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Halloween Costumes 2015

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Drum roll please... you are about to see all that's new and exciting for 2015! Here is where you will find the newest Halloween costumes for 2015. From this year's movie characters to new takes on classic looks, we've gathered everything you'll need to make this Halloween the best ever.

We are committed to researching the latest trends and locating the hottest new looks so that our customers can be the best looking ghouls, pirates, superheros and zombies anyone has ever seen. Shop often, new items are being added all the time!

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Halloween Costumes 2014 – Our Favorite costume ideas so far

2014 has had a lot of memorable moments in pop culture. So many, in fact, it can be difficult to keep track of all the gossip, news, and events that standout as highlights. As Halloween fast approaches, take a step back and look at the year in review to fully capitalize on funny and unique costume opportunities. Here’s our Halloween costume 2014 roundup.


2014 Year In Review - January


January started off a little slow but picked up toward the end of the month as the media and celebs sloughed off the winter blues to entertain the nation.

True Detective

HBO released one of their best crime dramas ever with this old-time detective comics’ themed showstopper with ties to famous works of literature. Marty Hart and Rust Cohle’s opposites-attract-chemistry is magnetic and the philosophical undertone of their dialogue have a profound effect on the viewer.

Get yourself a boiler suit, scar makeup, and go as the demented Errol Childress. Or take the good guy approach and go as Rust or Marty and show everyone the light’s winning.


Errol Childress on Lawnmower: Errol's DIY costume looks a lot like Michael Myers except for the horrendous scars along his jaw.


The Grammy Awards – Pharrell Willams’ Arby’s Hat

Pharrell killed it with his hilarious, but admittedly awesome Arby’s hat. The strange accessory fits his style and it blew up over social media. Mix-and-match some trendy clothing and throw on a funny Arby’s hat or Mountaineer cap and people will most likely get the reference. You could always walk around clapping and asking people to clap along if they feel like happiness is the truth.


Pharrell Williams: Pharrell's Arby's look-a-like hat makes for an easy costume.


Legalization of recreational marijuana – Colorado and Washington

Think legalization of weed is wrong? Just like the Dude said, that’s like, your opinion, man. Either way it made national news and dispensaries quickly sold out. To quote Sir Smokes A Lot, you know what I want! Hahaha-haaaa! I want to talk to Samson!


The Dude and Sir Smokes A Lot know all about pot


#Selfie – The Chainsmokers

If one thing can be taken from 2014 it’s been the year of the selfie. Make an Instagram border that easily attaches to your body, and strike a pose!


#Selfie: The Chainsmokers The selfie costume is easy to make and looks great



2014 Year In Review - February


Shia Lebouf: “I am not famous anymore”

Shia had a bonafide celebrity meltdown in 2014. He plagiarized, wore a brown bag over his head at a premiere, walked out of a cast interview after plagiarizing again (stealing football great Eric Cantona’s famous words), and was recently arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing.


Shia Lebouf: Seriously, Shia wore this to a movie premiere.


Philip Seymour Hoffman Passes Away

Pay homage to the actor by dressing as some of his most notable roles. Truman Capote, Gus Avrakotos, Rusty, or Sandy Lyle all come to mind and would make great costumes.


Philip Seymour Hoffman: Chose your favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman character and crank out a DIY.


Super Bowl – Richard Sherman: The biggest ego in football!

Seriously, a big head mask would never be more appropriate for Halloween.


Richard Sherman: Richard Sherman has a big head, so put it on a custom big head mask for an effortless costume.


Winter Olympics: Bob Costas’ Eye Goes Viral – Literally

We did a great post about this back in February. Take a look!


Bob Costas: Get some red contacts to complete your Bob Costas DIY costume.


Bill Nye

Bill Nye has become an unofficial spokesman for science. A baby blue lab coat, and funny bow tie with a clean cut haircut will complete the look.


Bill Nye: A Bill Nye DIY costume is trendy and painless to make.


Lebron James

When Lebron broke his nose earlier in the season his protective mask look went viral. Some said he resembled Darth Vader, others said Zorro, but we thought he made a good Batman!


Lebron James: Wear a Lebron James inspired Batman costume this Halloween.


Lego movie

Lego is still one of the coolest toys on the planet. Adults still regularly play with the building blocks on the reg. The movie adaptation did not disappoint either. It was fun for the whole family.


Lego movie is ripe with costume ideas



2014 Year In Review - March


Batman’s 75th Anniversary

March 30th marked the 75th anniversary of the caped crusader’s comic debut. Celebrate by dressing as the Caped Crusader, Boy Wonder, or any of your favorite Batman characters!


Batman 75th: Batman costumes never go out of fashion.


Academy Awards

Ellen’s most re-tweeted selfie of all time – can you say group costume? Dress in your finest evening attire, and do what you can to look like the celebrities from the selfie. The group better take selfies everywhere they go too.


Academy Awards: Similar to the selfie costume, but better as a group selfie costume.


Cosmos Reboot Airs

Neil deGrasse Tyson becomes even more awesome and well liked. His words have so much mass you can feel their gravitational pull.


Cosmos: Wear a Neil deGrasse Tyson costume and be the life of any cosmic party.


Putin: Ukraine/Russia crisis

Dictator versions of Putin would be good ideas for costumes. After all, the man has been in power for over a decade. Of late, he cunningly orchestrated a nasty dispute over where the Ukrainian/Russian border should be. You might have heard about it!


Vladimir Putin: A Putin costume would qualify for the most terrifying costume of the year.


Iggy Azalia – Fancy video

Like, totally whatever! Iggy borrowed the look of the fashionable crew from Clueless for Fancy. She nailed it while putting her own twist on Cher’s pampered 90’s style. A Fancy costume would be fresh.


Like, whatever! Iggy Azalia looked fresh and cool in Cher’s plaid outfit


Frozen released on DVD

Frozen costumes were huge last year, and will be again this year. The DVD came out and parents across the world went crazy from repeat viewings. Rest assured, a Frozen costume is a good idea. Kids will be demanding to dress up as their favorite character.


Frozen costumes will be wildly popular this Halloween


Staten Island Clown

This is a story of something truly terrifying. A production company took to the streets with a creepy clown outfit and balloons and terrorized parts of Staten Island during the night.


Staten Island Clown: Clown costumes are always scary...always.


Nick Cannon’s Whiteface

Connor Smallnuts was a short lived viral sensation. People were confused, should they be outraged or find it humorous? It’s tough to say, but this character certainly made an impact and hopefully showed the importance of equality awareness.


Nick Cannon's Connor Smallnuts: A Connor Smallnuts costume would be scandalous, but is a reminder to be racially aware with costumes.


Kim Jong Un

Haircut edict, all North Korean men must adopt a specific hairdo handed down by the dictator Kim Jong Un. Get a bad haircut and military uniform and cosplay as a North Korean soldier or dress as the Great Leader himself.


Kim Jon Un: Kim Jon Un's oppressive regime and bad hair are ripe for mocking the Great Leader.


300: Rise of an Empire

The Athenian’s may have been called “boy lovers” by Leonidus but the blue caped hoplites were no less badass than Spartans in this sequel to the bloodfest that was 300. More attention is given to Xerxes and his general Artemisia, played by Eva Green, but we didn’t watch this movie for the story. 300 costumes work, just swap out the red cape for a blue one.


All sorts of macho and sexy potential with 300 costumes



2014 Year In Review - April


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The second installment in the Captain America films received accolades in the box office. Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Nick Fury are all characters ripe for costuming this year.


Captain America: Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and Black Widow costumes are really cool.


Wrestlemania 30

The Undertaker loses and breaks his Wrestlemania winning streak. Hulk Hogan returned to WWE, and the legendary wrestler the Ultimate Warrior died. It’s been a big year for wrestling and the golden age wrestlers make for great costumes.


Wrestlemania 30: Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and Undertaker costumes are extremely relevant this year.


Game of Thrones Season 4 Begins

The 4th year of Game of Thrones started off with a bang. King Joffrey Baratheon, everyone’s favorite character to hate, unexpectedly dies at his own Purple Wedding in the second episode.


Game of Thrones: Get a group costume and do a DIY Purple Wedding.


Looking for a Game of Thrones costume? We’ve got you covered. Check out our DIY Night’s King from the Oathkeeper episode and turn your friends into White Walkers.


Game of Thrones costumes are a surefire way to get attention this Halloween


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The reboot thrusts our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man back into the lime light. The movie received mixed reviews, but we can all agree that Spider-Man still rocks and is always fresh as a costume idea.


Amazing Spider-Man: A friendly neighborhood Spider-Man costume is a favorite of ours.


Colbert – replacing Letterman – losing Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert has particular panache. His humor is witty and delivered well which made him a natural replacement for David Letterman. We’re just sad it’ll be the end of The Colbert Report. Honor the man and his show by dressing up in one of the numerous costumes he’s worn through the years.


Colbert's costumes on his show were just hilarious



2014 Year In Review - May


May the 4th

A huge year for Star Wars this year since the announcement of Star Wars VII officially hit. This is truly monumental and any costume relating to Star Wars just became a whole lot more relevant (who are we kidding, Star Wars is always relevant!).


Star Wars: Take your pick of Jedi, Stormtroopers, Leia, Chewie, or any of your favorite Star Wars character costumes.



The return of Angelina Jolie! She brings back one of the coolest Disney villains in Maleficent. You can’t go wrong dressing as Maleficent no matter which version you decide to wear.


Maleficent: Maleficent costumes are going to be big this year thanks to Angelina Jolie.



Our favorite kaiju makes a splash with this reboot! He also shows Bryan Cranston Godzilla’s the one who truly knocks! A funny Heisenberg meets Godzilla costume would surely get a few laughs from friends.


Godzilla: Remember, Bryan Cranston, Godzilla's the one who really knocks!


X-Men – Days of Future Past

DoFP is arguably the best X-Men movie to hit the big screen. We saw some of our favorite mutants and who doesn’t like seeing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, or Michael Fassbender portraying Magneto? Take a look at our group costume ideas for more on X-Men costume ideas.


X-Men: This is the best X-Men movie to be released yet. We can't wait to see X-Men Apocalypse.


Watch Dogs

Aiden Pearce is a video game hacker’s delight. The player uses Aiden to manipulate all sorts of high tech devices in the streets of Chicago in order to accomplish his mission and avoid capture or death. Aiden’s look is stylish but blends in with the crowd well.


Watch Dogs: Watch Dogs' Aiden Pearce costume looks inconspicuous but incredibly unique and recognizable.


Mario Kart 8

One of the best Mario Karts ever! This game brings back the feeling of some of the earlier iterations of this classic. The controls feel tighter, the graphics are HD, and the courses have never been better. Anyone from the Mushroom Kingdom is always a great costume idea. Take a look at our video game group costume post for more inspiration.


Mario Kart 8: Give us your best Luigi death stare on or pick your favorite Mario character for a fun costume.



2014 Year In Review - June


Orange is the New Black

Season 2 landed and an orange jumpsuit has never been as fashionable as it is right now. Have a group of lady friends? You might want to think about this as a viable group costume idea.


Orange is the New Black: Orange prison jumpsuit costumes will never be more fashionable.


Edge of Tomorrow

A crazy Groundhog’s Day meets Starship Troopers Tom Cruise movie that was surprisingly good. The premise may not be entirely unique but this movie rocked. If you’re up for a project, create a costume detailing the exosuits from the movie and stun your friends.


Edge of Tomorrow: A Tom Cruise DIY exo-skeleton costume would get you mad props.


Game of Thrones season finale

We already mentioned Game of Thrones, but this show warrants another mention.

Oberyn Martell, one of the most interesting characters ever introduced, brutally perishes and Tywin Lannister is killed by his son. The fight between the Hound and Brienne of Tarth was also a true nail biter (even though it didn’t happen in the books, it was still done very well).


Game of Thrones: The Hound, Brienne, Oberyn, a White Walker, hell any of the characters we saw this season, would all make for amazing DIY Game of Thrones costumes.


Didn’t want to dress as the terrifying Night’s King? Here’s another DIY Game of Thrones costume. The Hound costume allows for mass consumption of chicken which is always a plus. See our makeup tutorial here!


The Hound is a perfect example of a great Game of Thrones costume


World Cup

Every four years the world goes crazy over the World Cup. The US Team played admirably, especially Tim Howard with his 16 saves in one game. We also saw some wonderful costume ideas from people all over the world. Teddy Goalsevelt was our favorite. Or you can make a costume based off Luis Suarez and his nasty biting habit...


World Cup: Soccer fan costumes are wild and awesome; just ask Teddy Goalsevelt.


True Blood

Get in on the vampire craze while you still can. This is the final season for the HBO series and it’s shaping up to be one of the best yet. Vampire costumes are always great costume ideas, especially ones as stylish as True Blood vampires.


True Blood: A sexy vampire costume is the perfect way to honor the finale of True Blood.



2014 Year In Review - July


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

We finally get to see the real story behind Charlton Heston’s classic line “They blew it up!” Dawn of the Planet of the Apes shows the beginning of the war between great apes and humans. Get yourself a good chimpanzee or gorilla costume and take advantage while you still can.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Thanks to Caesar, a gorilla, chimpanzee, or monkey costume is perfect this year.



The only legendary hero that puts Conan the Barbarian in his place. Hercules is the epitome of manly and Dwayne Johnson’s performance was herculean…pun intended.


Hercules: A minimal Hercules DIY costume is heroic and very manly.


Sailor Moon Crystal

A reboot of a much loved anime show made a triumphant return blending old style anime with a flare all its own. Once again, this makes for a great group costume considering how many different Sailors there are, but it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your favorite costume solo.


Sailor Moon: Celebrate the Sailor Moon reboot by costuming as your favorite Sailor.


San Diego Comic Con

If you’re having difficulty finding a costume idea search for SDCC costumes. You can see thousands of different costumes for inspiration. We personally thought this visual studios Apocalypse was the best in show.


There is no better place to get costume ideas than San Diego Comic Con


The Strain

Guillermo del Torro’s take on vampires was pretty intense. The show has some of the best costumes we’ve seen on television. It’s also nice to see vampires that act like badass vampires again.


Vampires that are actually scary and made with cool fx


Weird Al

Weird Al was pretty quiet for a while, but he came back with a bang this year. Weird Al Yankovic dropped eight new parodies in eight days. They were all pretty dang good too. Weird Al’s look is just that, weird, and it makes for a great costume.


Take your pick from one of eight music video as a Weird Al Yankovic costume


Nicolas Cage – Superman

The only thing better than Superman is Nicolas Cage almost being Superman. Images were leaked of Cage in the Man of Steels tight body suit and the rest is history. Dress as Nicolas Cage Superman, just wear a Superman costume and a Nicolas Cage mask, and you’re guaranteed to get a laugh or two.


A Nicolas Cage Superman costume would go over better than a Nicolas Cage Superman movie



2014 Year In Review - August


Guardians of the Galaxy

A more obscure comic that moves seamlessly with the same Marvel universe as the Avengers, but with some very colorful characters who are a tad off the wall. The Guardians made a huge impression over its opening weekend generating $94 million and setting a record for August releases. Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Groot and Gamora are just awesome in the movie and any of them make a great costume.


Guardians of the Galaxy: Any costume relating to Guardians of the Galaxy is amazing.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Another reboot of a classic series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been a household name since the late 1980s. The first two movies were received rather well, but then things went downhill fast. The new look breathed life back into our favorite reptilian heroes. If you always wanted to costume as your favorite turtle, now is the perfect time.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes are always awesome, now their also extremely relevant again.


Sin City – A Dame to Kill For

The much anticipated follow-up to the artistic and stylish movie based on the brutal graphic novel. Fan favorites – Marv, Miho, Dwight, Ava Lord, Hartigan, Johnny and Gail all make for great costumes. Sin City characters make for a killer looking group costume as well.


Sin City: Hone your makeup skills and bust out a DIY Sin City greyscale costume.


Robin Williams

We’ve lost a lot of very talented people in 2014 and Robin Williams was at the top of the list. Robin Williams is loved the world over for his comedy and acting, so honoring him by wearing a costume of your favorite Robin Williams character will be a go-to for many. A Mrs. Doubtfire costume is always a good choice.


Robin Williams characters, like a Mrs Doubtfire costume, are a great way to honor the actor


Nicki Minaj – Anaconda video

Baby got back! Nicki certainly has back and she flaunts it in her provocative music video for her song Anaconda. It’s not Sir Mix A Lot, but its close. Expect to see some outrageous butt costumes this year.


Nicki has back and shows it in the Anaconda video


Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi took the fez of Doctor Who from Matt Smith and is now making waves by bringing a different style and feel to the show. Our Doctor Who costumes are easy to piece together and achieve any of the looks through this storied franchise.


Doctor Who costumes are always big during Halloween


Ghostbusters’ 30th Anniversary

For the anniversary, Ghostbusters got another theatrical release, which was awesome for those who never had the opportunity to see this crack team of ghost hunters on the big screen. For a classic costume, pull on your jumpsuit, throw on your positron collider, and remember to never cross the streams. If, by chance, someone asks if you’re a god, you say YES!


Ghostbusters: Don your jumpsuit, strap on your proton pack, and stroll out in a Ghostbusters costume to celebrate the anniversary.


Madden Season – DJ Bear

Madden season is the reason my hand touched your face. This trailer with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco was hilarious in so many ways. Plus, a sweet bear DJ rose out of the water.


The Madden 15 trailer had lots of great costumes, but none better than the DJ Bear


Barely Legal Pawn – Cranston/Paul reunite

One of the funniest things we’ve seen in a while. Audi sponsored the Emmy Awards and this promo was part of the lead up to the award show. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul nailed this just like they killed it at the Emmys.


Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul don trashy costumes for this hilarious promo


Sharknado II

Sharknado returns and was campier than ever. It still didn’t stop people from going nuts over this movie. Some seriously nice sharknado costumes are surfacing because of the popularity of these movies.


Sharks and tornadoes costumes make perfect sense


Richard Attenborough

Richard Attenborough is another exceptionally talented person who passed away this year. He’s known for numerous roles and movies, but we remember him most for his exceptional portrayal of John Hammond in Jurassic Park. Spared no expense!


Attenborough can be honored by wearing one of his famous characters as a costume



2014 Year In Review - September



Bungie’s first new project since the Halo series was purchased by Microsoft. This game is the single most expensive video game ever produced surpassing GTA V, but with good reason. Destiny has been in development for nearly five years. With detailed character designs and customization options, you can be sure that Destiny costumes will be huge. Just in time for Halloween! Check out our DIY costume post!


Destiny: Whether you play as a Titan, Warlock or Hunter a Destiny costume will surely help push back the Darkness.



There will definitely be stylish costumes coming from this series. It focuses on a young detective, James Gordon and the origins of some of the most notorious Batman villains like Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Joker, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, Harvey Dent, and Mr. Freeze. Can you say Gotham group costume?


Gotham will be loaded with costume potential


Dumb and Dumber To

The classic look of our two favorite imbeciles will be revitalized again this year when the new movie releases in November. It’s time to dust off those bright orange and baby blue tuxes! The movie may not come out until after Halloween, but everyone will get the reference.


Dumb and Dumber To: Break out bright orange and blue, Lloyd and Harry tuxedos to honor the new Dumb and Dumber movie.


Three-Breasted Woman

Jasmine Tridevil became famous this year for having three boobs at once. Was it real? Was it fake? Did it matter? It got everyone’s attention. And we think that was the point! See our DIY costume here.


The triple-breasted woman definitely made the rounds in the news this year.



2014 Year In Review - October


American Horror Story: Freak Show

Our favorite miniseries comes back with a bang. American Horror Story is taking on the circus freak shows. Scary and abnormal costumes will be had for sure. This is going to be a hit, ripe for freak show costume potential.


Freak Show costumes will be everywhere


Walking Dead Season 5

The 5th season of AMC’s zombie drama aired on October 12th and was the show’s most-watched episode of all time. With zombie after zombie after zombie, The Walking Dead serves as inspiration for zombie pub crawls, super scary themed parties, and, of course, Halloween night.


The Walking Dead: Season Five: Zombie costumes are perfect for any occasion!


iPhone 6 #bendgate

There’s no greater luxury in the modern world than picking up your brand new iPhone upgrade, bringing it home, and... finding it nearly bent in half after you put it in your back pocket?! Apple definitely had a scandal on their hands with #bendgate and we had the most topical DIY Halloween costume in the world on our blog! Check it out here!


The iPhone 6's #bendgate scandal makes for a perfect topical costume this 2014!


Ghostbusters 3 Announced

It’s official! Ghostbusters 3 is officially happening! A twist: it’ll feature all female ghostbusters. There isn’t an official cast list released, but we’re excited for what they come up with, both story AND female ghostbusting costumes.


Ghostbusters 3 has been announced: an all-female cast is in the works!



Hellblazer is a popular comic, and it’s finally getting the adaption it deserves. John Constantine is a great character and the angels and demons he deals with are awesome. A Constantine costume is simple, functional, and recognizable enough that people will get it.


Constantine cosplay is easy and cool


Better Call Saul

We knew that AMC was going to air Better Call Saul, which is centered around Saul Goodman’s life before he met Walt and Jesse, but this month it was announced that a second season was already approved! We’re wondering what costume-worthy moments this show will have – up to par with the Los Pollos Hermanos chicken and the classic yellow haz-mat suits.


Better Call Saul: Our favorite lawyer from Breaking Bad is going to be in his own TV show in 2015!


Dracula Untold Released

October means a whole new batch of scary movies released, and there’s nothing more quintessentially “horror” than the man himself, Dracula. This new movie, Dracula Untold, tells the story of Vlad the Impaler and his transformation into the most famous vampire of all time. Of course, we put together an infographic detailing all the theatrical versions of the undead count.


Vlad the Impaler is turned into the famous Dracula in the new movie Dracula Untold.