Costume Ideas for Groups of Five

by |August 8, 2019
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Costume Ideas for Groups of 5

A lot of the best things in life come in groups of five, and they can give you some great costume ideas! The Jackson 5, for example, had five members. (Ben Folds Five didn’t, but they were still good.) Other notables: the high-five, five senses, the number of piano concertos by Beethoven, the five-second rule, and the movie The Fifth Element. Another great thing that can come in a group of five? Halloween costumes! Here are some Halloween costume theme ideas for groups of 5.


Game of Thrones Costumes

Game of Thrones Group of 5 Costumes

Jon SnowDaenerysWildling CostumeAriaCersei

Who will sit on the Iron Throne in your group of five? Will it play out like the TV series or will you make it the ending you wanted? No matter which house you’re rooting for, you’ll be able to find a character to represent. Get your Game of Thrones group costumes right here at!


Harry Potter Costumes

Harry Potter family costumes

HermioneDumbledoreHarry PotterProfessor McGonagallDobby

Your letter to Hogwarts has finally arrived! Grab your best pals and make the famous trio—Harry, Ron, and Hermione—and then throw in a couple of other characters to fill out your Harry Potter group of five costumes. From Harry to He Who Must Not Be Named, you’ll have endless choices of which group you want to be.


Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars Group of 5 Family Costume

ReyHan SoloBB-8 CostumeLeiaKylo Ren

Star Wars is one of those group costumes that will never grow old. So many movies and characters to choose from. So whether you’re an old Star Wars fan or a new one, from Leia and Han to the newer Rey and Kylo Ren it will be easy to find Star Wars costumes that everyone can enjoy.


Superhero Costumes

Superhero Group Costumes

Wonder WomenCaptain AmericaCaptain MarvelBatmanSpider-Man
Black PantherStar-LordThorIron ManDeadpool

A superhero theme can fit any type of group. Depending on what look you’re going for, your group of five can be sexy or strong, crime-fighting or trouble-causing. Whatever you pick, your group will be memorable. Go out with a group of all your guy buddies or make a ladies' night. All these costumes look great together, so any combination will work.


The Incredibles Costumes

The Incredibles family costumes

Mr. IncredibleVioletJack JackDashMrs. Incredible

Don't forget about the Disney superheroes, The Incredibles! The Incredibles are superb for a family of five! Five characters, five costumes. What could be easier? Your family will be super this Halloween, superhuman that is.


Stranger Things Costumes

Stranger Things group costume

Eleven for KidsDemogorgonJim HopperEleven for AdultsSteve

With Stranger Things being so successful, you can always find a group of 5 who wants to relive every season. Especially that first season…after all, Barb was the best character, right? Make it an Upside Down World themed party even!


Pokemon Costumes

Pokemon group costume


Pokémon first came out in 1998 and has impacted both adults and kids alike. Relive your childhood and dress your family up as your favorite Pokémon characters in these nostalgic Pokémon costumes. Your kids will love shooting hyper beams or shocking their friends with a thunderbolt, okay maybe not really but they'll have fun pretending to.


Pop Star Costumes

Pop Star group of 5 costumes

MadonnaLady GagaCyndi LauperSalt n PepaBritney Spears

What better way to stay in a fun character this Halloween than to dress as five fabulous pop stars? For this group costume, you should probably choose a party with karaoke. There are tons of different looks and music divas to choose from, from 80s singers like Madonna to sexy pop stars like Lady Gaga, so everyone in your group of five can get their way. Don’t forget a mic!


Scooby-Doo Costumes

Scooby-Doo Group Costumes


Grown-ups have permission to like cartoons, too. Really. If you’re a quintet of animation-loving adults, you might want to consider celebrating the holiday as the characters from Scooby-Doo. Dressed as Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma, your group of five will be ready to solve any mystery or at least cause some hijinks. This is also a fun dress-up idea for work because you will be instantly recognizable. Plus you’ll be super comfortable since you won't have to worry about wearing wings, other back accessories, a hat or a mask all day! Check out our Scooby-Doo costumes online, but you'll have to supply your own Scooby Snacks at home.


Scary Movie Costumes

Scary group costumes

ValekMiss KruegerChuckyPennywiseJason

In horror films, there is usually just one bad guy. If you grab five friends and goes as notorious movie baddies, there will be safety in numbers. Well, maybe not for other party-goers! You can be terrifying but still sexy, if your group goes as these sexy villains. Wanna play? Then go ahead and find more scary costumes and props.


Forest Animal Costumes

Animal Group of 5 Costumes


Feel like going as animals with your group of five this year, but still want to be original? You don’t have to go as the regular old cat or bunny! Try some of these cute critters. This Halloween will be the first time you'll hear, "Aww! Look at that handsome skunk!" Don’t forget to include your best friend to act as the rascally squirrel.


Safari Animal Costumes

Safari Animal Family Costumes


Another animal theme you can go with is safari animals. Image all the combinations you could create. Lions, tigers, leopards, giraffes…the list goes on! Who doesn’t want an ostrich as their dad? If you are feeling funny, you could even throw in a safari hunter.


The Wizard of Oz Costumes

Wizard of Oz Group Costumes

 ScarecrowTin ManDorothyLionBrick Road

Did you think the characters from Wizard of Oz were just for a group of four people? Think again! You can all be good guys in this group costume for five party-goers—just add the Yellow Brick Road! It's the most influential role in the whole group: if you’re bored at one bar, you can head to the door and they’ll all have to follow you out!


Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice in Wonderland family costumes

Mad HatterQueen of HeartsKing of HeartsAliceCheshire Cat

Off with their heads! Pick out five awesome Alice in Wonderland characters for Halloween this year. Every person (or creature!) in this classic story has such a distinct and fun personality – you’ll all have a blast! Want a fun alternative to a traditional Halloween party? Croquet!


The Flintstones Costumes

Flinestones group costume for 5


This Halloween, travel back in time to the era of dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, and cavemen. If your group of five is really into The Flintstones, it would be perfect for a theme party. These are some easy character costume ideas that are instantly recognizable and comfortable! Serve up some Brontosaurus burgers, or if you’re feeling a little less-than-ambitious, some Fruity Pebbles. Either way, just have fun. Yabba Dabba Doo!


Care Bears Costumes

Care Bear group costume idea

TenderheartFunshineGrumpyCheerGood Luck

Care Bears is a classic TV show with an endless number of characters to choose from, so it’s perfect for any large group costume! These costumes will keep you warm and cozy at any event. Watch out for Bed Time Bear, so he doesn’t get too comfy and fall asleep!


Super Mario Costumes

Super Mario group costume idea

MarioPrincess PeachMario & YoshiLuigiBowser

Be the talk of the Mushroom Kingdom with your Mario-themed group of five Halloween costumes. Reminisce about your favorite go-kart track (definitely not Rainbow Road) or act out your favorite Mario Party game! Everyone loves a good retro Nintendo game, so odds are, you’ll be the talk of the party in these Nintendo costumes!


Smurfs Costumes

Smurf family costume idea

Papa SmurfToddler SmurfSmurfetteToddler SmurfetteSmurf

Get ready to have the best smurfing costume this year! You and your four other Smurfs will look great all in blue. Dad will make the perfect Papa Smurf, have any girls be Smurfettes, and the rest of you can smurf the night away as the rest of the Smurf gang!


Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaur family costume

T-RexDilophosaurusTriceratopsGirls T-RexRaptor

For those areas where it’s colder, try dinosaur costumes! These full-body suit costumes will keep you nice and toasty. Not meteor toasty but you get the picture. You can all go as the big bad T-Rex or everyone can pick a different dinosaur.


Toy Story Costumes

Family Toy Story Costumes

RexBo PeepBuzz LightyearJessieWoody

Howdy, howdy, howdy! Celebrate this year’s Halloween by dressing as characters from Pixar’s first feature film. Toy Story has always been a classic, but thanks to the release of the fourth movie in the trilogy, there has been plenty of renewed interest. Pick your favorite character or your most-loved toy. Either way, your group of five will be very popular to infinity and beyond!


Candy Costumes

Candy group costume idea740

Gumball MachineHershey’s BarJolly RancherFun DipReese’s Cup

Trick-or-treat! Indulge your sweet tooth at your party this year. Don’t just eat the candy, live it! Celebrate your favorite part of Halloween by letting everyone know which treat you prefer with a candy costume. Have fun, but don’t eat too much or you’ll end up with a tummy ache!


80s Diva Costumes

80s Diva group of 5 costume

FlashdanceValley GirlMichael JacksonVirgin PopstarSpace Superstar

Don the 80s pop diva costume and gather four friends to be your clamoring, adoring fans. Strike your fiercest synth-pop pose and hit those high notes as the queen of the 80s, then watch the crowd go wild! The biggest challenge of this group of five 80s costume is choosing who gets to be the pop star and who has to be the fans.


Roman and Greek Costumes

Roman and Greek group of 5 costumes

CenturionMen’s TogaCaesarOlympian WarriorRoman Gladiator

Whether you go all out with the centurion or gladiator costume, or keep it low-key with the Caesar or men’s toga, you and your friends will be a hit at the next party with a classic Roman and Greek group of five costume. Caesar can rule justly or with an iron fist—with his centurion enforcer by his side—while the toga-clad man commands the Olympian warrior to fight. The possibilities for stories are endless with this group of five costume idea.


Roman and Greek God Costumes

Roman and Greek Gods group costume

King NeptuneMedusaZeusMinotaurusGoddess

Dominate the Earthly realm with this idea for a group of five costume for you and your friends. Gather up your friends and dress up as Medusa, a Minotaur, classic Goddess, Neptune or Zeus. Combined, you will form an Avengers-style team of some of the greatest Roman and Greek gods. Throw lightning bolts at the humans or bless them with a bountiful harvest when you dress up with friends as your favorite Roman or Greek god.


Classic Horror Monster Costumes

Horror movie group costume

Headless HorsemanChuckyWerewolfMichael MyersPennywise

Today’s masked monsters are cool and all, but they’ve got nothing on the classic monsters from horror’s past. Gather up your friends and enter the party as the coolest classic monsters like the headless horseman, werewolf, Chucky, Pennywise and Michael Myers with this terrifying group of five costume. Show these rookie monsters who came first with this group of five classic horror monster set.


Prehistoric Costumes

Caveman family group costume

CavewomanChild Cave GirlCavemanToddler CavemanWoolly Mammoth

 Practice your best swing with a wooden club and become the party’s first family of prehistory. This group of five costume features a caveman, cavewoman, toddler, child, and even a woolly mammoth to chase around the punch bowl! Grunt and growl your way through the party this Halloween with a fun prehistoric family group of five costume.


Sesame Street Costumes

Seasame Street group costume

BertCookie MonsterElmoBig BirdOscar

Sesame Street first aired back in 1969, so it is safe to say that many people grew up watching the show. The fact that the show appeals to adults and kids alike makes this a perfect idea for a Halloween costume for a family of five. Moms, dads and kids can pick from all the classic characters to choose their favorite for Halloween night.


Still need more inspiration? Our group costumes section has many different categories to look through to help you make your final decision!

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