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Deluxe Cowboy Spurs

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Deluxe Cowboy Spurs
Deluxe Cowboy Spurs
Product Information

Items Included
  • Pair of Spurs
  • Made of plastic and faux leather
  • Faux metal look
  • Deluxe Cowboy Spurs
  • Spurs actually spin
  • Adjustable faux leather straps with buckle
  • Great for cowboy or equestrian costume

You know, everyone wants to be the new sheriff of this here town, but is anyone really willing to put in the work? They all want that moment of pushing open those saloon doors, staring everyone in the eye, and saying, “I’m the new sheriff in town” real low and menacing-like, but the second trouble happens, they’re nowhere to be found! Which is incredibly annoying, because then we have to buy a whole new sheriff’s outfit, and we don’t know if you’ve heard, but even in the Wild West, crime tends to keep the people away.

So we’re counting on you not to be like the rest, understand? And to prove it, we want you to take these Deluxe Cowboy Spurs. Yes, you heard correctly - you get a company horse along with the job, but you gotta know how to handle Lil' Doggie, and she don't take too kindly to any mealy-mouth soft-palmed Yank. If you wanna ride off into the sunset after them pair of bandits, you're gonna need to use these spurs. They also actually spin when you walk, which - we're not gonna lie - is kind of a kick. Get it? We said "kick" when talking about spurs! Never mind - no one ever said a Sheriff had to have a sense of humor. Just get out there and catch them robbers!

Product Reviews   Write Review
Short shelf life
      By Current Customer / November 10, 2018
These spurs looked great, but both broke at the seam within 30 minutes of wear.
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Poor quality - fell apart when I took them out of the package
      By Current Customer / June 21, 2017
Plastic. After using super glue to hold them together, they looked good
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Five Stars
      By Debbie Middleton / June 13, 2015
They are a little delicate, the spurs break easily
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cheap, fell apart
      By Anonymous / November 11, 2013
had to glue them, then they worked fine
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