Adult Fairy Costumes

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Whether you're adding magic to a child's birthday party or playing a role in Peter Pan or A Midsummer Night's Dream, we have just the fairy costume to suit any character. Our adult fairy costumes let you become Tinker Bell or Titania. Or a sprite of your own design.

Do you want to become a woodland fairy out of Shakespeare? Or pay a visit to Barrie's Never Land or Disney's Pixie Hollow? We can help. Do you want to be bright, or dark, or demure, or sexy fairy? Or some combination of those? We can help. Our styles range from sweet to sexy, medieval to modern. And we have a range of accessories to complete any look, whether earthy or ethereal. We even have a selection of plus-size fairy costumes. Who says a fairy has to be tiny?

So make a child's magical dream come true. Or bedazzle your beloved. It's your choice!