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From cute to nightmarish, bring all your scarecrow ideas to life with our scarecrow decoration collection! An inflatable scarecrow waiting in this selection is ready to spook birds and welcome trick-or-treaters. Meanwhile, scarecrow animatronics are sure to create a few shrieks of delight and dismay! So, shop with us and assemble the classic and rustic Halloween scarecrow your outdoor and indoor displays need!
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8FT Animated Giant Pumpkin Scarecrow Decoration
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12 Inch Resin Pumpkin Man Arrow Figure
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Pumpkin Scarecrow Animatronic Decoration
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Swinging Evil Scarecrow Decoration
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Light Up Scarecrow Head
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Scarecrows are not inherently for Halloween. But Halloween scarecrow decorations are a hit nonetheless! We must thank their effectiveness at making the boldest crows warry and Hollywood for that, and also you for loving their spine-chilling (or sometimes adorable) looks!

We're not here just to thank the industry and fans, though. We're here to provide you with some of the most spooktacular scarecrow Halloween decorations around! All you need to do is decide which style of scarecrow works for your display. The following guide will dive into our available selection to answer your need and maybe inspire a few new ideas!

Let's start with the kid-friendly options available in our selection. You may not think cute scarecrow when considering the straw-stuffed dummies for your display, but we're here to champion their inclusion. After all, how do you look a short scarecrow dressed like an itty-bitty witch in the face and tell them, "no thanks!" You can't. They're too charming! And when they can sing and dance too, well, you're through! The kids will love it, and you will too!

But a smiling jack-o-lantern-faced scarecrow sign or scarecrow inflatable (even with a snarl on its face) is equally ready to delight trick-or-treaters and costume party guests alike! We even dare you to give the kiddos and adult pals a thrill with animated scarecrow snack bowls! Akin to the classic animated hand in a bowl, our exclusive scarecrow bowl is sure to cause shrieks turned into giggles on Halloween night!

Now how about that Hollywood horror scarecrow vibe? We promised we could help with the entire scarecrow spectrum, and we weren't joking! So, join us in these figurative corn fields to see what we mean…

Towering 8 feet tall and sculpted with a scowl on its face, one of our top scarecrow contenders is also the top in our large scarecrow decoration selection. The competition has a smile and lights, so not much for inducing nightmares, if that's what you're going for. The addition of animatronics and maybe a fog machine from our other Halloween decoration selections will surely set the haunting scene.

But if you're looking for something a bit less showy for your scarecrow yard decoration, we suggest the always surprising goodie guardian! Whether you choose a seated jack-o-lantern scarecrow that comes to life as trick-or-treaters approach or a ghoulish scarecrow that can hang on the porch, these options look calm enough. The real treat is when they trick visitors into that false sense of safety before shouting "boo!"

Not finding the inspiration you need for your scarecrow décor? Hoping for other scarecrow decorations than what's currently on offer? Never fear! We're continually improving our selections to provide the best Halloween experience. So, check back again for something new. Or explore our other decorations and costumes to invent a scarecrow of your own! Monster