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Women's Vampire Costumes

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Depending on which movie you’re watching, vampires have some pretty awesome powers. Tap into yours this Halloween with one of our women’s vampire costumes! Whether you prefer a timeless or modern look, we have something for you. And if you want to slay others with your outfits and your fangs, try one of our sexy vampire costumes!
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Mystic Sorceress Plus Size Adult Costume
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Women's Vampy Vamp Costume
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Women's Dashing Vampiress
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Gothic Fairy Costume
Plus Size Women's Fierce Vamp Costume
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Plus Size Ravishing Vampire Costume
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Rien, The Woman. Geraldine. The Bride of Corinth..  ClarimondeCarmilla. Elizabeth Bathory, the Bloody Countess. Mercy Brown.      

Be the Bloody Countess. Be Rien, the heartless silent movie femme fatale played by Theda Bara. Or be a modern vampire after sunset. Our selection of women's vampire costumes lets you choose the time & place you wish to inhabit. It also gives you a range of accessories to complete and polish any look.   

Become a medieval noblewoman like Elizabeth Bathory in one of our immortal vampire costumes. To become her, choose a costume that's reminiscent of a medieval style. The Bloody Countess killed dozens of servants and peasants. According to local tales at the time, she bathed in the blood of her victims because she thought it would keep her skin looking young. Face creams just weren't as good then as they are now--and Botox hadn't been discovered yet! So if you're going to be this actual historic woman, add streaks of fake blood on your face and hands.   

Vampires truly came into their own in the 19th century. You can become one of many literary lady vampires by wearing any of our Victorian-inspired costumes. Several of those have similar men's costumes, for a couple's idea. Choose your costume, then a coordinating one for the man in your unlife! 

There have even been a few American-born "vampires." Perhaps the most famous was a turn-of-the-century New England farm girl named Mercy Brown. She was accused of causing a tuberculosis outbreak in her community, though she died of the disease herself. She would have worn Victorian-style gowns. 

One of the first movie vampires, in 1915, was a heartless early-20th-century temptress. Rien, played by Theda Bara, seduced men to their destruction. She wore slinky, long but revealing gowns and dramatic makeup. Choose a sleeveless, form-fitting gown with a narrow skirt. And then use lots of black eyeliner!  

 If you'd rather be a modern student at Forks High School or St. Vladimir's, try a short and sexy costume. Or just wear normal clothes and focus on makeup and attitude. At Forks, you're trying to blend in and be inconspicuous. So, other than your pale complexion and superb physical grace & coordination, you'll look normal. At St. Vlad's you're among other vampires, so you can be more flamboyant if you wish.  

Act the part to match your costume. Seduce a man to his destruction like Rien, or just torture and kill servants (well, not really) like the Bloody Countess. Either way, you'll want to be as charming as  you can, the better to attract your victim! Or maybe you're a modern young vampire preparing to battle evil. In that case you'll want to practice your fighting skills and stock up on silver stakes. It wouldn't hurt to team up with a werewolf, either. Monster