Gangster Costume Ideas for 2012

The problem with coppers, see, is that they’re always trying to get the mobsters down. But, see, what they don’t know doesn’t hurt’em, right? I got a world-class act for you, kid, where you’ll – get this – pretend to be a gangster for, say, Halloween. Then no one’ll know the difference. You could, uh, say these are some Gangster Costume Ideas. Y’know, keep the law off your tail, get some chocolate to boot, yeah? Give’em a good look kid: you’ll like what you see.


Women's Gangster Costumes

Now kid, suppose – just, uh, Frankie how they say, hypothetically – that you’re a woman. Maybe you are! But now, hypothetically speaking, these are some costume ideas that might suit you best when you’re planning some heists, or tryin’ to, y’know, case up a joint, ah?

The Women’s Black Gangster Costume is both classic and classy. Like my cousin Mariella always says, if you wear black, they’ll cut you some slack. True story! So this get’up comes complete with the traditional attire of back home. You got your tie, your trousers and your jacket. It’ll really convince your friends and family you’re trying to look like a member of The Family, and meanwhile, they’ll never know you really are a member


Womens gangster costume

(Women's black gangster costume)


Now, I know what you’re thinkin’. “Hey, Big Richie, just what you tryin’ to pull, makin’ me look like some sorta old-timey 1920s get’em girl?” Fine, I hear you loud and clear, kid. Something else you might dig is the Robyn Da Hood Costume, ready to steal from the rich, and give to the poor. And by the poor, I mean The Family, cos you’re in the cahoots now, and family, y’know, we gotta stick together. The low-cut skirt will give the appropriate amount of eye-candy for the boys, and the debonair hat will make’em look twice but never suspiciously. You’ll look hot and no one will know that you’re after more than just a couple candy bars, yeah?


sexy robin hood costume

(Sexy Robyn da Hood costume)

Uncle Frankie always says, though, that maybe some girls – women, sorry, oughta dress more, uh, modestly. That your style, kid? Well, I got something for you there too! The Mafia Mama Costume is the perfect combination of trendy yet chic, sexual yet conservative, and seductive yet dangerous. The stripes will make you look sophisticated and charming, catching folksies all unawares to your true nature.
So kid, say that you’re a man, y’know that word, hypothetically. Maybe you are! What kinda outfits will make both the pigs and the plebes sure that they ain’t gonna do right by messin’ with you, huh?


mafia mama costume

(Plus size Mafia Mama costume)

Men's Gangster Costumes

The Men’s Wide Pin Stripe Gangster Costume is what me and the boys used to wear back during that heist a few years back in the Southside. I’m tellin’ yuh kid, when a bank teller sees you in those commanding stripes, even if you’re nasally like Vinnie, you’ll get the respect you deserve.


pin stripe suit

(Men's wide pin stripe gangster suit)

“But Big Richie, I like yuh and all that, but I wanna branch out a bit, do my own thing.” Fair enough, kid. What about the Massive Mobster Halloween Costume? You still carry the pinstripe theme with the jacket, tie and trousers, but you also get a muscular vinyl mask with inflatable shoulders to really put the fear into whatever goons pass you by. No one will be messin’ with you while you’re in that get-up, capiche?


mobster costume

(Massive Mobster costume)


Another item that might jive with you is the Black Zoot Suit Costume. Now, I know when you think of zoot suits, you think of a riot, but kid, this outfit’s long black jacket, with matchin’ suspenders to boot, it’ll show folks that you’re not just playin’ around.


zoot suit

 (Black zoot suit costume)

Kid's Gangster Costumes

Now kid, maybe I ain’t been coverin’ my bases. Maybe you’re literally a kid, yeah? We’ll have you sorted there, too.

The Toddler Gangster Costume comes complete with a jacket attached with a Shirt Front and Tie, stylish trousers, and for good measure, a money clip where you can keep all your ill-gotten cash. Just don’t go spreadin’ those bills without havin’ a good time!


toddler gangster costume

(Toddler Gangster costume)

Another option is the Kid’s Deluxe Gangster Suit. The suave black jacket matching the equally suave trousers? Kid, I tell you, you won’t even need to shake folks down, they’ll just give you all those chocolate bars without incident.


kids gangster costume

(Kid's deluxe gangster suit)

Gangster Accessories

You ever think that maybe you might someday rule The Family, kid? Maybe someday you might. But if you wanna sell the part, you gotta think about the larger story, huh? It can’t just be what you wear, but what you wear with it. Like my ol’ pal Benny always says, “Accoutrements are the difference between playin’ the role and bein’ the role.”

It goes without sayin’ that if your costume doesn’t already come with a hat, that you need to pick up the Black Gangster Hat, or the Zoot Suit Gangster Hat. After all, being a part of The Family isn’t just about Halloween candy, kid. It’s about identity.


gangster hats

(Black gangster hat / Zoot suit gangster hat)

Men’s Deluxe Gangster Shoes or Sexy Wingtip Shoes for women are a great way to remind the pigs and plebes that you know who you are, and they better not mess around with you.


gangster shoes

(Men's deluxe gangster shoes / Sexy Wingtip shoes)

I also recommend you don’t go anywhere without a piece, so it should go without sayin’ that you oughta make sure you get one of them Inflatable Gangster Machine Guns. I hear they go well with a Gangster Scarf.


toy machine gun

(Inflatable gangster machine gun)



gangster scarf

(Gangster scarf)

There’s so many more accessories and outfits to choose from, and y’know kid, you really oughta maybe just take a gander yourself, huh? I don’t got all day, and soon I have a meeting with Crazy Penny, Benny, Frankie, Vinnie, Tony and Mariella about the latest job the Don wants us to take care of. We’d love to bring you with us. How about you go get ready, and we’ll see you there, huh? And hey, kid – welcome to The Family.


Richard Andrew Clark is a staff writer for, where you can get all of your gangster costumes and accessories for Halloween or your next theme party.