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Leopard Costumes

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Of all the wild cats, leopards are some of the most elusive. Except when you search our selection of leopard costumes! With kids leopard costumes for your little wild one and leopard costume accessories to get your spots looking purrfect, our catalog is sure to inspire even more leopard costume ideas!
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Child Cheerful Cheetah Costume
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Women's Cave Girl Costume
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Premium Leopard Kids Costume
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Girl's Snow Leopard Costume 1
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Women's Leopard Leotard Costume
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Girls Leopard Costume
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Girl's Deluxe Leopard Costume
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Child Pretty Leopard Costume
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Girls Leopard Jumpsuit
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Infant Lovable Leopard Costume
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Child's Leapin' Leopard Costume
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Posh Peanut Lana Leopard Adult Costume
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Toddler Snow Leopard Costume
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Sexy Leopard Costume
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Toddler Cheerful Cheetah Costume-1
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Leopard Pet Costume
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Women's Lady Jag OppoSuit
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Kid's Tutu Snow Leopard Costume
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Kid's Luxury Leopard Costume
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Snow Leopard Child Costume
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Infant Snow Leopard Costume
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Toddler Tutu Snow Leopard Costume
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Child Tutu Cat Costume
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Women's Leopard Catsuit
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Girls Rose Gold Leopard
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Leapin' Leopard Costume For Toddler's1
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Toddler/Child Snow Leopard Costume
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Adult Leapin' Leopard Costume1
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Cozy Leopard Costume
Posh Peanut Toddler Lana Leopard Costume
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Posh Peanut Infant Lana Leopard Costume
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Child Cheetah Costume
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Child Black Gloves
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Black Nylon Over The Knee Stockings
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Plus Size Black Fishnet Stockings
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Ripped Tights
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Deluxe Leopard Kit
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Deluxe Snow Leopard Plush Tail
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Black Base Makeup
Black Witch Wig
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Deluxe Snow Leopard Ears Headband
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Womens Black Lace Petticoat
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Cat Makeup Kit
Bright White Full Wavy Wig
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Opaque Black Tights
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Black Leopard Net Tights
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Show off your wild side this Halloween with one of our exotic leopard costumes! We have several styles of sexy leopard costumes for women that feature sequins, faux fur tails and lots of attitudes. We also have a few sassy leopard costume ideas for girls and teens too. If you want to be the cat's meow at your next event, a leopard Halloween costume is a perfect idea!

If you're looking for a Cheetah Girls costume or a cheetah Halloween costume, look no further, we've got you covered. While many of our costumes are technically leopard costumes, leopards and cheetahs do look quite similar! The difference is in their fur patterns. Cheetahs have round spots while leopards have rosettes (the misshapen circles). However, if you claim to be a cheetah in any of these fierce and purrfect costumes how could anyone point out such technicalities when you're looking that good! How To

Cheetah Costumes

Have you ever wondered how leopards are different from other big cats? The difference is in the power of the spot. The leopard's spots allow it to linger in shadows, unseen by predator and prey alike. While other big cats run for their dinner, leopards stay frozen in place until the perfect opportunity. They spring into action when there are only twelve to fifteen feet between themselves and their prey, allowing them to catch a snack in one or two silent leaps. How cool is that? Are you ready to take on the wisdom and power of these spotted cats? Good. This is going to be fun.

Those who are looking for leopard costumes have plenty of options to choose from. If you're facing the cold, then check out our full-body costumes with mitts attached to keep you as lithe and limber as the original big cat. Or you could choose a sexy costume that's perfect for a big party on the weekend! We really do have spotted ensembles for every taste. To find one that's right for you, read through. We've also included a few tips, tricks, and facts about leopards to help you or yours get into character.

Leopard Halloween Costumes

Cat costumes have been in the top most popular Halloween costume lists ever since they started making top most popular Halloween costume lists. It makes sense, they're slinky, sneaky, and exciting. Who wouldn't want to pretend to be a cat for the night? Now, you can dress up as a cat that's actually your size. With the same slinky behavior but with more spotty pizzazz, a wild twist is the purr-fect update to the classic cat costume!

Leopard Costume for Women

Leopard Costume Womens

Can we all agree that animal print is the new black? It goes with everything. It goes on everything (shoes, sweaters, car seats, you name it). And as much as the haters try to hate, it never goes out of style. Now that the world agrees that wearing real animal skin is horrible, the fake patterns get more fabulous with each passing breath. If you're ready to leap into a leopard suit, we’re excited for you!

This sleek costume zips up the back for a flattering yet functional look. Once you zip in, be sure and have fun with the rest of your ensemble. Slip a pair of nail gloves on for prey-catching claws, or simply go all out with your manicure. Add leopard spots to your face with distinct leopard spots on your face. You can make that easier with a makeup kit or even a stencil!

Sexy Leopard Costumes

Sexy Leopard Costumes

Leopard print has always been sexy. Now, you can take it a step further with a full-on leopard costume! There are a few styles of sexy leopard costumes. Some are form-fitting and full coverage. The bodysuit costume we featured would be perfect for those cats heading to the dance floor. The leotard look can be layered with tights or rocked with tall boots. Style it how you will, it's sure to be fabulous, no matter what it's paired with! Whether you're lingering in the shadows or pouncing for the kill—what "the kill" is, is up to you, but we think it would make a stunning dance move—every move you make is sure to be one of cool confidence. That's the perfect way sure you pay tribute to these slinky cats justice.

Cold Weather Leopard Costumes

Leopard Costumes

You know, not all leopards are warm-weather animals. Plenty of these spotted beauties live in high altitude, chilly environments, and not just snow leopards either. If your costumed event will be a cold one, then we have plenty of options for your leopard costume needs!

Some of the featured costumes, like the Leapin’ Leopard costume, covers your whole body in spotted faux fur while also allowing you to wear your own clothes underneath. At the same time, the Cozy Leopard costume zips up the front and will enable you to make even a cozy costume a little bit sexy! Then again, you can choose a costume that's a bit more street-friendly. The Jaguar print suit can be worn on all sorts of occasions, from Halloween and Mardi Gras parties to a wild night in Vegas and any jungle-themed event.

Leopard Costume Eye Makeup Tutorial

Looking to add a little extra flair to your leopard costume this Halloween? This makeup application will show you how to create a leopard spot pattern across your eyelids for a quick and easy look to compliment your costume. A darker and lighter gold colored shadows are used for the eyelid color.  On top of this, a bronzy brown eyeliner pencil is used to create the spots. Finally, liquid black eyeliner is used to trace the brown spots.  Add some bronzer, blush and bright pink lipstick to complete this leopard makeup look.

Kid's Leopard Costumes

Read below for more information on different styles of leopard costumes. As always, be sure and keep an eye out for our Made By Us costumes. These are high-quality costumes perfect for kids who will want to pretend to be their favorite animal again and again!

Leopard Costumes for Girls

Leopard Halloween Costumes

Playing jungle cat is a lot of fun for kids. Any room can become a wild habitat. When they crouch on couches and watch the family with a silent stare, you know they are actually lounging in the branches of a wide-branched acacia tree.

When you see them slinking around corners, they're not stalking their teddy bear resting in a puddle of sun in the living room. They're hunting a spry antelope with its ears cocked to hear any creaking floorboard. Our leopard costumes will let you in on your child's imaginary play. With a range of styles and sizes, you can find quite a few costumes perfect for parties and playing pretend!

They say a leopard never changes its spots. That's true! So when your kiddo slips into costume, they won't want to change out of their spots, either. Kids can choose a fashionable fur-trimmed jumpsuit, a long-sleeved version of the jumpsuit. If you want a cozy suit for pouncing and lounging around the house, the premium leopard costume is the way to go!

Do you need a costume that works for school and playtime? Consider building your own using leopard accessories such as our full leopard kit. Or you can take your child's fashion to a whole new level with fabulous furry legwarmers that are perfect for older kids. Top this show-stopping look off with a fancy leopard face mask and your kiddo will be ready to roar while remaining comfortable in her own clothes!

Snow Leopard Costumes

Snow Leopard Costumes

Allusive, playful, and majestic. Snow leopards live in the mountains of Central Asia, Southern Russia, and around the Tibetan Plateau. They live in high-altitude areas, hunting blue sheep and mountain goats. (Blue sheep aren't as cartoonish as they sound, by the way. They're called "blue" because of their grey color.)

Our snow leopard costumes are perfect for winter enthusiasts of all ages. The featured Snow Leopard costume is excellent for colder Halloweens or any costumed winter events. Make this costume even cozier with a warm layer underneath the top and white tights layered under the skirt. Furry boots will complete this ensemble with style and comfort!

Cheetah Halloween Costumes for Adults

The fastest land animal on earth has a sleek reputation among the human community. Running at speeds of fifty to eighty miles per hour, dressing up as a cheetah means you're dressing up as one of the most powerful creatures on earth!

The difference between a leopard's spots and a cheetah's spots is pretty distinct. The spots of a leopard have two colors, with a dark brown exterior around the spot and a tawny interior. Conversely, cheetahs have a simpler black spot pattern with those stunning tears we all know so well. Those tears act as sunglasses for those long days looking for prey on the sun-washed plains of Africa. When you're putting together your cheetah costume, keep these important design details in mind to be sure you aren't mixed up with any other kind of big cat!

Cheetah Costume Womens

Cheetah Halloween Costumes

This sleek cheetah costume might just make you feel as sleek as a cheetah. That's the goal, anyway. While the bodysuit is rather stunning on its own, you can complete the look with eye makeup. Copying the cheetah tear design would be dramatic and drive home the fast cat theme! Perfect for runners or those who like living life in the fast lane, a cheetah costume is sure to communicate your need for speed.

Sexy Cheetah Costumes

Sexy Cheetah Costume

Sure, we love the fast cat of the African plains, but let's not forget the fantastic characters that cheetahs have inspired. There's Wonder Woman's nemesis, Cheetah, a supervillain who knows how to rock a jumpsuit and rocks catlike reflexes. Then there's Chester the Cheetah, the spokes-animal for Cheetos. That's definitely not sexy, unless you really like bad boys with a taste for powdered cheddar. Hmm, those sunglasses might have something to them, after all. The sexiest cheetah-inspired character has to be Josie from Riverdale. The way she rocks her cheetah costume while singing with Josie and the Pussycats is magic! Whether you’re feeling a little more villainous or like a confident high school pop star, you’ll find plenty of sexy cheetah costume options in our leopard catalog.

Cheetah Costume Accessories

Without the racing stripes under their eyes, cheetahs are just big cats with impressive running forms. The tears down their face give this grassland leopard style. The featured makeup kit includes stencils, allowing you to create spots as well as the gorgeous black drips along your nose line. This kit can create leopard makeup and cheetah makeup, making it perfect for those who want costume makeup staples for different costumes.

Kid's Cheetah Costumes

“Look how fast I can run" "Look how high I can jump" If you ask your child what the fastest land mammal is, you might hear them claim that they are the fastest. They are pretty great, and now they can be recognized as the fastest mammal by everyone else as well. Set them up with their spots and watch as your kiddo races around the neighborhood like the cool cat they are!

Cozy Cheetah Costumes

Kids Cheetah Costumes

The featured Made By Us cheetah costume is a bright and cheery costume. The high-quality costume's surface is soft and detailed. The zip-up suit is easy to slip on over clothing which is handy for when it's a little chilly outside. There's even a headpiece with a sculpted nose and ears on top. The surface is printed with shining brown eyes and black racing stripes down the front. This costume is cool enough to stand out on Halloween night and casual enough to be worn to play pretend again and again.

Cheetah and Leopard Makeup Kit

Leopard Costume Makeup

If your kiddo is like the children we know, they probably love painting up their faces. Lucky for them, choosing a leopard or cheetah costume is the perfect excuse to have a little fun with makeup! The featured makeup kit allows you to create spots, whiskers, and an adorable little snout. If you're looking for more instructions, there are video tutorials online on making the right spots for whichever big cat your child is dressing as.

A Quick Guide to Leopards

There are many gorgeous leopards in the world, ranging from the mountains of Southern Asia to the forests of Africa. Leopards are a specific species, different from other spotted cats because of their location and distinctive spots. This can be confusing, because similar cats can be found throughout the world. For instance, jaguars can be found in the Americas, especially in the forests of Brazil, and have a different pattern and sturdier build than any subspecies of leopard. Read on for the different types of leopards with interesting tidbits to help inspire you to create the best leopard costume for you.

  • There are seven different sub-species of leopard. Their look and location make them stand apart from one another. This includes the somewhat common and widespread African Leopard, the Amur Leopard, the Anatolian Leopard, the Barbary Leopard, the Sinai Leopard, the South Arabian Leopard, and the Zanzibar Leopard.
  • The coloring and pattern of leopards vary according to their surroundings. Those that live on sun-bleached grasslands will have a lighter color, while those that live in a jungle setting will have a darker base and more spots or rosettes.
  • Leopards are talented climbers. They can pull themselves up trees with their powerful muscles and retractable claws.
  • Solitary creatures, leopards rely on an element of surprise when hunting. They must get close enough to their prey to catch it within a few bounds rather than chasing any meals down.
  • While leopards typically hunt medium-size animals, they are rather opportunistic. If they’re in a tight spot, they’ll dine on small birds, reptiles, and even beetles if they’re hungry enough!

There you go! Do you think you have what it takes to transform into your very own subspecies of leopard? This is going to be fun! Go ahead and tag us in any photos of our costumes that you upload on social media. We love to see our costumes slinking about in the real world. We may even post your photos on the product page with your permission! The world of one of the sneakiest big cats is right at your fingers. Now the only question is, which costume will you choose? Monster