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Start clapping loudly if you believe in fairies and you'll soon find a delightful Tinkerbell costume will rise up to greet you! Bring the fairy of Neverland to life with a Tinkerbell costume for adults and you won't need any pixie dust to make hearts take flight. With a Tinkerbell dress, adults will feel like they have become kids again. That's thanks to the magic that comes naturally to a Tinkerbell costume, adult and kid alike!
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Tinker Bell Deluxe Infant Costume
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Infant Disney Tinkerbell Costume
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Toddler Disney Fairies Fawn Costume
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Prestige Kids Tinkerbell Costume
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You've seen her fly over the castle at Disneyland, pepper pixie dust over the Darling children, and you've seen her save the day in her own animated movies. Who are we talking about? Why, Tinker Bell, of course! You do believe in fairies, don't you? Clap your hands and say yes to fairies when you take a look at our selection of Tinkerbell costumes! We have tons of styles and versions so you can select your favorite one, both for kids and adults, traditional and sexy. Our Tinkerbell costumes are certainly going to add a little Neverland magic to your Halloween this year. Now, to get to the big pirate party just follow these directions... look up, head towards the second star to the right, and go straight on until morning. How To

Tinker Bell Halloween Costumes

Want to spend Halloween in Neverland? It would be a perfect Halloween destination with all its magic, youthful wishing, and wild wardrobes—that pirate costume in the closet would always be an appropriate outfit. But you'll have to get there first. And while the story says all that's required is a bit of faith, trust, and pixie dust, we've found Tinker Bell costumes are extra helpful!

Ensure you've got everything you need for a Neverland Halloween with our selection of Tinker Bell costumes! With styles and sizes for babies, kids, and adults, dreams take flight when you order from us. Whether planning a family Peter Pan costume, fairytale playtime, or sweet-and-sassy costume party outfit, the following Tinker Bell costume ideas will help you pick a perfect pixie ensemble!

Women's Tinker Bell Costumes

Women's Tinkerbell Costume

Chances are you already know to fly toward the second star on the right and straight on 'til morning to reach Neverland. But you'll need wings or pixie dust to get there. This fairytale Tink costume inspired by the beloved Tinker Bell provides both! While the shimmering vinyl wings won't actually sustain flight, the playful costume dress that pairs with will have you feeling ready to soar! Add a bit of glitter makeup for a magical boost.

Plus Size Tinker Bell Costumes

Plus Size Tinkerbell Costume

There's no way around it, Tinker Bell is a feisty fairy with spirit to share. This playful Tink costume from our plus size selection captures that lively personality perfectly! Featuring a tutu, glittering wings, and a bold sweetheart neckline, we think the costume makes a great choice for fans looking to showcase the character's vibrance. Elevate Tink's impact with costume heels or ground the sparky character a bit with a longer petticoat and demure opera gloves.

Baby Tinker Bell Costumes

Baby Tinkerbell Costume

Peter, Wendy, and Tink are the trio family Halloween costume dreams are made of! And whether you're pulling the whole crew into a group look or simply pairing up with your little one, this Tinker Bell baby costume is a must. Guarantee magical first-Halloween memories with the enchanting infant costume or let its charm-inspired storybook playtimes that bring everyone from Captain Hook to the Darling's pup Nanny into the game!

Girl's Tinker Bell Costumes

Girl's Tinkerbell Costume

We firmly believe in fairies, at Halloween Costumes. They're just not exactly what you may think. They're kids twirling in living rooms, chasing through imagined woods, and spreading magic with giggles! Our girl's garden fairy costume gets them dressed for the role! Inspired by Tinker Bell and her woodland home, the kids' costume updates Tink's look making it a versatile choice perfect for Peter Pan Halloweens, Renaissance fests, and impromptu dress-ups alike!

Tinker Bell Costume Accessories

A dress and wings are essential to a believable Tinker Bell costume. But the charming ensemble can become even more magical with costume accessories from our selection! Whether looking to perfect the details on your Tinker Bell costume or provide little fans with easy dress-up time options, the following suggestions are sure to provide the solution and may even inspire additional fairy adventures!

Tinker Bell Wands

Tossing glitter isn't always a great choice. We love it at parades and even for decorative pumpkins. But if your little one is dressing up like Tinker Bell for every playtime and looking to add visuals to their fairy magic, a wand is probably more ideal. Every costume charms while skipping a glitter explosion when you shop our full collection of wands. Or help your little fairy fan grasp Tink's pixie powers with this licensed Tinker Bell wand!

Tinker Bell Slippers

Even fairies know the power of a good shoe. And Tinker Bell's slippers are very good shoes! Complete any Tinker Bell ensemble with styles inspired by her signature footwear. Fairy flats with playful pompoms promise to make kids and adults feel a bit like they're walking on air, while licensed options featuring the spirited fairy add polish to a Tinker Bell dress-up collection. Explore all our shoes and stockings for springy styles to complement every fairy costume!

Tinker Bell Tiaras

Tink may not wear anything on her head in the movies or storybooks. But fans have crowned her queen of the fairies and we have the headwear to help illustrate her ascension to the throne! Available Tinker Bell tiaras are a perfect choice for playtime, trick-or-treat, or Tinker-themed birthday parties! Meanwhile, our collection of princess crowns promises to inspire reimagined Tinker Bell ensembles that are sure to enchant! Monster