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Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

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For a fierce look this Halloween, why not find a style in our sexy women's Halloween costumes selection? You'll be strutting your stuff in one of these revealing outfits. Look no further than these sexy costumes for women for a stunning ensemble that will have you feeling confident! Bring sexy back when you choose from your favorite TV and movie characters. From nurses to police officers, we have a variety of sexy costumes for women!
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Women's Wild Flower Dress Costume 70s
Sale - 20% Made By Us
World Peace Women's Hippie Costume
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Women's Plus Size Disco Honey Costume
Sale - 24%
Womens Money Diva
Sale - 17%
Adult Ladybot Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Playboy Women's High Roller Pimp Costume
Sale - 15%
Women's Sexy High Roller Pimp Costume
Sale - 14%
Adult Disco Sensation Dress Costume
Womens Sexy Gold Flare Jumpsuit Costume
Sale - 13%
Women's Disco Honey
Sale - 13%
Womens Solid Silver Mock Neck Jumpsuit
Sale - 20%
Women's Hippie Hottie Costume
Free Spirit Hippie Women's Costume
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Sexy Disco Jumpsuit
Sale - 17%
Women's Silver Queen Disco Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Sweet Mama Pimp
Sale - 17%
Women's Halter Money Print Jumpsuit
Sale - 20%
Womens Sexy Money Moves Costume
Sale - 13%
Womens Disco Diva Costume
Sale - 10%
60s Sexy Flower Power Costume
1960s Paisley Hippie Costume
Sale - 20%
Sexy Disco Costume
Sale - 40%
Womens Hippie Hottie Costume
Adult Black Fishnet Stockings
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Red Lady Pimp Costume
Coming Soon
Plus Size Womens Hippie Hottie Costume
Coming Soon
Women's Plus Size Hippie Costume Update main
Coming Soon
Womens Love Me Tender Costume
Coming Soon
Disco Mania Women's Top
Coming Soon
Disco Diva Women's Costume
Coming Soon

The word 'sexy' has a wide scope. In the twenties, sexy was all about the independent woman, meaning short hair and athletic physic. Before that, corsets were the thing, strapping ladies into a strict hourglass figure with whalebone and laces. We’ve always been grateful we didn’t live in 18th century France when the best way to be described as sexy was to paint your face in arsenic and lead-laden makeup and throw a two feet tall wig made of wool on your head. The phrase, "beauty is pain" never rang so true!

But this is the modern era and you get to decide what sexy is to you. While the world might be a complicated place, the choices we have when it comes to our appearance are pretty darn exciting. We can dye our hair rainbow colors. We can tattoo our skin with swirling patterns. We can wrap ourselves in bandages and walk like an Egyptian. That was our costume transition. While there has been controversy when it comes to sexy costumes, let’s be honest. There aren’t many times a year when we can let go and embrace the confident side of ourselves that we didn’t even know existed until we put on a flapper dress or Cleopatra dress. And whether we realize it or not, what we wear one night will seep into the rest of our lives. After all, you can take the queen out of Egypt but you can’t take Egypt out of the Queen!

Too many people think that sexy means desperate or attention-seeking. They couldn’t be more wrong. Sexy makes us own the character our costume represents. How powerful would you feel when you’re dressed as a slinky tiger? You’ll probably feel more powerful than if you would have worn the baggy, micro-fleece tiger suit. There is a time and place for cozy and a night at a wild party certainly isn’t that! That being said, not all of our sexy costumes for women show a lot of skin. There are a few sexy Red Riding hoods that are topped off with a long coat. And yet the vibe screams confidence. That wolf had better watch it.

And of course, you never have to go it alone! Staging a bachelorette part prison break? We have a variety of sexy prisoner uniforms in both stripes and jailbird orange so that each of your gals can wear a different ensemble on the big night out. That goes for almost every theme. Having a poolside mermaid party. You can choose from a look as unique as our Dark Noir Mermaid to a sporty high-waisted short and shell bra. The themes go on. We have varieties of pirates, flappers, Disney princesses, and even villains. As we said earlier, in this modern age you get to choose what sexy is to you. So, go ahead and browse through our collection. And if you find something that you love, let your friends know where you got it. They deserve selection when it comes to sexy too! And don’t forget to come back again, we’re always adding to our styles. Monster