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Your knight costume would look silly with a toy gun. That ninja wouldn’t look quite right either. Can you even imagine a Viking with something other than a massive sword? That might be pretty neat, actually. But here we have all the toy swords to complete your costume! From a costume sword perfect for taking down White Walkers to your gleaming standard battle sword, we have what your Halloween costume needs!
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Mulan Sword

When in doubt, bring a sword. Swords have been protecting us, serving us, and making us look cool for thousands of years. Of course, these here aren't real swords, but they look great and will make your costume stand out as being more authentic and interesting, because if you're a ninja you've got to have a weapon, or a knight, or any number of characters from movies who just wouldn't be the same without one. So, don't just go in your costume and not accessorize... add a toy sword! How To

Costume and Prop Swords

Step into the realm of imagination with our Costume and Prop Swords. These swords are not just replicas; they're your ticket to embodying your favorite characters from history, movies, and television shows. Crafted with attention to detail, they're perfect for cosplay, theater, or as a standout piece in your collection. Our range includes swords inspired by Game of Thrones, where each blade tells a story of power and adventure.

For fans of the Renaissance era, our replicas bring a touch of historical authenticity to your costumes. These swords, while decorative, are designed with quality in mind, ensuring they look and feel as realistic as possible. Whether you're attending a fair, a cosplay event, or decorating your space, our Costume and Prop Swords are an excellent choice for adding a touch of drama and authenticity.

Anime Swords

Anime Swords

Anime enthusiasts, rejoice! Our collection of Anime Swords brings your favorite animated battles to life. From the electric energy of Demon Slayer to the intricate designs of Sword Art Online, these swords are crafted to resemble the iconic weapons used by beloved anime characters. For those who love the blend of modern and mythical, our swords are more than just replicas; they're a tribute to the art of anime.

Demon Slayer Zenitsu Sword

Embrace the lightning-fast strikes of Zenitsu with our Demon Slayer Zenitsu Sword. This beautifully crafted sword captures the essence of Zenitsu's character, with its vibrant yellow and orange hues. Ideal for cosplay or display, it's a must-have for fans of the series. When you hold this sword, you'll feel as if you've stepped right into the world of Demon Slayer.

Kirito Swords

Wield the power of Kirito with our Sword Art Online replicas. These swords, designed after Kirito's iconic blades, are a dream come true for fans. The attention to detail ensures that you feel like you're part of the virtual world of Sword Art Online. Whether you're displaying them or using them for cosplay, these swords are a testament to Kirito's skills and your love for anime.

Attack on Titan Swords

Join the fight against Titans with our Attack on Titan Swords. These replicas are crafted to mimic the weapons used in the intense battles of the series. With their unique design and durability, they're perfect for cosplay or as a standout display piece. Holding these swords, you'll feel the courage and determination of the Survey Corps, ready to take on any challenge.

Ninja Swords

Step into the shadows with our Ninja Swords. These sleek, sharp replicas are inspired by the legendary weapons of the ninjas. Perfect for cosplay or adding an edge to your collection, they embody the stealth and skill of these ancient warriors. Whether you're reenacting scenes or showcasing your love for martial arts, these Ninja Swords are an essential addition!

Video Game Swords

Video Game Swords

Gamers, prepare to level up your collection with Video Game Swords! From the legendary Master Sword of Legend of Zelda to the Keyblade of Kingdom Hearts, these replicas are a gamer's dream come true. From Mortal Kombat and Nintendo classics to modern epics like Halo and Minecraft, fans will find something that resonates with their gaming spirit. Each sword is a tribute to the intricate worlds of video games, capturing the essence of your favorite characters and stories.

Minecraft Swords

Craft your own adventure with our Minecraft Swords. Inspired by the popular Minecraft game, these swords are perfect for fans who want to bring a piece of the game into the real world. They're ideal for cosplay, room decor, or simply as a fun accessory for Minecraft enthusiasts. These swords capture the pixelated charm of the game, making them a unique find.

Kingdom Hearts Keyblades

Unlock the magic of Kingdom Hearts with our Keyblade replicas. These meticulously crafted Keyblades capture the essence of Kingdom Hearts, blending the worlds of Disney and Square Enix. Whether you're cosplaying as Sora or just a fan of the game, these Keyblades are a must-have. They embody the heart and adventure of the series, making them a perfect tribute.

Medieval Swords

Medieval Swords

Delve into the grandeur of the past with our Medieval Swords collection. Each piece is a testament to the craftsmanship of the medieval era, echoing the stories of Vikings, Pirates, or Renaissance knights. Whether for Disney enthusiasts who admire the chivalrous tales of old or for those fascinated by Roman history, our medieval swords are a bridge to the past. They’re perfect for reenactments, historical studies, or as a standout display in your home.

Sword and Shield Sets

Embody the strength and protection of a medieval warrior with our Sword and Shield sets. These sets are perfect for reenactments, cosplay, or as a striking display in your home. The swords and shields are crafted to reflect the styles and craftsmanship of the medieval period. Whether you're portraying a noble knight or a fierce warrior, these sets are essential.

Knight Swords

Wield the power of chivalry with our Knight's Swords. These swords are a tribute to the valor and honor of medieval knights. Crafted with detail and precision, they're perfect for reenactments, cosplay, or as a centerpiece in your collection. Holding one of these swords, you'll feel the spirit of the knights, ready to uphold justice and courage in the face of any challenge.

Pirate Swords

Set sail on an adventure with our Pirate Swords. Inspired by the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean, these swords capture their swashbuckling spirit. Ideal for cosplay or as a unique addition to your collection, these swords embody the freedom and daring of the high seas. Attend a pirate-themed event or just love the lore of pirates, slash your way to fun today!

Gladius Sword and Crusader Shield

Step into the world of ancient Rome and medieval crusades with our Gladius Sword and Crusader Shield. These replicas are perfect for fans of Roman history or the medieval crusade era. The Gladius sword is a symbol of Roman military might, while the Crusader shield represents the knights' bravery. Together, they're a powerful duo for historical reenactments!

Cosplay Swords

Cosplay Swords

Cosplay artists, it's time to elevate your costumes with our Cosplay Swords. From the dark allure of Darth Vader and Deadpool to the heroic elegance of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Wonder Woman, these swords are crafted to make your cosplay stand out. Whether you're attending a comic con as a Superhero or showcasing your skills in a Power Rangers theme, our cosplay swords add that extra edge to your character portrayal. Let your imagination soar as you embody your favorite characters.

Kylo Ren Lightsabers

Experience the intensity of the Dark Side with our Kylo Ren Lightsaber, a masterpiece for Star Wars aficionados. This iconic saber, with its unique crossguard design, isn't just a prop; it's a piece of intergalactic legend. Perfect for cosplaying or adding to your Star Wars collection, it embodies the raw power and conflicted nature of Kylo Ren.

Luke Skywalker Lightsabers

Ignite your Jedi journey with our Luke Skywalker Lightsaber, an essential for any Star Wars fan's arsenal. This iconic blue blade represents hope and heroism, just like Luke Skywalker himself. Ideal for cosplay, collection, or simply as a tribute to the Star Wars legacy, this lightsaber is more than a replica; it's a symbol of the enduring spirit of the Jedi.

Kill Bill Swords

Step into the world of cinematic martial arts with our Kill Bill Sword, a perfect replica for fans of the iconic film. This sword isn't just a prop; it's a homage to the fierce and relentless journey of the Bride. Ideal for cosplayers or those who admire the artistry of swordplay in film, this sword captures the essence of determination and strength portrayed in the movie.

Gandalf Swords

Embark on an epic quest with our Gandalf Sword, a must-have for fans of Lord of the Rings. This exquisitely crafted sword is not just a replica; it's a piece of Middle-earth brought to life. Ideal for cosplayers, it embodies the wisdom and power of Gandalf the Grey. Whether for display or cosplay, this sword is your companion on your journey through Tolkien's legendary world. Monster