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Surgical Scalpel

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Surgical Scalpel
Surgical Scalpel
Product Information

Items Included
  • Scalpel
  • Faux scalpel to be used as a prop or decoration
  • Officially licensed
Surgery is generally considered to be a good part of modern society. Even though a lot of procedures can now be done with energy waves, microscopic cameras, and laser-shooting robots, sometimes doctors just need a good ol' fashion sharp knife to do their job. Unfortunately, the infamous cutting capabilities of medical scalpels work just as well for deranged serial killers, as they do for surgeons...

If you're looking to add some extra menace to your slasher costume, this Surgical Scalpel prop is sure to give everyone goosebumps. Don’t worry though, it's not actually a razor sharp medical implement, it just looks a lot like one. So unlike a real scalpel, it's a lot easier to carry around as part of your psycho-killer outfit, or use as a decoration in a mad scientist lab scene. We still recommend being careful with it, and try not to freak the other party guests out too much, or you might give everyone nightmares and not get invited next time!

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