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Gremlins Costumes

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80s movies fans are going to love what we have for Gremlins costumes! We offer exclusive Gremlins ugly Christmas sweaters as well as a Gizmo Kigurumi. We even have realistic Gremlins puppets for sale so you can recreate your favorite movie moments!
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Toddler Gremlins Gizmo Costume
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Adult Gremlins Gizmo Costume
Sale - 42% Made By Us
Gizmo Toddler Costume
Sale - 17%
Gremlins Gizmo Claus Ugly Christmas Sweater update1
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Adult Gremlins Caroling Trio Ugly Christmas Sweater update1
Sale - 20% Made By Us
White Base Makeup
Clearance  - 40%
Gremlins Evil Stripe Puppet_Updated-0
Evil Gremlin Puppet Prop
Gremlins Flasher Puppet
Brown Face Paint
Gremlins Gizmo Hand Puppet
Adult White Costume Gloves
Coming Soon
White Foundation Makeup
Coming Soon
Adult Gremlins Stripe Mask
Coming Soon

We've been waiting patiently for a Japanese man holding an obscue box to ring our doorbell and leave us the best gift that we could ever ask for: a Mogwai. They're adorable with thier furry faces, round bellies, and huge ears and we wouldn't mind snuggling with one every night, but we know that we have to be careful. If we leave some chicken wings out, the cute fuzzballs would devour them and turn into snarling green Gremlins! That'why we suggest wearing a costume just to be safe that you don't unleash some icky Gremlins into the world. We have a stylish Gizmo costume for women as well as a unique kigurumi that both men and women can snuggle in. Our masks will really turn your human face into either Gizmo's sweet face or Stripe's gross green face. These Gremlin costumes and accessories are perfect for those who are fans on the popular 80's movies! How To

Gremlins Halloween Costumes

Gremlins Halloween Costumes

Dive into a mischievous world this season! With our Gremlins Halloween Costume, channel your favorite little monster, be it the cheeky Gizmo or the wild Stripe. And hey, if you're aiming for that ultra-realistic Gremlin vibe, amp it up with our range of makeup, base paints, and creams. From movie nights to costume parties, it's time to embrace the playful chaos of this iconic film. Check out our other TV/movie costumes and accessories to complete your cinematic outfit!

Gremlin Costumes for Adults

Ever wondered what would unfold if cute magic critters duked it out in the most adorable showdown? A world where the cutest magical creatures square off in delightful battles? Check out the chaos with a Gremlin Costume for Adults! Whether teaming up with elf costumes or pitting against dwarf costumes this Halloween, our Gremlin look is all about bringing that film fantasy to life. Just remember the rules: No water. No food after midnight. And always, always keep it fun!

Inflatable Gremlin Costumes

Have we ever seen a Gremlin puff up like a balloon? Or maybe a T-Rex, alien, or even a giant taco? Enter the silly world of inflatables with our Inflatable Gremlin Costume! Inflate your way into the party, becoming the epicenter of chuckles and snapshots. This isn't just dressing up; it's an experience in comedy and an all-around excellent time. Match with other zany inflatable friends for a group look that's bound to get belly laughs. Inflate, waddle, and win Halloween!

Toddler Gremlin Costumes

Does Mogwai count as an animal or a pet? Or is it both? It's a weird yet fun debate for Gremlins fans, but one thing's for sure—add a toddler to the mix, and everything is cuter! Transform your little one into the most endearing Mogwai with our Toddler Gremlin Costume. Imagine the giggles and smiles when they toddle around, wrapped up in all that adorable charm. Whether a fan of pet or animal costumes, this one's a delightful blend of both worlds. Let the tiny fun begin!

Gremlins Merch

Unleash your inner Gremlin (just maybe not after midnight) and dive into our wickedly fun range of Gremlins Merch. We've got you covered, from costume apparel that'll have you rockin' the Mogwai look to sweaters that are more chill than Stripe at a swimming pool with a lemonade. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just getting into the chaos, our collection is a treasure trove for Gremlins enthusiasts. So, slide on that mask or merch and stir up some cinematic mischief!

Gremlins Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Gremlins Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Who says Christmas can't have a hint of mischief? Channel your inner Spike with a Gremlins Ugly Christmas Sweater! It's the ideal blend of festive and cheeky, sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering. And if you've got a soft spot for the darker side of festive attire, don't stop here. Dive into our Halloween sweater collection for more sinister apparel delights. Deck the halls with... Gremlins? Why not! Just keep your water and food in check, and you're good.

Gizmo Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Gizmo Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Mixing holiday cheer with a dash of Gremlins magic, our Gizmo Ugly Christmas Sweater is all sorts of adorable chaos! For fans who always believed Gizmo deserved a place right next to Rudolph, this is your moment to shine. It's cozy, quirky, and the ideal Christmas sweater to light up the room—just don't feed it after midnight? We might be switching signals a bit. We know water is fine in this case. Celebrate the season with the world's cutest Mogwai front and center.

Flasher Gremlin Puppet

Who said nostalgia can't have a cheeky twist? This Flasher Gremlin Puppet is a hilarious nod to that unforgettable movie moment. While it's an example for Gremlins fans, remember to keep things PG by rocking some attire underneath! Whether reenacting scenes or spicing up a costume, it's all in good fun. And hey, why stop at one Gremlin? Pair with an Evil Stripe Puppet to double the mischief! Dive into the world of funny costumes and iconic film tributes with this merch! Monster