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Moonlight Long Curly Wig With Optional Pony Tail Clips

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Moonlight Long Curly Wig With Optional Pony Tail Clips
Moonlight Long Curly Wig With Optional Pony Tail Clips
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Product Information

Items Included
  • Wig
  • 2 Pony Tails on Plastic Claw Clips

You know that feeling that hits you when you are laying out and a perfect beam of fresh sunlight falls onto your head, warming you up and just filling you with the bright energy of daytime?  Well, if you stick in that sunlight long enough, more than just your mood can brighten.  That mop of hair on your head can even lighten and get sun-bleached!  Now, we’re not saying it will happen, but we’ve run into a few folks here in the office that showed up with some pretty wicked flaming red and yellow hair and they swear it came from the sunlight itself.  That got us to thinking…

What about moonlight!?  Well, we put our top arcanists to work and, lo and behold, this fantastic Moonlight Long Curly Wig (with Optional Pony Tail Clips) came into being.  This wig is made of lovely synthetic hair and features varied cool colors from blue to green to violet and would be perfect for any mysterious creature that lives in the gleaming light of the night, whether you’re a fairy, mermaid, unicorn, or just a person with amazing style!  And style is the key word, here, as you can choose if you want a pony tail, pig tails, or just go with the lovely standard look on its own.  Either way, this is going to look literally magical.

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