DIY Wonder Woman Costume with Pop Art Makeup Tutorial

DIY Wonder Woman Pop Art Makeup Tutorial

75 years ago, DC introduced us to a new powerhouse in the comic book realm. Wonder Woman. This Amazon princess instantly won over readers. She had it all, beauty, smarts and strength. Her star spangled costume became just as famous as the character herself. With approximately 21 different costume variations over the years, it is hard for some to pick a favorite. Not us! We will always choose Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman costume. With this DIY, we wanted to take Ms. Carter’s traditional costume and bring it back, back to the comic book days. Are you ready to make a statement this Halloween by adding a little pop art makeup? If so, read on for a complete Wonder Woman pop art make up tutorial!


Wonder Woman Costume and Pop Art Makeup Tutorial

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Red, white, blue, and eye-catching! The pop art makeup, the costume, you don’t know where to look first. Even though the women all have pop art makeup on, not one looks the same. That is why we loved this concept. It's a great way to add your own unique touch and really spice up your Wonder Woman costume. 

DIY Wonder Woman Costume with Pop Art Makeup

Pop Art Ideas

"Never underestimate the power of a woman!" 

Pop Art Makeup ideas

One of Wonder Woman's signature power poses 

products used

Wonder Woman Costume Roundup

Gold Crown          Light-Up Laso         Gold Cuffs         Clown Makeup

Tights         Wonder Woman Costume         Boots

Above are the items we used for the costume, and some of the makeup. We decided to go without the cap and upgrade the bling! The makeup tutorial will be able to give a more detail breakdown on the makeup application.

Pop Art Halloween Costume

" ... in a world of ordinary mortals, you are Wonder Woman."

Wonder Woman Pop Art Makeup Tutorial

Our makeup artist will give you step by step instructions on creating the perfect pop art look in this Wonder Woman makeup tutorial. Then your only choice will be to bling or not to bling, we choose to bling! To add the gems we simply put a little adhesive on the backs and placed them onto the white dots.

Think you can rock the pop art makeup this Halloween? If so, share a photo of your final artwork on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter or Instagram. If you want to celebrate Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary this year, check out our full selection of Wonder Woman costumes

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