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Life’s no fun without a good scare. And our selection of Sally costumes perfectly balances good with scary! Based on Halloween Town’s sweetest resident, these Nightmare Before Christmas Sally costumes will inspire frighteningly fun Halloween group costume ideas! Get your little monster dressed in a kid’s Sally costume to match your Jack Skellington. Or spice up your women’s Sally costume with Sally accessories fit for any patchwork ensemble!
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Sexy Sally Costume
Womens Prestige Sally Costume Main UPD
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Adult Deluxe Sally Costume
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Adult Sally Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Sally Costume
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Kid's Deluxe Sally Costume
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Tween Sally Costume
Sally Glam Costume
Girls Sally Costume
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Teen Sally Costume
Sally Deluxe Child
Loungefly Sally Heart Mini Backpack
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Zero Costume Companion
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Adult Black Combat Boots
Ceramic Deadly Night Shade Cookie Jar
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Womens Black Lace Knee High Boots
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Sally Child Wig

Girls Sally Wig

Sally Funko Half Mask
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Kids Stitched Tights
Goth Mary Jane Shoes
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Kids Nude Tights UPD
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Red Lipstick
Fail Stitches Applique
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Fever Khloe Neon Red Wig Update 1
Nude Sheer with Backseam
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Black Eyelashes

Black Eyelashes


When Tim Burton wrote the poem that would inspire his stop-motion classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sally wasn’t even a whisper. Zero floated through the sing-song lines and Jack Skellington, of course, shone bright. But Dr. Finklestein’s patchwork doll didn’t join the mischief and mayhem of Halloween Town until the movie came to life in 1993.

With Jack Skellington getting into spooky Santa Claus shenanigans and Sally singing her support from their Halloween home, the eerie animated film took on an extra bit of heart that fan’s loved! It was clear, Nightmare Before Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the macabre pair—Jack and Sally were simply meant to be!

Whether you’re putting together a Halloween Town couple’s costume, group look, or solo sensation, our selection of Nightmare Before Christmas Sally costumes will have you singing a happy pumpkin song!

Boys and girls of every age love seeing something strange. Introduce the hair-raising fun of your favorite holiday animation to your tiny tot, trick-or-treater, or teen when you bring home a child’s Sally costume. With options for lumplings as young as 12 months, no little banshee is left out of the Halloween fun.

Enjoy a bit of dreadful doll glam with Sally costume apparel that’s ready for trips to the grocery store, office, or haunted boneyard. Pair with an available red wig to create a simple Sally outfit that easily hops between casual Friday and costume party.

Grab a Sally costume for adults and join your partner, dressed as Jack, for an iconic couple’s Halloween costume. Or dress your mini-me in a Sally costume of their own and grab that Skeleton Jack ensemble for yourself—and little parent-child pairing that’s perfect for a family-friendly Halloween!

Staying in for Halloween while the rest of the family trick-or-treats? Settling in for another watch of The Nightmare Before Christmas while the roommates are out? Grab Sally decorations to keep yourself company! With our available Sally hanging decoration waiting at the door, your Jack costume has it’s match when greeting trick-or-treaters at the door. And our light up Sally pumpkin adds a playful glow to your interior décor that’s perfect for cozy autumn or winter nights!

What’s this? Not finding what you need to make your Sally costume dreams a reality? Explore our wide selection of costume makeup to discover the palest tones, deepest blacks, tools, and special effects to really capture Sally’s mysterious beauty. Comb through our collection of costume wigs for the rag-doll option that fits your vision better. And check back here to see what bits, bobs, and full ensembles we’ve added since your last visit! How To

Sally Halloween Costumes

Embrace the whimsy of Halloween Town in a Sally Halloween Costume! Become the enchanting rag doll from The Nightmare Before Christmas and dance under the moon with Jack Skellington. This ensemble captures Sally's patchwork charm, and when paired with other Nightmare Before Christmas costumes, you're set for a spooktacular evening. From Hallow's Eve ballads to candy-filled escapades, let Sally's spirit guide your festive frolics. Fun awaits with a Sally Halloween Costume!

Sally Costumes for Adults

Adult Sally Costumes

Step into Halloween Town's quirky style with a Sally Costume for Adults! Channel Jack Skellington's sweet and stitch-tastic love interest with ease. This colorful ensemble captures Sally's iconic patchwork design and is the ticket to a night of spooky fun. Whether you're out on the town or sharing some frightful tales, this adult costume ensures you're Halloween-ready. After all, who doesn't want a dash of Nightmare Before Christmas charm in their festive celebrations?

Sally Costumes for Kids

Sally Costume Kids

Whisk your little one into the whimsical world of Halloween Town with a Sally Costume for Kids! Watch while every stitch and patch captures the enchanting essence of Jack's endearing counterpart. It's the ideal outfit for any fan ready to embrace Sally's vibrant patchwork style. As they step into the Halloween scene, they'll feel as if they've stepped straight out of The Nightmare Before Christmas! Have your child dive into festive fun with this standout kid's costume.

Plus Size Sally Costumes

Channel the enchanting vibes of Halloween Town in this Plus Size Sally Costume. Celebrate in style with patchy patterns echoing Sally's iconic dress for the classic film. It's time to dance under the moonlight, share some frog's breath soup, or simply be the showstopper at any spooky soirée. Because everyone deserves a dash of Nightmare Before Christmas magic, our plus-size costumes bring Sally's world right to your wardrobe. Here's to unforgettable Halloween moments!

Baby Sally Costumes

Introduce the tiniest member of your family to the magical world of Halloween Town with this Baby Sally Costume. Colorful, cozy, and utterly adorable, this outfit mirrors Sally's signature patchwork look. Whether it's for Halloween festivities or just a playful day around the house, this addition to baby costumes is sure to make your little one the star of any show! Dive into a world of fun where the charm of The Nightmare Before Christmas meets baby-sized enchantment!

Sally Costume Accessories

Halloween and Christmas might seem worlds apart, but they collide in the quirkiest ways in Halloween Town! Dive into the blend of festive cheer and spooky vibes with our Sally Costume Accessories. Inspired by Sally herself, these accessories work wonders for your ensemble. And guess what? These holiday accessories aren't just for dressing up—they can even be used as trippy Halloween decor. So, whether you're decking or haunting the halls, our girl Sally's got you covered.

Sally Wigs

Sally Wig

Ready to top off your new Sally look? Dive into the magical realm of Halloween Town with this stunning Sally Wig. Its drab red hues capture the essence of our favorite patchwork damsel, making it an essential addition to any Sally-inspired ensemble. No more searching through piles of red wigs—this one's got the whimsy and fun that true Nightmare Before Christmas fans crave. Throw it on, get this ghostly party started, and stick it to Dr. F and Oogie-Boogie in style!

Sally Masks

Sally Mask

Enter Halloween Town's limelight with this Sally Mask! Direct from the iconic scenes of The Nightmare Before Christmas, this mask captures Sally's dreamy and mischievous expression. Stitched details and a soft touch make it not just another one in the pile of costume masks. Slide it on and let the moonlit adventures begin. Whether planning a haunting duet with Jack or a solo spell, this Sally Mask is your ticket to becoming Halloween Town's lovely star seamstress. Monster