Pop Art Costume and Makeup Ideas

Pop Art Inspired Costume Ideas

UPDATED: September 14, 2015

Are you a rebellious spirit? Do you want to show “The Man” you’re not going to conform this Halloween? Then try a Pop Art costume! Pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol rebelled against tradition by leaving their proverbial marks with dots and bold colors. We will show you many ways to make your own mark this Halloween!



Lichtenstein literally pulled his inspiration right off the pages of comic books. Using his now infamous printer-inspired dots, Lichtenstein created iconic works of art satirizing popular comic books and themes of the time.

Lichtenstein Art



Dots can be used to evoke Lichtenstein's artistic spirit for a classic take on a pop art costume.

Pop Art New Classic Look

Vintage Dress shop     Red Bead Necklace shop

Yellow Wig shop     Red Heels shop     Face Paints shop


And to really pull the whole look together, use pop art face makeup to create Lichtenstein's tradmark dots! Get ready to look like the iconic comic book pop art of the 60s.

You can further channel the look by using polka dotted dresses and adding accessories to show off your own artistic flair!

Pop Art Dotted Dresses 

Red Dotted Dress shop     Black Dotted Dress shop

Blue Dotted Dress shopPop Art Dotted Accessories

Jewelry Set shop     Dotted Sunglasses shop

Dotted Gloves shop     Dotted Tights shop



Andy Warhol, possibly the movement's most famous artist, used everyday objects to create bright and daring pieces of art. You can be just as bold and defiant come All Hollows Eve, by dressing as a banana or a Campbell's soup can!

Andy Warhol Collage  source                                                                         source


Andy Warhol Costumes

Pop Art Mens Costumes

Banana Costume shop     Campbells Soup Costume shop



What do you get when you mix Lichtenstein's dots and Warhol's signature multi-colored copies? A unique and rebellious group costume idea!

Pop Art Collagesource                                                                           source


Gather your friends and each of you can wear a matching Pop Art inspired dress and wigs in a different color. Then top it off with pop art makeup dots in bright matching hues to create a group costume everyone will be giving "snaps" to.



Pop Art Meets Superhero Costume Ideas

Having trouble choosing between a Mad Men secretary and Amazonian princess? Gain the respect of your art major friends and fuse a few elements to create a unique Pop Art-esque look. Or you could keep them totally separate by altering between the two egos, supporting business efforts by day and saving humankind throughout your night, all while looking like you actually just came from the pages of a comic book.


Superhero Pop Art Costume Ideas

Wonder Woman Costume - Shop      Pop Art Girl Wig - Shop

Adult Pop Art Cutie Costume - Shop



To create a pop art version of any superheroine, you just need a face full of Ben-Day dots and a sexy vintage Halloween costume! Individually or as a girl pack, these four shown below are some of the hottest costumes sure to exude nothing but strong and sexy–with a punch! But watch out, because not all of these women are fighting crime.


More Superheroes for Pop Art

American Beauty Superhero Costume - Shop       Classic BatGirl Grand Heritage Costume - Shop

Women’s Sexy Supergirl Costume- Shop      Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume - Shop



Multi-colored Pop Art Group Makeup

Pop Art Wigs

Pink Wig shop     Blue Wig shop

Green Wig shop     Orange Wig shop

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