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Witch's Broom

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Witch's Broom
Witch's Broom
Product Information

Items Included
  • 2 piece broom
  • 4 interchangeable colored ribbons
  • Plastic two piece broom
  • Interchangable ribbons tie around broom- orange, green, purple, black
  • Approximately 51" long when assembled

Decisions, decisions. Whether you are one of the Sanderson sisters or just an average witch, a sleek witch's broom is always preferable to riding through the night sky on a Hoover, and this one does it in style. Not only does this broom have a sexy, curvilinear line, but it comes with four choices of ribbons to tie at the base -- orange, purple, green, and black. A witch and her broom should always look their best when scavenging for eye of newt in the forest.

As an added bonus, the length on this model is just right. Shorter brooms never seem to have enough power to get up above the treetops quickly, and longer versions can get unwieldy on long flights. Bumpy rides are never good.

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6 year old daughter loved it
      By Current Customer / November 17, 2018
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Too Big
      By Jessica R. / October 20, 2015
I didn't read the description, I thought this broom would be a lot smaller since it was recommended for a toddler but when i got it in the mail, it is a lot bigger than I expected (for an adult).

Luckily it comes in two pieces, so I can get away with her just using the bottom half of the broom.

But it looks great! The "bristles" are plastic, but look realistic. The bristles bend and are soft, so they won't be breaking off like other broom witches I have bought in the past. and I LOVE that they send you three other colored ribbons to customize to your own costume.
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Coven Countess Equipment
      By Georg Hetzel / February 21, 2020
Matching the Costume
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Five Stars
      By Anonymous / February 11, 2020
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      By Kim / October 22, 2019
I loved getting the broom in to go with my witches costume. It is made of plastic, but I was surprised at how well it was packed, how easy it was to put together and how overall cute it was with my costume!

For a $20 broom, I was pleased with this product. It's a nice budget-friendly way to complete an outfit. I'm 5'7" and it doesnt look too short or disproportionate to me.

The bristles are made of a flexible plastic as well, which was nice because they do keep their shape, but you can also spread them out a bit to make it look more full.

I also loved the interchangeable ribbons that came with it. Such a fun addition to my costume.
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Terrific witch's brooom
      By RobinS / July 30, 2019
Very attractive broom with loads of character! Would be an excellent assessor for a young lady's witch ensemble.
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Poorly Constructed
      By Nicole / November 19, 2018
My nephew was initially excited to receive this product. Upon receiving it, however, all of us were disappointed in its construction. The broom is a 2-piece product, which should screw together. However, the two pieces did not fit together tightly and the broom would not stay together. Luckily, we have some handy people in our house and they were able to get the broom to stay together in time for trick-or-treating. This involved very carefully gluing the pieces together and being very careful not to get glue on the outside of the broom.

This was a little disappointing because the rest of the items we ordered from this site were really great.
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Nice accessory
      By Abby / November 18, 2018
My daughter loved d this witche’s broom. It wasn’t too heavy and the crook at the top was a nice detail. It also came with other ribbon colors so you could change the decoration, but we went with black.
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Five Stars
      By Current Customer / November 17, 2018
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      By Anonymous / October 15, 2016
Just love it. The perfect size for any adult. Very pleased with the quality of the materials used.
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      By / January 10, 2016
The witch broom was nice. I wish it had a strap to attach to the hip of a costume or to the childs hand/arm....we had to leave it behind a few times in the car and the school didn't want it inside because they consider things like this dangerous.
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