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Black Witch Wig

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Black Witch Wig update
Black Witch Wig update
Product Information

Items Included
  • Measures 22'' long.
  • Black Witch Wig
  • Long black synthetic hair falls past shoulders
  • Mesh netting interior

You know how everyone always says “______ is the new black?” You know why they say that? Because black is classic enough, versatile enough, and, well, awesome enough to basically be the benchmark for everything.

So raise the bar for your Halloween look by adding in a little more black. Black, after all, is the color most often associated with secrets, magic, death, and evil. Black is night and bats and caves and cloaks. Whether you plan to be wicked, sexy, or just plain sinister, you'll need a witchy ‘do. You can become an iconic Family member or a broom- and brew-loving sorceress. You have enough to deal with with all that black magic you're mastering--without having to worry about your hair. We guess what we’re trying to say is: this Black Witch Wig is the new,

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Great Price!
     By Amy / October 30, 2013
The wig was just what I needed to complete my witch costume!

It is inexpensive but it doesn't LOOK cheap. Even when pictures were taken of me it didn't have that cheap glossy glare that happens when you buy cheap wigs.

All in all great quality for a wig this inexpensive!
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Half a wig
     By Anonymous / October 22, 2019
I agree with the person that said this wig has hardly any hair in the back! You can see my whole wig cap from the back of my head! The package shouldn’t only show the model wearing it from the front. It should also be viewed from the back. It should at least be mentioned on the packaging. False advertisement I don’t care that it’s only for a costume, My costume isn’t garbage & this wig is & I won’t cheapen my costume by wearing it! Sadly, I didn’t check it when recieved & my return window has exspired. Stuck with this garbage. I Also Don’t appreciate that there’s a return fee. Nerve of the company considering they sell this garbage! Live & learn
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Four Stars
     By Current Customer / November 17, 2018
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Five Stars
     By Current Customer / November 16, 2018
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BUYER BEWARE- Save your money
     By Anita / October 24, 2016
This wig is horrible and because it is a wig it is FINAL SALE. The hair distribution on the wig looks like the picture only because you can't see the back. There is not enough hair to cover the back of the wig cap even if you try to pin back the hair that is distributed to the front. Might work on a child's head. In addition it got tangles within seconds of coming out of the package, it sheds horribly and is already fraying at the part. I wasn't expecting too much from a nine dollar wig but unlike the other reviewers my experience was that this product is completely unusable.
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     By Anita / October 8, 2016
Great Price ! But I thought the whole wig was Long it's just the outer part that is long ? But for ten dollars it will have to do ... I will rewrite the review after I braid the whole wig
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