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Scary 13" Cat W/FX

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13" Scary Cat W/FX
13" Scary Cat W/FX
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Product Information

Internet Darling, Halloween All-Star

Cats are the internet's darling. Everyone knows that, but if you think about it they're kind of scary. They have those menacing eyes that glow with a demonic aura when the light hits them just right. Their tiny little paws look cute at first, but those things are actually a deadly set of murder mittens that they don't hesitate to use. And you'd better make sure to feed them right on time! If you don't, you can expect your kitty to act like a total jerk until his food dish is filled. We're talking angry yowling, scratching up furniture, and evil stares. Yep, cats can be pretty scary sometimes.

When you think about it like that, it makes perfect sense that cats are part of the Halloween decor every year! It's also why this Scary Cat is going to fit right in with the rest of your decorations!

Product Details

This black cat decoration is shaped like a not-so-friendly version of the internet's darling—the common kitty cat. It features menacing eyes, whiskers, and a pair of ears that are poised for the attack! The decoration even has real scary effects to help add creepy vibes to any Halloween party!

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