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14 "Villain"-Tines for Valentine's Day [Printables]

by |February 2, 2015

Villain-Tine Valentines Cards


When it comes to saving the day and winning the hearts of all, heroes like Mario, the princess-saver, Han, the sweet-talking bounty hunter, and Tyrion, the undeniable casanova, get all the attention. You can imagine that if this was elementary school, the Valentine boxes sitting on their desks on February 14th would be stuffed to the brim...

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Adventure Time DIY Easter Egg Costumes [Printables]

Adventure Time Free Easter Egg Printable Costumes

Oh my glob! It's the mashup of the century: Easter meets Adventure Time. Easter involves a sneaky bunny laying rainbow colored eggs, while Adventure Time features a shape-shifting mutant dog. Both worlds are so wonderfully zany that they belong together!


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Q&A with Cosplayer Jin Joson: Breaking Down Stereotypes in Cosplay

by |September 28, 2012
Categories: Cosplay

Jin Joson is a cosplayer, photographer, graphic designer and painter from the Philippines. Jin has been cosplaying for about seven years and enjoys participating in cosplay with friends and at conventions. Jin was kind enough to answer some thought-provoking questions for us about cosplay, the stereotypes associated with it and words of inspiration for those interested in getting into cosplay.


What drew you to cosplay in the beginning and, what keeps you cosplaying?

I found myself...

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