Flatter Your Figure: Plus Size Pirate Costumes

by |August 27, 2014

Full-Figure Pirate Costume Tips and Tricks to Dress for Your Body Shape


Plus Size Wicked Wench Pirate

Pirate Costume for a Column Body Shape

Why this works for a column body shape:

1. Soft feminine fabrics drape and gather at the bust to create gentle curves

2. A detailed corset nips in the waist and plays up a long torso

3. A bright sash adds volume to hips for graceful curves

4. An asymmetrical hemline and flowy fabric highlight lean legs  

5. High heeled boots draw more attention to shapely legs and add a sexy allure 


Plus Size Sexy Vixen Pirate

Pirate Costume for an Apple Shape Body

Why this works for an apple body shape:

  1. Play up the decolletage with off-the-shoulder sleeves

  2. A black corset creates a defined waistline and breaks up the fullest part of the body   

  3. Add a matching petticoat for added soft volume at the hips

  4. Play up lean legs with sexy, thigh high stockings with alluring lace trim

  5. Chunky high heeled mary janes help to ground your lean legs while elongating them


Plus Size Sexy Wench Pirate

   Pirate Costume for an Hourglass Body Shape

Why this works for an hourglass body shape:

  1. Ruffled sleeves and a patterned corset are fun details that add texture without creating bulk 

  2. A structured corset shows  off a trim waist

  3. Vertical lines smooth over hips and bottom, creating a long soft shape

  4. This ruffled hem mirrors the ruffles on the sleeves and highlights well-proportioned curves

  5. Use knee-high boots with clean lines to not distract from the details of this costume, and to elongate your legs

Plus Size Sexy Captain Swashbuckler 

 Pirate Costume for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Why this works for an inverted triangle body shape:  

  1. Ruffled sleeves add a touch of softness to a dark, structured jacket 

  2. Details at the trim waist draw attention away from broad shoulders   

  3. Use a petticoat under light colored, flowy fabric for added volume at the hips

  4. Highlight great gams with fun stockings like this fence net pair

  5. Use black boots with sassy details to ground your lower half


Plus Size Female Pirate Costume

Pirate Costume for a Pear Body Shape

Why this works for a pear body shape:  

  1. Light colors on top with loose, sheer sleeves balance fuller lower half  

  2.  Bright details like this sash and ribbon accentuate a long lean torso and slim waist

  3. Dark flowy fabric glides gently over problem areas

  4. Use hems that fall at the thinnest part of the leg, usually just below the knee

  5. Dark knee-high boots create a long monochromatic look that slenderizes legs 

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