How to Create an Elegant Gothic Halloween Tablescape

by |August 11, 2014
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Gothic Halloween Table Setting

Orange and black are great, but sometimes you want something a little spicier for a Halloween decor theme! Red, silver, and black, offer just the right amount of "different," while still instantly providing a spooky tone for any Halloween get-together. Throw in some crows and bats and spiders (-- oh, my!) And you will have the perfect, classic, elegent, gothic tablescape. Let the photo inspiration begin!


How to Create a Gothic Halloween Table Setting


DIY Gothic Table Setting with Glitter Props


Step 1. Cover the Table

Halloween Gothic Table Cloth
Black Spiderweb Table Cloth          Vampire Cane


  • Start with a red table linen (fabric or plastic both work well), then cover it with the Black Spider Web Table Cloth. This allows the red to show through underneath, and sets a rich base for the scene.

  • For the next layer, place the silver spiderweb table runner along the center of the table. The velvety texture contrasts nicely with the sheer lace of the Spiderweb Cloth.


Step 2. Create Some Height

Glitter Crow Halloween Prop

Black Skeleton Crow Prop


  • Using cones and a tiered plate stand, we created several varying heights. We also topped the plate stand with a Glittered Crow, which gave us a few extra inches and added "visual volume." The dense crow body balances out the negative spaces created by the stand.

Glitter Skull Halloween Prop

Witch Hat         LED Tea Lights


  • For the centerpiece we used a black cake stand with a solid red serving platter on top. By topping that with a glitter skull (which we dressed up in a silky witch's hat), we were able to mirror the shapes of the cones, giving our table a more cohesive look. These props also added some visual texture with glitter and lace.

Step 3. Create Some Depth

Candelabra Gothic Table Setting

Skull Candelabra with LED Blood Candles


  • These gothic candelabras are the perfect height, color, and shape, to build visual depth for a gothic tablescape. By placing one on each side of the table we maintained symmetry and added a glowy ambiance to the whole scene.
  • We wanted to break things up a big, so we used square dinner plates to contrast all of the round elements of the tablescape.

Step 4. Arrange the Place Settings

Gothic Halloween Table Vampire Teeth Place Cards

Vampire Fang Necklace


  • Simple silverware and black napkins can easily be dressed up with a rhinestone spider necklace party favor and a fang-tastic place card holder!


Blood Red Velvet Cake Shoot Recipe

Blood Spatter Decal       Vampire Pendant

  • Silver plate chargers break up all the dark tones and bring out the silver details in the runner, the webbing on the witch's hat, and our silver Halloween accessories.


Step 5. Complete the Details

Glitter Skeleton Prop Halloween Gothic Table Setting

Halloween Skeletons and Skulls Decorations


  • Add some whimsy with fun details like this small glitter skeleton. His smile let's us know that he's ready for a good time!


Glitter Spider Halloween Prop

Halloween Spider Decorations


    • Other simple touches like dark bowls filled with bright candies or finger foods will add to the visual balance, and ground the scene by adding some interactive, functional elements.
    • Speaking of functional elements, how about a tasty shot? Here is a recipe for Blood Red Cake Shots:


      Blood Red Cake Shot Recipe

Blood Red Cake Shots are a delicious drink, and of course, they fit in perfectly with our gothic theme!


We hope your home is hauntingly beautiful this Halloween. Are you a fan of the gothic aesthetic? Are you on the hunt for more Halloween decor ideas? Let us know what you'd like to see from us! We also have more resources on our Halloween blog, so you might find other ideas you'd love to try too!

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