Amazing Wonder Woman Costumes for All Ages

Wonder Woman is seen by many as the most iconic female superhero in the world. After celebrating her 75th anniversary last year and debuting on the big screen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Diana Prince is set to star in her own movie in 2017. Wonder Woman will premiere early this summer. As a fan favorite, there have been many Wonder Woman costumes over time, with several unique looks that can be worn by fans of all ages. Check out some of these stunning Wonder Woman costume options.

Adult Wonder Woman Costumes

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Whether you’re dressing up for a costume party on Halloween or hitting up a convention, wearing a Wonder Woman costume is a great choice. The classic look is instantly recognizable and can be worn in many ways. You can even add a little extra to your costume with some pop art makeup to achieve a classic comic book look. Another option is to dress up in her Dawn of Justice costume and get a couple more people to dress as Batman and Superman for fun group costume!

Teen Wonder Woman Costumes

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Wonder Woman is a hero that people of all ages know, including teens. However, teenagers sometimes have a different way of thinking when it comes to dressing up. While some may want to put on an authentic Wonder Woman costume, others are more looking to dress for comfort. Maybe something like a Wonder Woman caped t-shirt or a pair of Wonder Woman sunglasses and purse combo would be a more likely option for dressing up and showing off fandom.

Kids Wonder Woman Costumes

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Wonder Woman truly is a character for all ages. Aside from her newfound role on in the DC extended universe films, Wonder Woman is a huge part of the DC Superhero Girls web series as the leader who the other characters look up to. Dressing up in a Wonder Woman costume is great for any child who likes to dress up and use their imagination to pretend they're saving the world.

Wonder Woman Accessories

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When dressing up as Wonder Woman, there are several accessories that are essential for pulling the look together. Red, white, and blue are typically part of any Wonder Woman costume, but the color that really makes the look to stand out is the gold. Pieces like the gold crown and gold cuffs are what really makes the look exciting. Other pieces that are required for the perfect Wonder Woman costume are a pair of boots and red cape.

Wonder Woman Weapons

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Along with her indestructible bracelets, Wonder Woman’s most notable weapon is her golden Lasso of Truth. Anyone caught in its grasp is forced to not only be honest, but to obey the command of whoever is holding the other end. Being the skilled combatant that she is, Wonder Woman can wield a sword and shield with the best of them. Equip your Wonder Woman costume with battle gear and prepare to kick some butt!

Wonder Woman Apparel

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If you’re a fan of Diana Prince and want to show some Wonder Woman love, you can always throw on some apparel with the gold W logo on it. You can rock a dress or t-shirt featuring Wonder Woman’s costume look or some fun blue and red tights. A costume lounger makes the perfect outfit for napping and a character apron is great if you want to display your superhero skills in the kitchen!

Well, Wonder Woman fans, what is your favorite Diana Prince look? How are you planning on showing off your Wonder Woman fandom? Be sure to go in full costume if you're dressing up for an event, but if you're looking for something to more subtle for everyday wear, you'll be sure to find something super! Check out our full collection of Wonder Woman costumes if you feel like dressing up as DC Comics' most notable superheroine and be sure to check out Wonder Woman on the big screen later this year! 

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