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There are plenty of villains out there and while some of them are pretty darn creepy, few are as prolific as Michael Myers. Come on, this guy's been rampaging since he was six! So it's no wonder that he's still one of the best costumes out there. You get to decide just what version of the villain you want to be. Perfect your own Michael Myers costume with accessories like a Michael Myers Mask that'll complement your look just right!
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If a building sense of unstoppable dread is the vibe of this year's Halloween then what better way to create it than putting on a Michael Myers' mask? As we all know, Michael might go down in flaming gory glory but that doesn't mean he won't be back again. What's this mean for your costume? Well, it means that you can wear it again and again and it'll be instantly recognized every year. Because this franchise stays fresh even after all these years.

Not often does a horror movie villain span generations. You have to appreciate Michael's resolve, even if his pale facade makes you shrink back from looking out of your dark windows on Halloween night. And while his mission is always the same, Michael's look has changed over the years. It has to after all he's been through! 

Have you been following the movies from the very beginning? Then you know that once the music starts that no window, door, or bathroom stall is going to stop him. You can run, you can hide, but Michael always seems to be one step ahead! Choosing a costume for a particular year? Consider recruiting some friends to dress up as the victims from his movies, all with the right wounds. If that's not a horror movie buff's group costume, we don't know what is!

There's no doubt that the original Halloween is the public favorite but that doesn't mean you can't treasure other movies from the franchise. For instance, we can't overlook the 2018 Halloween sequel. A tough Laurie facing her past once and for all, that's what we've all been waiting for whether we knew it or not. If you want a Halloween couple's costume that breaks the mold, dress up as Laurie in the process of fighting for her life and choose the aged looking Final Battle Mask for your costume. A modern take on the classic costume will show that you're an up to date fan of the franchise!

Of course, there are many more movies so you've got many more options. change things up with Season of the Witch or celebrate the nineties with a Halloween fan aggravating The Curse of Michael Myers costume. You've got to keep people on their toes, after all! Speaking of Halloween fandom, if you're an all year fan, consider adding a little Michael to your everyday wardrobe... literally. The Michael Myers enamel pin will start all sorts of conversations about classic horror. So you'll know which people to talk turkey with!

Now, since we're talking about Michael Myers costumes, we can't forget about the weapon props. The right faux knife will make for the perfect photo prop. All you need is a dark window and the right lighting and you've got a snap that'll be your October profile picture for years to come! 

Think you're ready to make your Michael costume just right? Make sure you get the right mask and you'll be good to go. You don't even have to remember any of your lines! Like your look? Leave a review to spread the Halloween fear beyond your circle of influence. Everyone deserves a little more Halloween in their life!