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Pixar's Toy Story, released in 1995, has captured the hearts of both children and adults. So much, that they decided to create 3 more sequels, most recently Toy Story 4. All the beloved characters are back and ready to go on an adventure. We love Toy Story as much as the next person, so we are bringing all the fun to you! Browse our selection of Toy Story costumes so you can dress up as your favorite characters just like Andy did with Woody!
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Every child thinks that certain favorite toys are really alive and can have adventures. Come on, admit it, you did! But what would you have done if they came to life like Andy's toys in Toy Story? What would your toys have done?

This fun movie series gives hints. They have lives and feelings, friends and foes, and they want you to play with them and have fun. It's a story about toys. It was the first feature-length computer-animated film and considered one of the best ever made. It earned a special Academy Award for its pioneering CGI methods. But at heart, it's a buddy picture about two very different characters who become good friends. Now you can bring these characters to life with our Toy Story costumes! 

Fall with style into infinity and beyond in one of our licensed Toy Story costumes. We carry sizes that range from infant to adult plus, for your favorite characters. Become Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Sarge, Rex, an alien or one of the Potato Heads. Relive your favorite movie scenes as toys who have secret lives when their owner isn't watching. Let your adventure take off, just watch out for little green men! How To

Toy Story Costume Ideas

Shh! Are all the humans leaving? It's essential to stay in our quiet and immobile state so long as they're around. If they knew that we toys could run around, talk, and go on adventures without them, it might be harder for them to come up with their own stories for us. It's our job as toys to give everyone that feeling of tremendous joy and awesome memories. That's how you get their name written in marker on the bottom of your shoes, after all. That's the point of all of this!

Toy Story Costumes

Phew! Looks like we're in the clear. It's time to say hello to the new toy in the toybox and see what kind of adventures you're going to enjoy! Will you be going with Andy on a space adventure or trotting off into the Wild West to stop a dastardly villain from breaking into the stagecoach? Maybe you'll be going into prehistoric times. Heck with the imagination at work, we wouldn't be surprised if you added a cape to your look and became a dinosaur superhero or a crown to go full-on Disney Princess!

No matter what story you and yours want to create, we've got the Toy Story costumes to help you get there. Looking to become your favorite toy or trying to bring some of that joy from the silver screen for your tyke? Maybe the whole family is ready to team up on a fun quest together. Now, all we need to do is decide is what kind of adventure you want to have!

Buzz Lightyear Costumes

If you're looking for some adventures among the stars, there aren't many better options than to go with a famous astronaut—or, more accurately, a Space Ranger! It's even better when you choose one that has the most famous phrase of any toy, anywhere! That's right, you already know your catchphrase: to Infinity and Beyond! But Buzz has a lot more going for him than just the expected responses in that voice box. Listen to the other voice in your head and you might be leaping into the rocket to engage in the star wars against Emperor Zurg. This might be a mission for all the Space Rangers!

Kids' Buzz Lightyear Costume

Kids' Buzz Lightyear Costume

The curious kiddo looks to the stars and wonders what might be up there. Fortunately, Emperor Zurg has been mostly dealt with, so it's all explorative adventures for the time being. Your little Buzz Lightyear is ready to blast off and discover the next great galaxy.

Toddler Buzz Lightyear Costume

Buzz Lightyear Costume for Toddler

When is the right age to begin their training to become a Space Ranger? There are a lot of different thoughts out there, but who knows the proper protocol? We think that getting their wings during the toddler stage is perfect… and a kid's Buzz Lightyear costume is just the way!

Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume

Buzz Lightyear Costume for Adult

Commanding the Space Rangers is a responsibility that only the bravest should ever take up. We think that you've got the gusto to shout out those signature catchphrases and show the team that this mission isn't Buzz-Lightyears away! Team up and it is off to the stars…or the toybox!

Women's Buzz Lightyear Costume Ideas

Women's Buzz Lightyear Costume

What does a Space Ranger wear when they aren't on a mission but still need to show pride in their galactic force? Well, it turns out that the Space Ranger's armored uniform has a casual version, too. Try out a Buzz Lightyear costume t-shirt and feel courageous and comfortable.

Woody Costumes

Is the Wild West more your style? Who can deny the fun of exploring the vast unknown and dressing in a Woody outfit? When you're a cowpoke, every day is an adventure. There are bandits on the roads, always on the look for a coach to rob or a train to take over. There are apparently a dozen or more mustached villains tying up innocent people to tracks… and somebody needs to listen to their evil monologue. (Talk about a dramatic story!) Well, get those toy six-shooters ready and step up because this story needs a Sheriff…and nobody is better for that job than Woody and the Roundup Gang.

Baby Woody Costume

Baby Woody Costume

Imagine if your little tot had a pull-string that would jumpstart their talking. That might be fun but also quite the surprising trick—especially if they start talking about snakes in their booties. Maybe start with a Woody baby Toy Story costume and work up to the talking cowbaby prank!

Woody Toy Story Costume

Woody Toy Story Costume

Has your kiddo ever asked you for a pet? Wanted a doggie, especially? Well, you can help turn those requests into a catchphrase with a toddler Woody costume. "Get along, little doggie" is great cowboy lingo! Or you can give your dog a horse pet costume for a truly adorable pair. We have boys Woody costumes and maybe enlist one of their pals for a western duo of a Woody and Jesse Costume!

Adult Woody Costume

Woody Costume for Adult

There are a lot of heroes out there that manage to draw all the attention. A certain Space Ranger does that on occasion, too. Remind the world that our original heroes were the frontier folk that explored the Wild West with one of our Toy Story adult costumes like Woody!

Women's Woody Costume Ideas

Woody Halloween Costume

Westerns always show our heroes riding off into the sunset, showing up for a gunfight at high noon, and waking up at the crack of dawn to mosey on their adventure. That's a lot of sun! Since it gets pretty darned hot out there, keep your western look and look cool with a Woody t-shirt!

Jessie Toy Story Costumes

One of the best ways to make sure a story goes well is to introduce a character with one heck of a background. Here, we've got a cowpoke that's even more skilled with a rope than Woody could hope to be... and she is a chief member of the gang, too! So long as we're not dealing with any enclosed spaces, Jessie is the bravest toy that anyone could hope to have. (Just ask Buzz what he thinks about the new toy in the department!) Jessie is the character who is ready to stand up and take charge when the other toys' stuffing is about to burst. We couldn't ask for better support!

Adult Jessie Costume

Adult Jessie Costume

So long as she's not stuck in a box, Jessie is a seriously confident gal. So, when you climb into a Jessie Toy Story Halloween costume, that confidence follows! If you pair up with Buzz Lightyear, you know that there's going to be an instant attraction. Just remind him who's in charge!

Jessie Halloween Costume

Jessie Halloween Costume

Your little cowpoke is certain to have a good dose of cheer and sass. That's exactly what makes Jessie deserving of that Sheriff badge. All the toys are looking for someone that is fun but also just a bit brash. We suspect your tyke is more than up to the task and this Jessie costume can help.

Little Bo Peep Costumes

Now, Bo Peep is a toy of many roles. When we first saw her, she seemed to be dainty type, willing to play the part of the naïve girl who needed saving. But when we get her in a moment alone with Woody, we see that she's quite confident! She didn't have much to do in the middle movies because Pixar was worried that she'd get busted up in all the action. But boy did she show everyone when she showed off her ninja-like skills later on! To go from a lamp decoration to a literal superhero? Well, that's a story that shocked even us! If you're looking for a versatile character, Bo Peep is your gal!

Adult Bo Peep Costume

Adult Bo Peep Costume

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep and can't tell where to find them…. Of course, with a look from a storybook, those sheep will be running to find ya! That's how the old song will go once you show off your stunning Toy Story Bo Peep costume! All you need to decide is "cape or skirt."

Kids' Bo Peep Costume

Little Bo Peep Costume

Powerful, smart, capable, and willing to put herself on the line to help other lost toys. Do we need more ways to demonstrate that Bo Peep is the next superhero of Pixar and Disney fame? The verdict is clearly in! Better yet, we think your tyke is going to go far in a Bo Peep cape, too!

Toy Story Halloween Costumes

It should be pretty obvious that we love all the main characters of Toy Story, but it's the collection of the whole gang that makes the series for us. We're pretty sure that you feel the same way. So, if you're trying to put together a group of Toy Story family costumes, you can't go wrong with some of these Toy Story characters. Costumes range from the historic looks of our toy history to the brand new and craft-class created creatures like Forky! This is one of the only places that you'll find dinosaurs able to hang out with Green Army Men and even a Toy Story Slinky Dog costume to complete the team!

Forky Costume

Forky Costume

The toybox team seemed to be complete but Toy Story 4 showed us that the only thing to do when you don't have your toys is to create one all your own. Forky showed up and took us all by storm. No wonder we all wanted to bring one home…and now's your chance with Kiddo Forky in a Forky costume!

Toy Story Alien Costume

Toy Story Alien Costume

Getting your infant to join in with great movie quotes might take a little longer than you like. Fortunately, there's one Toy Story character whose lines are compelling and easy to say! Dress your tyke in an Alien costume and know the wonder of "Oooooh!" Mastered it already, right?!

Mr. Potato Head Costume

Mr. Potato Head Costume

When your kiddo has the option of picking between two characters thanks to their Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costume, which will they choose? Or put them through Sid's experiments by getting a pair of them, then mix and match the parts! Four-eyed Potato? Frankenstein's Potato Monster?!

Toy Story Rex Costume

Toy Story Rex Costume

The only story that we still need is the one where Rex finally reaches actual dinosaur size. We know that he's got a pretty mighty roar hiding somewhere inside him. So just imagine the joy that'll come when your kiddo climbs into a Rex costume and shows off that stomping strength.

Toy Story Couple Costumes

Every scene of Toy Story is inspiration for a buddy movie, which means it’s also a natural choice for any Toy Story couples costume ideas! There are scenes for just about any pairing of characters so you can feel pretty secure in choosing any combination you like. Whether Made By Us or matches made in heaven, some character costumes just go together perfectly! The key to making your couples design go smoothly is to remember a few of your key moments of dialogue. The funny ones are totally the way to go. (Even the tender romances are made better with smiles!)

Woody and Jessie Costumes

Woody and Jessie Costumes

Some are definitely on board with Woody and Jessie being a thing. Now, maybe in the past there might have been something of a romantic relationship but the idea of a pair of cowpokes taking care of the Wild West makes for a great buddy story, too! Choose your tale with this pair.

Woody and Bo Peep Costume

Woody and Bo Peep Costumes

It is pretty clear that Woody was Bo Peep's beau straight from the very first Toy Story movie. Imagining the long-distance relationship of a pair of toys is quite the plot. We're glad that these two toys got reunited and think it's time for a night on the town for just the two of 'em!

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes

Fancy new toys might be shiny, but they have no idea how to make a relationship work. It takes time and history together. That's why Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head won the trophy for the most stable couple! (Plus, how many couples can trade pieces back and forth as easy as a comfy sweater?!)

Buzz and Alien Costumes

Toy Story Adult Costumes

Until the Roundup Gang got back together, honestly, not many of the toys made a whole lot of thematic sense together. That's true except for the instant chemistry between Buzz Lightyear and everyone's favorite Aliens. Now, these two together are just blowing up on social media!

How to Talk Like Toy Story Characters

Toy Story Quotes

"Reach for the sky!" - Woody

"I am MRS. NESBITT!" - Buzz

"Yodel-ey-ee-hoo!" - Jessie

"The Claaaaaawwww." - Aliens

"He despertado de hiper-sueño en un planeta extraño." - Spanish Buzz Monster