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by |December 7, 2018
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Halloween Costumes for Infants Guide

It's nearly undeniable that babies make everything cute. An adult burping...disgusting, but a baby burping, that's adorable! As adults, we love to make our babies (and others' babies) even cuter by dressing them up in trendy outfits and precious costumes. From the delightful Disney baby costumes to the classic storybook character costumes, there are countless ways to dress up your little one, year-round. Fun fact: all the costumes you see in this guide are exclusive to Keep scrolling to check out this guide featuring our infant exclusive costumes, broken down by age and get shopping for your mini-me's next charming outfit.

Newborn Costumes

Halloween Costumes for Newborns

Maggie SimpsonTiny TriceratopsKansas Girl

Newborns, arguably the cutest of all the stages of "baby-life." These little ones have just entered the world and are putting anything and everything into their mouth. No matter which costume you pick out, they're probably going to have a pacifier in their mouth. Though, no costume is more fitting for this than the Maggie Simpson costume. If you don't already have a red pacifier, you can add to their collection! If you're looking specifically for a baby girl Halloween costume, dress her up in the Kansas Girl. After all, you both know there's no place like home! Moving toward non-human costumes, you can never go wrong with a Kangaroo costume. Think of all the fun you can have with your kid, hopping them around the house. If you're looking for a silly/adorable costume, the tiny triceratops should do the trick. Fresh out of its egg, this tiny triceratops costume is sure to be a hit.

3-Month-Old Costumes

Exclusive Infant Halloween Costumes for 3-month-olds

Lil' HatterInfant AliceLovable KittenBaby Mouse

Who doesn't love Disney? It's hard not to when their movies are packed with dazzling animation and backed by a bright and colorful soundtrack. Take your baby down the rabbit hole with the Alice in Wonderland dress. Have two kids? Possibly twins? Make it a family theme by dressing one in the Lil' Hatter costume and the other in the Alice in Wonderland costume. You and your partner can argue over who will be the White Rabbit and who will be the Chesire Cat. Another adorable pairing you could do is the kitten and mouse duo. Who said cats and mice have to be enemies? Go against the grain and make a statement with this precious combo. Only have one child? These costumes still work great as standalone costumes.

6-Month-Old Costumes

Exclusive Infant Halloween Costumes for 6-month-old

Disco BallDeluxe DobbyDeluxe Red Riding HoodInfant Wolf

Get the party started with the Disco Ball costume (spotlight not included). Grab a Bluetooth speaker and attach it to your kid underneath their costume and blast some tunes. Whether you're trick-or-treating or having a dress-up party, this costume is a fun one and is sure to bring out the boogie year-round. Harry Potter has been and continues to be a trend when it comes to Halloween costumes for babies. Dress your baby up in something other than a witch or wizard with the Dobby costume. Make the costume complete by giving them a sock to hold. "Dobby is FREE!" If you have two children, make it a cute, storybook themed pairing with the Red Riding Hood costume and the infant wolf costume. Brownie points if you get an "old lady wig" and some glasses for the big, bad wolf.

12-Month-Old Costumes

Exclusive Infant Costumes for 12-Month-Old

Strawberry BubbleToddler Oompa LoompaGrease T-Birds JacketToddler Gray Suit

We've got the perfect costumes for the sweet tooths in your family. Whether they love the taste of fresh strawberries or creamy milk chocolate, we have costumes to match whatever cravings they have. Though you can put them in costumes that match their tastes, this is also an age where you can put them in whatever you want without getting talked back to. Are you and your partner doing a Grease theme? Though they may have no idea who Sandy or Danny are, you can still dress em up as one of the iconic T-Birds (we also have the Pink Lady costume, see below). Austin Powers fan? The mini-me costume works out perfectly and will usually bring you and your little one some solid laughter.

18-Month-Old Costumes

Exclusive Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Official GarfieldRingmasterPink Ladies JacketR2-D2

Kicking off our toddlers' Halloween costumes is Garfield. The lazy, goofy, lasagna-loving cat is a hilarious go-to for parents, and we're sure your friends and family will get a kick out of seeing your child dressed up for social media. Another popular character to dress your toddler up in is P.T. Barnum from this year's massive hit, The Greatest Showman. Keeping to the classics, we also have the iconic Pink Ladies jacket from the 70s classic, Grease, along with the beloved R2-D2 from (do we even have to say it?) the Star Wars film series.

So what are you and your family going to dress up as? Are you going to keep your costumes to a theme or go off the rails and each do your own thing? Whatever you decide, we want to see! Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@funcostumes), we just might repost it! If you'd like to shop our entire selection of exclusive infant Halloween costumes. In the meantime, happy dressing up, we hope you and your family have a fa-boo-lous time.

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