Adventure Time DIY Easter Egg Costumes [Printables]

Adventure Time Free Easter Egg Printable Costumes

Oh my glob! It's the mashup of the century: Easter meets Adventure Time. Easter involves a sneaky bunny laying rainbow colored eggs, while Adventure Time features a shape-shifting mutant dog. Both worlds are so wonderfully zany that they belong together!

We took a page out of the Easter Bunny's book and worked some magic of our own to create these 10 printable Adventure Time egg costumes. There's no doubt that these paper ensembles will turn your boring old eggs into something simply Finn-tastic! Here's the whole cast in one group shot:


Advneture Time Printables

Let the eggventures begin!



1. Finn The Human

Adventure Time Finn DIY Easter Egg Free Printable

Use this printable to make a totally righteous egg.

Finn Egg Printable



2. Jake The Dog

Adventure Time Jake  DIY Easter Egg Free Printable

Of all the shapes Jake can transform into, this egg costume is surely one of his best!

Jake Egg Printable



3. Ice King

Adventure Time Ice King  DIY Easter Egg Free Printable

This Ice King costume will make a point to melt your heart.
Ice King Egg Printable

4. Gunter

Adventure Time Gunter  DIY Easter Egg Free Printable

If eating eggs give you gas, just imagine what the Gunter egg will do. :-X
Gunter Egg Printable



5. Princess Bubblegum

Adventure Time Bubblegum Princess

Dye your egg bright pink to really make Princess Bubblegum pop!
Princess Bubblegum Egg Printable

6. Peppermint Butler

Adventure Time Peppermint Butler  DIY Easter Egg Free Printable

Despite his appearance, this peppermint candy egg will not freshen your breath.

Peppermint Butler Egg Printable



7. BMO

Adventure Time BMO  DIY Easter Egg Free Printable

This BMO printable is easy, cute, and you don't even have to worry about cracking the screen.

BMO Egg Printable



8. Marceline

Adventure Time Marceline  DIY Easter Egg Free Printable

Just because Marceline is 1,000 years old doesn't mean you can't use a fresh egg!

Marceline Egg Printable



9. Tree Trunks

Adventure Time Tree Trunks  DIY Easter Egg Free Printable

Idea: Make a pie like Tree Trunks would, using any leftover Easter eggs!
Tree Trunks Egg Printable



10. Lumpy Space Princess

Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess  DIY Easter Egg Free Printable

Your Lumpy Space Princess egg will look fresh to death in her paper fashion!

Lumpy Space Princess Egg Printable



Adventure Time Free Egg Costumes DIY
Eggrything ahead of us is totally unknown.

We hope you enjoyed these Adventure Time free printable egg costumes! Do you have a favorite Adventure time character? Feel free to let us know, and if you decided to celebrate Easter Adventure Time-style, we'd love to see your beautiful eggs too!

Kate Horvat
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