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Gremlins Costumes

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80s movies fans are going to love what we have for Gremlins costumes! We offer exclusive Gremlins ugly Christmas sweaters as well as a Gizmo Kigurumi. We even have realistic Gremlins puppets for sale so you can recreate your favorite movie moments!
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White Base Makeup
Gremlins Gizmo Claus Ugly Christmas Sweater update1
Made By Us
Sale - 10% Exclusive
Gremlins Flasher Puppet
Gremlins Evil Stripe Puppet_Updated-0
Evil Gremlin Puppet Prop
Brown Face Paint
Adult Gremlins Stripe Mask
Coming Soon
Adult Gremlins Gizmo Mask
Coming Soon
Gremlins Gizmo Hand Puppet
Coming Soon

We've been waiting patiently for a Japanese man holding an obscue box to ring our doorbell and leave us the best gift that we could ever ask for: a Mogwai. They're adorable with thier furry faces, round bellies, and huge ears and we wouldn't mind snuggling with one every night, but we know that we have to be careful. If we leave some chicken wings out, the cute fuzzballs would devour them and turn into snarling green Gremlins! That'why we suggest wearing a costume just to be safe that you don't unleash some icky Gremlins into the world. We have a stylish Gizmo costume for women as well as a unique kigurumi that both men and women can snuggle in. Our masks will really turn your human face into either Gizmo's sweet face or Stripe's gross green face. These Gremlin costumes and accessories are perfect for those who are fans on the popular 80's movies!