decorations, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Hanging Animatronic Halloween Props

Hanging Animatronic Halloween Props

Swinging WitchFlying ReaperSlashing Bat
Upside Down ClownWing Flapping BatShaking Cocoon

Hanging props require a little more planning than standing figures. If we’re talking about indoor Halloween decorations, remember that you'll need some kind of exposed beam or hooks in your ceiling to mount them. For Halloween yard decorations, you can always suspend them from a tree limb or swap out a hanging bird feeder. (Birds won't want to go near these props, anyways!) Of course, you can always hang them in your porch, where they’ll be partially protected from the elements. The hanging props come in all varieties, like the quintessential flapping bat and swinging witch to a grim reaper, a web-cocooned skeleton, even a clown.

Animatronic Halloween Tabletop & Floor Props

Animatronic Halloween Tabletop & Floor Props

Giant Jumping SpiderCrawling SkeletonR/C Rat
Animated Ouija BoardMonster Hand in Candy BowlSpellbook With Moving Feather

Our next group of animatronic props aren't the main attraction but they can provide plenty of animatronic ambience at get-togethers. That’s right, we’re talking about animated Halloween party decorations! The jumping spider and crawling skeleton look best on the floor in a corner or maybe somewhere in the yard. Place tabletop props like the Ouija board and spellbook on a surface that your guests will walk past, perhaps an end table or your fireplace mantelpiece. The hand-in-a-candy-bowl should go on the living room table, of course, so your guests can get their fill of candy and scares at the same time. Then there's the remote-control rat, which can quite literally go anywhere, because it moves! (Just remember to keep the operator out of sight!) Who knew that animatronics could be such easy Halloween decorations?

Did you pick up any new Halloween decoration ideas? Did you find all the animated Halloween props that you need? If you're not sure, it may help to watch spooky animatronics videos featuring some of these products! Or, check out our full category of Halloween animatronics! If you use (or have used) any of these props, make sure to tell us all about it in the comments.

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