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Civil War Costumes

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Calling all historians! If you're planning on teaching the history of the Civil War, we know exactly what you need to get the job done. You're going to need Civil War costumes to bring history to life! Our Civil War outfits include costumes for the most important figures of the era and military outfits like a Union General costume. They're perfect for plays, historical re-enactments, and for Halloween!
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Kid's President Abe Lincoln Costume Updated
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President Abe Lincoln Costume
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Plus Size Aristocrat Costume
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Girl's Susan B. Anthony Costume
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Kid's Colonial Girl Costume
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Adult Aristocrat Costume
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Women's Susan B. Anthony Costume
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Women's Clara Barton Costume Main
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Women's Plus Size Civil War Dress Costume
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Women's Civil War Dress Costume
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Women's Harriet Tubman/ Susan B. Anthony Costume Update Main
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Plus Size Women's Clara Barton Costume Main
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Gangster Shoe Spats
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American Colonial Powdered Wig Adult
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Monocle Gold
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Gold Monocle

Abe Lincoln Costume Kit
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Tall Black Costume Boots
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Deluxe Tricorn Hat Child
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Deluxe Tricorn Hat Adult
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White Lace Parasol
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Girls Medieval Queen Wig
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Combat Hero Canteen
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Womens Brown Victorian Spat Boot
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Womens Tan Victorian Spat Boot
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Child Brown Enchanted Princess Wig
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Black Bandana
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Honest Abe Beard
Child Black Pants
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Men's OppoSuits White Knight Shirt
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Blue Bandana
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Corn Cob Pipe Prop
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Adult Union Officer Costume
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Union Officer Hat
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The American Civil War was anything but civil! American history was changed forever by the outcome of the war, By its end, it had taken the lives of three-quarters of a million soldiers and countless civilians. The Civil War divided families and signifies a crucial turning point in America's history. 

The primary issue that triggered the war was slavery, but there were other contributing causes. Planters in the agrarian South believed that: 

  • the U.S. Constitution allowed each state to make its own policy on slavery 

  • their African slaves weren't fully human and thus had no constitutional rights 

  • the federal government had no right to deprive them of property by declaring all slaves free 

The industrialized North held that: 

  • states' rights did not extend that far 

  • slaves were human beings with inalienable rights 

  • states had no right to secede from the union, which must be preserved at all cost 

The 1860 presidential election turned on the issue of slavery. After Abraham Lincoln won by promising to abolish slavery, seven southern states seceded in open rebellion. This sparked the gruesome war, which lasted from 1861 - 1865. The North eventually won, emerging victorious in decisive battles. Even though it represents a time of adversity in the U.S., it's an important to remember the lives lost and it also showcases a move toward progress. That's why it's important to remember everything that took place in the U.S. over a hundred years ago. 

If you're planning a historical project or a reenactment, check out our civil war costumes. We have Union uniforms, based on the clothing worn by soldiers in the North. We also carry plenty of Abraham Lincoln costumes, in both child and adult sizes. He was instrumental during the war and he helped create the change in American that had been sorely needed for over a hundred years. For the soldiers' womenfolk, we have historical dress costumes for girls and women. How To

Civil War Outfits

Back in 1881, a big division had reached its breaking point in the United States of America. The abominable act of slavery was tearing the country apart and, finally, war broke out. It pitted the North against the South in a moral and ideological battle that still resonates throughout America. It's an important time in American history, highlighting some of the horrible transgressions in the country.

The time also acts as an important lesson to learn for new generations and that's why many Civil War reenactors spend their time dressing up in military outfits and historically accurate outfits to showcase the brutality and cruelties of war. Our Civil War outfits are a great place for anyone to start if they're looking to break into the reenactment scene, or for anyone who wants to help others learn from our complicated past. This guide will help you navigate what sort of outfits are available for plays, school pageants, and reenactments.

Civil War Reenactment Gear

Civil War Reenactment Gear

If you're planning to reenact historical events during the Civil War, then you might just be interested in our line of Civil War reenactment gear. Although many people who reenact the battles during that period like to wear some handcrafted, historically accurate Civil War clothing, that just might not be an option for everyone trying to get into reenactment.

For those who want to get realistic-looking clothing but aren't ready to spend a ton of time creating their outfit or just want to dip their toes into the field of Civil War reenactment, some of our gear is a great place to start. We have some simple Abraham Lincoln kits, based on the iconic Honest Abe. We also carry some accessories that you can add to a simple Civil War costume to help you customize your look.

Civil War Reenactment Clothing

Civil War Reenactment Clothes

Clothes have come a long way since the dawn of humanity. Our caveman ancestors probably wore nothing more than just a few scraps of fur to keep warm. Medieval folks wore some neat, yet sometimes uncomfortable-looking garb. Today, we mostly wear jeans, comfy leggings, and t-shirts. We're totally glad that modern fashion has evolved to incorporate. Of course, actual Civil War clothing was often made of cotton since it was one of the most abundantly available fabrics at the time. It was also symbolic of the humanitarian crisis happening in the country since many of the cotton plantations used slavery as a primary source of labor. Wool was another common fabric used in the creation of clothes back then.

These days, we often use blends and synthetic polyester fibers. Many of our Civil War clothing options, which include iconic figures like Clara Barton, Susan B. Anthony, and Abe Lincoln, are made from polyester materials. That makes them a great compromise between historical style and modern sensibilities.

Civil War Outfits for Kids

Civil War Outfits for Kids

History is an important part of education. A wise person once said, "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." If that's the case, then the America Civil War is one piece of history that every American child should be learning about. Plays and pageants also help a sense of realism to historical moments and our Civil War costumes for kids are a great choice for capturing the look and feel of that tumultuous time in history.

Whether your child wants to embody some of the heroes who fought for freedom during that time, like Harriet Tubman, or they want to dress up like Abraham Lincoln, we have costumes suited for any child. We even have options for children who want to dress up like Frederick Douglass! They're all great options for any child trying to transform into an iconic figure. These Civil War costumes are also great for history presentations and reports to help impress your child's history teacher.

Civil War Union Officer Costumes

Of course, the union officers played a large role during the war. The most famous officers during that time were perhaps Ulysses S. Grant. He was the man that forced Robert E. Lee into surrender after being defeated on various occasions. He eventually became one of the Presidents of the United States of America. If you plan on jumping into the role of a Union officer, then you may as well shoot for the most notable one from the time! Our Civil War Union Officer costumes are a great option for anyone trying to look like an important historical figure.

Civil War Union General Costumes

Union Soldier Costume

Ever wonder what it would be like to lead the army to an astounding historical victory? You can wear this Civil War Union General costume to lead the charge during your next historical reenactment. The classic Union outfit brings a navy-blue color that contrasts quite patriotically with the drab grey colors worn by the South.

Civil War Union Outfits for Kids

Civil War Union Soldier Costume

If your child is playing an important General in a school reenactment, then a Civil War Union Outfit for kids is going to be the way to go. It has a realistic design but doesn't take as much time as traditional clothing to put together. Just pair it up with some of our fake facial hair and your child can transform into Ulysses S. Grant in no time! Monster