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Sexy men costumes is a wide category. Anything can be sexy, with the right styling. You might want to head out to a Halloween party as a seductive King Tut or travel the world as a lithe pilot, either way, our selection of sexy male costumes has you covered. From themed parties to looks that are perfect for your trip to Vegas, choosing from this collection of sexy male Halloween costumes is always a good time!
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As a Halloween costume company, we always want you to feel a sense of empowerment when getting dressed to impress on October 31st. As a man, your clothing selections are pretty limited. You can wear shirts, pants, and...that's basically it. Skimpier options like dresses and skirts are usually only for girls, but on Halloween, anything goes! 

If you're a man who is interested in fashion and the latest trends or just someone who likes to shock a room full of people with your choice of clothing, then you'll have fun perusing over this category. All of our sexy men's costumes can be found right here. They're great for a couple looking to find the other half of their sexy couple's costume or they're perfectly suitable for single dudes wanting a magnetic costume to get them noticed. Don't worry guys, we totally get it; women aren't the only ones who want to wear a sexy get-up on Halloween! 

Our selection of sexy costumes will land men some well-deserved attention. Don't be surprised if your costume outshines your date's! Many of our risque guy's looks require you to go shirtless so make sure your body is on point so you can impress the masses. You may want to do a few crunches or impromptu sit-ups before suiting up. 

If transforming into an 80's rapper has always been a dream than allow us to make those dreams a reality. Our old school rapper costume is a great way to get jiggy with it! The jacket doesn't button so it requires exposing your 6-pack all night long. You'll also get a pair of iconic parachute pants that reflect the totally awesome era of the 1980's. Pair a pair of black sunglasses with it for a mysterious vibe. 

Greek and Spartan warrior costumes are another viable option for dudes wanting a sexy appearance. Our Greek and Spartan costumes are the perfect sexy costume for buff bodybuilder types because showing a lot of skin is a must. The classic toga ensemble allows dudes to show off their arm and pectoral muscles. Other warrior costumes feature fur accents or wild animal print. 

We also have traditionally sexy costumes for men looking for a straight-forward approach. You can't go wrong by transforming into the man who started Playboy magazine by wearing a Hugh Hefner robe and toting a pipe in your mouth. This is a great idea if your date wants to dress in a sassy Playboy bunny costume. But if you're going to a costume shindig with a whole bunch of buddies and you want a unifying theme, then dressing as the iconic 80's band, The Village People will be a smash hit. Pick up some microphone props then start singing to the "YMCA." We have a feeling the whole party will chime in too. 

No matter which sexy men costume you end up purchasing, we'd love to see a picture of you wearing it. Write a review on the costume and send us a picture.