How to Throw a New Year's Eve Party

by |December 31, 2012
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New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. New Year’s Eve is a time for friends, family, memories, resolutions and reflection. Make your night special this year by throwing the perfect New Year’s Eve party and making it a night you will never forget!



New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to show off your most glamorous attire. Make your event a black tie affair, or flappers, gangsters and the roaring 20s always make for a great New Year’s Eve theme as well!


flapper costumes

Flapper Costumes


gangster costumes

Gangster Costumes



Keep it classy and give the impression of an upscale soiree by sticking to black, white, silver and gold tones. Fill the ceiling with black, white, and silver or gold balloons to make the party more festive.


new years eve decorations



Use leftover Christmas ornaments as centerpieces by placing them in glass or silver bowls. Place them on a table with a black or white table cloth and sprinkle the linen with confetti.


new years eve decorations




Rather than spending a ton of money on a full menu for New Year’s Eve, consider serving appetizers and finger foods. Cheese, crackers, veggie tray and finger sandwiches make for easy snacks that your guests can munch on all night long. Make your simple appetizers look even more sophisticated by placing them on mirrors and shiny platters.


nye appetizers




Set up a photo booth by hanging a black or white sheet on one wall. Designate a friend as a photographer, or let people take their own snap shots with funny mustaches, hats, glasses and other party accessories.



Handle Bar Mustache



A few weeks before your New Year’s Eve party, have your guests submit a list of their favorite songs from the past year. This is a great way to ensure that there will be music that all of your guests will enjoy.