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Kate is’s Marketing Project Coordinator with an obsession for all things supernatural and spook-tacular! If it’s eerie or peculiar you will find her wide eyed and cross-legged, eagerly awaiting more information. She also enjoys listening to paranormal podcasts (the more provocative the better!), conducting true crime research (the bloodier the better!), crafting (the geekier the better!) and super sleuthing (the more obscure the better!).

4 DIY Halloween Wreaths using a Pool Noodle

by |September 3, 2014
Categories: Decor, DIY

How to DIY Halloween Wreaths

Creating your own Halloween wreath is easier than you might think! This time of year many stores have those familiar, bright colored fun foam noodles on clearance, practically screaming for you to take them home. (Christmas decorations are already starting to flow in and they need the floor space!) Take advantage at your local discount or dollar store and snag yourself a few different colors of these water noodles. The sizes and shapes are perfect for creating a colorful base for homemade...

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Flatter Your Figure: Plus Size Pirate Costumes

by |August 27, 2014

Full-Figure Pirate Costume Tips and Tricks to Dress for Your Body Shape


Plus Size Wicked Wench Pirate

Pirate Costume for a Column Body Shape

Why this works for a column body shape:

1. Soft feminine fabrics drape and gather at the bust to create gentle curves

2. A detailed corset nips in the waist and plays up a long torso

3. A bright sash...

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Adventure Time DIY Easter Egg Costumes [Printables]

Adventure Time Free Easter Egg Printable Costumes

Oh my glob! It's the mashup of the century: Easter meets Adventure Time. Easter involves a sneaky bunny laying rainbow colored eggs, while Adventure Time features a shape-shifting mutant dog. Both worlds are so wonderfully zany that they belong together!


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DIY Elsa Makeup Tutorial and Costume Ideas

DIY Frozen Makeup Tutorial

Do you want to build a snowman? Or, should we say, do you want to dress the part of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen to wow your friends at your next costume party? We can definitely help you with that second part. (To be fair though, the cold never bothered us anyway, so hit us up if you really do want to build a snowman. We have lots of snow to share!)

Disney’s latest movie release tells the story of two princesses from the kingdom of Arendelle, Anna and Elsa. Redheaded Anna is sweet,...

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Pop Art Costume and Makeup Ideas

by |September 6, 2013

Pop Art Costume and Makeup Ideas

UPDATED: February 12, 2020

Are you a rebellious spirit? Do you want to show “The Man” you’re not going to conform this Halloween? Then try a Pop Art costume! Pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol rebelled against tradition by leaving their proverbial marks with dots and bold colors. We will show you many ways to...

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Host a Read Across America Party

by |February 27, 2013
Categories: Holidays

From his first book, "And to Think That I saw it on Mulberry Street", to his best sellers, including "The Cat in the Hat" and "Green Eggs and Ham", Dr. Seuss created books, rhymes and characters that continue to be cherished by generations. Read Across America (RAA) is an annual reading program that encourages every child to celebrate and enjoy reading. From coast to coast more than 45 million readers participate in the nation’s largest reading event ( This year marks...

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