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Sexy Gladiator Boots

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Sexy Gladiator Boots
Sexy Gladiator Boots
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Product Information

Items Included
  • Womens gladiator boots
  • Studded buckle straps
  • Adjustable straps
  • Back zippers for easy on and off

They say that whenever you are going to activate your time machines, that you should do your due diligence first and ensure that you are going to have all the necessary accessories and clothing so that you’ll fit in when you arrive. You don’t want to draw any unwanted attention to yourself or you risk breaking the time continuum and causing some of your past ancestors to never get together, causing all sorts of irresolvable paradox level problems, or, even worse, returning to your time to find that it is now ruled by a race of egomaniacal lizard people that refuse to accept the idea of breakfast food for dinner. Seriously, time travelers… we cannot give up our afternoon omelettes, so please be careful!

To that end, we have crafted a number of flawless re-creations of ancient clothing that will help you blend in perfectly when you are moving among the past and future citizens of our world. Joining this group of completely authentic dress are these … er … Sexy Gladiator Boots. The studded buckle straps are adjustable and the back zipper makes for easy wear while you kick your high heels out and ready to conquer the ring of blood and sand. Well… now that we think of it, we’re not entirely sure that these are going to fit the mold of when in ancient Rome… but, then again, we’re certain that when you’re fully decked out, no one is even going to care if these aren’t truly authentic. (Did Romans even have zippers? Perhaps we should get back on our historical authentification…)

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