Do You Have What it Takes to Be the Hand of the Queen? [Quiz]

Do You Have What it Takes to Be the Hand of the Queen?

Everyone is talking about who will sit on the Iron Throne. But let's get real, the actual powerhouse behind the throne is the Hand. The Hand leads the crown to do what's right (hopefully) and supports them when there are tough decisions to make. The Hand is a confidant, a hypeman, and even a henchman when needed. Through the seasons, we've watched plenty of regents rise and fall, but through it all the Hand remains loyal. Do you have what it takes to win the trust of your respected Queen or King?

Answer these seven questions to find out what your place in the Westeros court will be once the dust settles and we know who sits on the Iron Throne!

Everyone plays the Game of Thrones differently. Some play with pure wit, manipulating others to do their will. Others are less subtle, bursting on to the scene with dragons in tow, ready to create legends right before the gates of the city. But no matter how the game is won, the Iron Throne can't be kept without a reliable Hand. Do you have what it takes to wear that pin of power and honor? Few will get the answer they expect! Just remember to share your post on social media if you get an answer you like. Who knows, some regal power might recruit you for their new campaign!

Theresa Crozier

Theresa Crozier is a copywriter at She writes quizzes and loves to write costume descriptions that cover historical, horror, and fantasy subjects. With a BFA in painting, she dives deep into the design aspect of our Made by Us costumes. Her favorite costumes in previous years have included a DIY Pterodactyl, post-mortem Marie Antionette, Captain Ahab, and pretty much every kind of zombie you can think of.

Theresa spends a lot of her time creeping herself out with horror podcasts and Stephen King audiobooks while painting in her studio. Want to see a few snapshots of her travels, sketches, and dog adventures? Follow her on Instagram @t_toofresh!