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MaDonna is a Brand Specialist at and has dressed up as a cat well over a dozen times in her life for the holiday. Last year, she dressed as her favorite skeleton, Jaunty.

Costume Ideas for Groups of 4: Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a Party

by |September 26, 2019

2019 Update: We've updated adding new costumes and groups.

“What are you gonna be for Halloween?” It’s a hard enough question to answer for yourself sometimes, but it can be nearly impossible to decide when you are looking for Halloween costume ideas for friends.  BUT – you have to think of all the advantages that go with a group costume: awesome photo opportunities that are sure to be good enough for a picture frame (or Facebook profile picture), you’ll be a shoo-in for costume contests, and you’ll never lose your friends at a crowded party.  Still not sure what to dress up as? Don’t fret, we here at have put together an awesome guide to help you find group costume themes with enough characters...

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Costume Ideas for Dudes with Beards: The Ultimate Resource!

by |August 14, 2019

Beards are for Dudes

2019 Update: This post was originally published in October 2014, but has been updated for relevancy and to add more beards.

What do you do when you have a big old beard and you’re trying to come up with a Halloween costume with a beard? You use it, of course! Embrace that facial hair and let it be part of your ensemble....

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Costume Ideas for Groups of Five

by |August 8, 2019
Categories: Costume Guides, Family

2019 Update: We've updated this post to include newer costumes and group ideas.

A lot of the best things in life come in groups of five, and they can give you some great costume ideas! The Jackson 5, for example, had five members. (Ben Folds Five didn’t, but they were still good.) Other notables: the high-five, five senses, the number of piano concertos by Beethoven, the five-second rule, and the movie The Fifth Element. Another great thing that can come in a group of five? Halloween...

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DIY Spider Dog Costume

by |June 7, 2019
Categories: Costume Tutorials, DIY

Spider Dog Halloween Costume tutorial

 2019 Update: We now carry a Spider Pup Costume.

Everyone should be able to get in on the fun for Halloween, especially little puppies! If you're into DIY dog costumes, this "spider dog" (or is it "dog spider"?) costume is easy enough to finish in one afternoon but will look realistic enough to scare the...

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The 26 Most Iconic Character Beards Ever

by |October 19, 2018
Categories: Costume Guides

26 Most Iconic Beards Ever

A beard really makes the character. Would Santa be so jolly without his white-as-snow whiskers? Would Mr. T be so intimidating without his full goatee and sideburns? And can you even imagine Jack Sparrow at ALL without picturing him twirling his facial hair as he stumbled about? No. We love thinking about Halloween costumes for dudes with beards, and, frankly, we can’t get enough of it. Here is our list of the characters with the most iconic beards EVER. We’ve selected only fictional bearded characters (sorry Abe Lincoln and Bob Ross), and this list is in no particular order.


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Skeleton Face Makeup Tutorial

by |October 17, 2018
Categories: Makeup Tutorials

Skeleton Face Makeup Tutorial

We feel like skeletons are in the big ten for classic Halloween costumes. You know the group: witch, ghost, vampire, etc. Skeletons are just so iconic for the holiday, but there are a ton of different ways you can go with the look. Day of the Dead, minimal, super realistic, we’re even sure there are a few jaunty skeletons out there to dress as! However, our current favorite is a mix of casual, realistic, and just a teensy bit scary. Heading to a party where you don’t wanna go full out literal costume, but you still want to make sure everyone knows you love Halloween? This look is for you!


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